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Monday, January 4, 2010

Thrifty? Or Deeper Issues!

As I was organizing our office the last 3 days, I came to realize that I have some problems. I seem to collect things. I've often confessed and shared some of these things but the latest thing caught me off guard.
It's these guys.Gift Bags! I lost count at 80 of them. Yes, I realize I can BUY them for only a $1.00 at the Dollar Store but for some reason when I'm given a gift in a gift bag, it ends up here in a bin. And I will reuse it. I'll even use it for my own family, let them open their present and then snag the bag back to use AGAIN. Some of these bags have been around the family a few times.
Cheap? Thrifty?or Deeper Issues? LOL! Don't answer that!
Anyone else have this problem? Yours doesn't have to be gift bags. It can be Christmas tins (I have at least 25), ribbon ( I have at least 30 different rolls), coffee mugs ( I have at least 50).
What's your thing?

Tomorrow I will be unveiling my office organization tackle! You'll be so proud of me.
So stay tuned!



  1. All I can say is good for you! I am the same way. I have to have all the bags ribbon and tins! I do not feel complete without them! LOL

  2. I'm trying to be a "minimalistic" type for the New Year. However, my book and magazine collection would reveal otherwise. Though being a homeschooler gives me a "good" reason to hoard. ( ;
    If a person keeps more than 100 bandages on hand, would that be revealing some deeper issues too obviously?!

    This is a good read to help you identify your/our deeper issues:


  3. My dearest friend...I think you have a problem...they have places for people like you...Ross, Bealls Outlet,Old Time Pottery,...Starbucks! :)
    I plan to be right there with you. :)
    I have to admit that I keep gift tags from one Christmas to the next, if you leave it here, it's on your gift next year!!! :)

    Looking forward to tonight my bestest...what's for dinner? :)

  4. I cleaned out my stash of gift bags last night too. Each one has a story...funny isn't it. It feels much better to have them organized. My craft closet is next...ugh!

  5. I must confess I am a gift bag re-gift bagger... now sometimes I don't just use them to give a gift in.. sometimes I use them as a lunch bag when I go to work... but yes I save these things myself.. there must be a 12 step program you think..

    gift baggers anonymous maybe??

  6. Hmmm...I have a lot of gift bags too. I wonder how many there would be if I counted. I keep all that I get and reuse them. I have them stashed in a few places, so can't remember if I have one for a "boy birthday" or a "baby girl" so I end up buying more rather than checking!

    Maybe we need a no more gift bag buying challenge to use up what we have - LOL! I used up lots of my tins over the last few years by packaging my homemade gifts for family in them. And I got rid of most of the extra coffee mugs a few years ago - don't need them and don't have the space!

    I can't wait to see your office tackle! Big you-need-to-have-a-gift-bag-full-of-ribbon-giveaway-on-your-blog hugs to you!! :) Have a marvelous Monday my friend!

  7. I try and save things too. I mean after all your going to have to rebuy them again right? It's a gift to know how to save.

  8. I save and reuse gift bags, too, but my collection isn't as large as yours.

    My family saves those wire twistie things for trash bags. The irony is that, when we close up a trash bag, we use a twistie that came from a produce bag ... and we just collect the ones that actually COME WITH the trash bags.

  9. I think you are being frugal. I do the same thing only I don't buy bags...I just get and reuse:) LOL
    My thing is scented candles. I can't pass them up if they are on sale. Love them!

  10. That's not a problem! That is smart! I do that too:-)

  11. Love to re-use gift bags! Not sure I have as many as you do but I keep them till next year, birthdays and showers, ect! Gotta be thrifty with it all! If I had to confess my 'thing' it would be craft supplies. WHen I got married my hubby allowed me to get entralled with only one hobby at a time. WISE MAN! I love it all but we can't afford for me to DO it all! Lately I am making soap but in years past I have done candles, scrap booking, modge podge, embroidery, quilting, yada, yada, yada. Would love to take up beading jewerly but not ready to give up soap making yet AND I dont wear jewerly. With the proceeds of the last craft addiction, I mean hobby, I put towards purchases of the newest one. This way I can't be OCD in too many directions! :o)

  12. Yes, I reuse gift bags and Christmas tins too. :)

  13. Count me in, as well. I don't have nearly that many gift bags, though. Then again, I'm an equal opportunity hoarder... er, I mean collector. I have several of just about everything. Seriously, it's about to the point it's them or us. 8-O

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. How about bags of chocolate??

  15. I laughed out loud as I *just* brought a huge plastic bin of gift bags down to our storage area!!!!!!!

    I totally reuse them myself....and I am also guilty of re-gifting items

    *ducking head in shame*

  16. Kim,

    I do that too, recycle what I can and hope to reuse them later. I just need to keep them where I can find them and then it will all make sense.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. Oh yes, me too! When I was frantically packing up for our move/temporary storage, I closed my eyes and threw out about a hundred gift bags. There is no way I was ever going to use them all! And tins - sigh. I have several LARGE boxes packed up with just tins. I tried to sell them at our garage sales and there were no takers. I'll probably be tossing them when I unpack. ARGH!

  18. I keep gift bags too! They do come in handy for last minute gifts if I can find the bin that they are in! LOL

  19. Hey, have you seen this free Gooseberry Patch booklet?

  20. and this?



  21. It's called recycling - have you by accident given the same gift bag back to the person who gave it to you (with a gift in it of course)!!

    Some are far too pretty to throw out. My thing is STICKERS - I have a large collection and just can't help myself in the "discount stores" searching for more - they are always useful for something!!

  22. GIFT BAGS HERE TOO! LOL actually i keep ANYthing that cab re-used. i have a million glass jars and plastic food containers in my cabinets. :)

  23. Girl, we were separated at birth! I was just at WalMart today purchasing more clear plastic bins for my bags and stuff!!!

  24. I have a bag collection, too. Why waste a perfectly good bag? :D LOL!

  25. I do it all. Bags. Tins. Ribbon, and mugs. We can all be deep together. (Deep in issues, that is!)

    Great tackle! I have a few rooms you can do if you want to swing up this way.


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