"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jimmy Choo Shoes!

One of two things happened when you read my blog post title.
A. You got really excited because you LOVE Jimmy Choo Shoes or
B. You came over because curiosity got the best of you because you have know idea what it meant.

See I would have been with group B.
Let me back up.
I'm an avid flip flop wearer. I mean I wear them 98% of the time and I am needing a new pair. And being the frugal kind of gal I am, I like to peruse Craigslist for just about everything.(If you don't know what craigslist is you should really check it out. It's like garage saling from your chair!)
Usually I just check the household category,the furniture category, arts and crafts and books.
But the other day, curiosity got the best of me and so I clicked on the "clothing" category.

I saw Jimmy Choo Sandals with matching purse! Oooo, I thought, not having any idea who Jimmy was, I clicked on it.
I thought the sandals were cute. Way too much heel for this 6 foot gal, but cute.
The purse, yes it matched, but I'm not much into clutch purses. And then it happened.
I saw the price! $400.00. WHAT? They were cute but not THAT cute.
That ain't the half of it.
I decided to go online to Jimmy Choo's website, just for fun, to check out some sandals and this is what I found.

Cute right?
Not that cute!

And then there were these cuties.
Those had better be real diamonds on the shoe.

First of all if I could afford these shoes, I would have to have a shirt made that said "I'm wearing Jimmy Choo Shoes and they cost more then my mortgage payment!"

Because by golly if I'm going to pay that much for a pair of shoes, I want you to know who made them and how much they cost! LOL!

So today I am joining in with my friend Nan and making my home sing by NOT buying these shoes and instead, feeding my family this month!

How are you being frugal?



  1. LOLOL...I do not fit in A or B, lol...I clicked on this because I KNOW what kind of shoes you wear, and I KNOW what Jimmy Choo shoes are and I was trying to find out WHAT on earth you were going to say, LOL :)
    Gee, and I thought it was a giveaway! LOL

  2. G'morn, chuckle! Neither brought me over ... I just wanted to pop in & say 'hi' & hope you have a wonderful day.

    Happy Valentine's
    Have a beautiful week.
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. Ummm... NO! I will stick w/ my payless/ Target flip flops!! Better yet... wait till Old Navy does their flip flops for a $1.00!!

  4. I could never in my wildest dreams...imagine spending that much on something like that. I agree...I am off to buy grocery's for my family too.

  5. food over sandals! Now that is a hard choice, haha I am like you on the flip flops... I love them. I would wear them year round, in fact I do in the house!
    Hope you have a great Monday :)

  6. I'm sure your husband is singing out loud from the decision you made!

  7. Holy smokes! That is insane...and they don't even look comfortable AT ALL!!! You are not only frugal ~ you are a smart cookie ;)

    Happy Monday

  8. They cute but not that cute!!

  9. That is hilarious...I think if I added up all of my shoes together, they wouldn't cost that much : )
    I very much for you feeding your family!

  10. Amen sista! Keep those toes in affordable flip flops and feed your babies :)

  11. What amazes me is that some people would actually think a shoe/sandal would be worth that much.

    Also amazing (and scary) that some people would buy them even if they couldn't afford them.

    I once worked with a gal who spent about $500 on a dress to wear to the Christmas office party. This was right before my oldest was born, so it would cost more now.

    She spent months saving up money to pay for that dress (and some to pay it off). She bought it to impress a guy, who then dumped her and went for another gal.

    Happily singing in Costco shoes! Thanks for linking up today.

  12. I have heard of the shoes but had no idea such a simple sandal could cost so much. Thanks for putting the pictures in, that helps this visual thinker. Sounds like your house is singing!

  13. If you wear $400 shoes and you get a scuff, do you look down and think, "Darn! There went $50 of value!"? I can't imagine wearing shoes that cost that much. My running shoes cost $100, but Man, oh, Man, it isn't for the looks or the labels...

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who's choosing to feed her children and keep the roof over their heads rather than impressing people with my footwear!

  14. It just goes to show you. Some folks have more money than they have brains!

  15. Oh girl that is too funny. I am wearing ON 2.50 flip flops to feed my family. LOL

  16. I think it's ridiculous to spend that much on a pair of shoes. I could think of many other things 400 bucks could buy!

  17. Jimmy better just choo-choo-choo right out of here! LOL! WOW! I can't even imagine paying that much for a purse or shoes. LOL!

  18. I can't understand why anyone no matter how much money they have would pay that much for those shoes. Shoes are shoes...get real! I'm proud of you for resisting the temptation!

  19. Hilarious post! Thanks for sharing.

  20. I knew what kind of shoes they were but never saw actual prices before - YIKES! I would never pay that much for shoes or even a dress or even a full outfit for that matter!

    I always tell my hubs how fortunate he is that I don't like to pay a lot for shoes or purses or even to shop much. I better shoe him these pics and prices - he will appreciate me even MORE - LOL!!

    Big be-glad-you-don't-live-where-I-do-'cause-those-shoes-aren't-even-half-of-a-mortgage-payment hugs to you! Have a lovely night my friend! :)

  21. I had no idea what a Jimmy Choo shoe was! I came over because it was time to visit you. And I would never pay that much money for any pair of shoes! I can promise you that!! :)
    They are cute though!


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