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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Been Awhile, But I Did Some Learning This Week!

I know I learned some thing this week and I know you are waiting anxiously to hear them!
So here we go!

This week I learned that:

1. no matter how many unfinished projects I have, I will indeed start a new one just because I can.

2. when someone sends me chocolate mints in the mail, I will eat them in two days.

3. I am not envious of the sleet, snow and ice that most of the country has experienced this winter.

4. I can't be a morning person and a night person too. Must sleep!

5. my dog must be practicing for a "consecutive licking contest" and by golly she's gonna win! It's amazing what she can lick without ever getting up! She licks her bed, her paw, the wall next to her. Have mercy. Did I mention all the while we are trying to sleep? Yeah, Nice!

6. that it's been too long since I've had a Starbucks coffee with my best friend.

7. that if you wait long enough to start something you'll forget what it was you were planning to make and end up with a closet full of fabric and no idea what your intentions were. I'm just sayin'!

and last but not least.

8. just because fleece is .99 a yard doesn't mean you need to buy 5 yards in 5 different colors and then let them sit in your closet for 5 years! See #7.

What is everyone else learning? Go to Musings of a Housewife to see!


  1. I would totally buy five yards of five different colors of fleece at .99 a yard. What a deal!!!! And fleece is AWESOME!!!

  2. hahaha, I know what #2 means!!! Glad you liked them!

  3. Ah come on.... the snow isn't all that bad except for the sore muscles from shoveling that won't get a break as we go through a second dumping today!

    Yeah you should count your blessings at least this isn't happening where you are:

    It is so cold . . . Starbucks is serving coffee on a stick! ( ;

  4. Oh I hear you about starting projects...what is that? Why must we complete and non-complete?

    LOL. Love the valentines theme!!

  5. LOL...did I mention this week how much I just love you? :)
    OK, here's the plan...what ever day we do get together to make those cookies, let's meet FIRST at Starbucks, have us a Minty Mocha, then head to my house for cookie bakin' Woo-Hoo!!! Sounds like a plan to me....
    We could make the cookies, then get a Minty Mocha and eat the cookies with that,...
    OR ..ok, you get the picture, right? Somethin' about cookies and coffee..

  6. Oooh! I am now mega jealous of your fleece stash!

  7. Sleet - check
    Ice - check
    Snow - check

    Dang, we've had more than our share of it recently!

    While I would never buy that much fabric because I don't own a sewing machine (or maybe even a needle) I have been known to buy large amounts of things because they were on sale. I have a gigantic scrapbook assortment of stuff to prove it. Why do we do that? I'll not need to buy anything for 17 years or so. =)

  8. Busted: #7 and #8...not fleece specifically but the same transgression. :o)

  9. Send that fleece here. I am freezing.

  10. Isn't it amazing the things that we learn about ourselves?

    My hubby teases me and says "You're not a morning person and you're not a night person. When are you a person?"

    ~ Nan

  11. Oh my friend - I hear you on the projects!!! Soooo many unfinished ones around here. I'm determined to tackle them...someday - LOL!

    mmmmm...chocolate mints. No snow but lots of rain for us and lots of gray skies which I don't appreciate. I think that you were going to use the fleece to make those fabulous blankets where you put 2 layers together, cut strips around the sides and knot each strip. My son has a huge one and likes it better than his comforter 'cause it's way more cozy!

    I had Starbucks with a friend yesterday - I shoulda raised my cup in your direction and said "Cheers!" :)

    Big you're-learning-so-much-it's-hurting-my-brain hugs to you - LOL! Have a super wonderful day my friend!!

  12. I'm queen of getting into hobbies, buying lots of stuff for them, and then falling out of love with the whole idea of the hobby. Hence why I haven't started scrapbooking cause I know I would have to buy everything for it. Just took up knitting and trying hard not to overdo the needles and yarn!

    After visiting your blog today I have no idea how I've missed coming by. Really your first posts are Jimmy Choo Shoes and hot chocolate with coffee...hello, how have I missed you. No worries now though. You are in my reader!!

    Have fun enjoying the sun while we shovel the snow!

  13. So funny! I must confess, it seemed like you were writing about my life because I could relate with so many of them. :-)

  14. Oh, I'm so glad you cleared that up. Now I won't be tempted to go buy a bunch of fleece ;)

    Chocolate mints are my favs!

  15. Those are some pretty amusing lessons:-)

  16. It's time to make that SBux date soon! You won't regret spending that time with your BFF.

  17. Sounds like you also learned you have a date WITH your BFF and cookies are in the works....man the learning never ends around here ;)

    Have fun you two ~ I just love ya both

  18. It took you two days to eat those chocolates? That is an impressive amount of restraint. ;-)


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