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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Because Some of You May Not Know Yet!

Those of you who frequent my blog will probably already know the things that I am going to tell you.
But wouldn't you just love to see them in pictures? Of course you would.

Today's topic at My Cup 2 Yours is telling you 5 things that I like, using pictures.

This first thing, I like A LOT. Love even!
It's my Hubbalicious! (Sorry about the quality of the picture. I had to scan it in!)
I love everything about this picture. I told him that it looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine! He just looks HOT! LOL!
He makes me weak in the knees! *sigh*

The second thing is this.
That's right, Coffee! DUH!
Did you even doubt for one minute that this would be on here?

And I like the container I got at Cracker Barrel, to hold it in!

The third would be this.

My deck.
On the deck I sit and relax.
You might find me sipping coffee with my hubby.
You might find me reading a book.
You might find me watching a mocking bird take a bath in the bird bath.
Or you might just find me with my mouth wide open and my head tilted back, sound asleep! (Not that I've EVER done that!)

Here's the fourth thing.
I'm convinced that God was smiling the WHOLE entire time he was creating each flower.
Because they always bring me a smile!

And my fifth thing brings me to this!

Homemade Pizza!
This is not only my favorite but my family's favorite.
I get raves every time I make this.
Yeah, It's that good!

Man I could go on and on but these were the first 5 things that popped into my head so I went with them. (And No I don't like coffee more than my kids. Pizza on the other hand......Oh I'm so kidding! LOL!.)

Join in the fun and let me know you did so I can check it out!



  1. What a fun meme! I'd be on that deck every chance I get. It looks like such a beautiful place to relax.

    And I totally agree with you about flowers. :)

  2. Yeah, I was looking for chocolate!


  3. I too love homemade pizza and flowers. They are beautiful.

  4. Hubba-hubba made #1 and I see why! LOL. So where is chocolate on your list???

  5. I'm envious that you have those gorgeous flowers blooming already!?

    Your kiddos obviously don't read your blog! ( ;

  6. Love those pics my friend! You really needed more than 5 pics to cover all the things you like!

    Just love that deck - looks like such a great place to hang out!

    Big chocolate-didn't-make-the-list-and-neither-did-I hugs to you - LOL!! :) Have a super day friend!!

  7. I always know I can visit you and have some fun. Thank you Kim for that. You don't know how that blesses me. Please keep being yourself because the world needs more people like you.

    I love flowers and porches and coffee and pizza too. I'll leave your husband for you; lol. He is cute if you don't mind my just saying. :)

    Maybe you'd like to share your pizza recipe? Just a thought.

    Hugs to you,

  8. Kim, all of those are great! I ♥ that you are drooling over your hubby. :)

    That pizza looks so good! And the flowers, I ♥ flowers.

    Lol, at the thought of you on your patio asleep with your mouth hanging wide open.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

    ♥ Amber

  9. Great pics! What about chocolate? LOL! <3 your coffee container!!

  10. LOVE the porch, want one. Gotta have my coffee too. Adore the container.

  11. Nice to meet you. Your list is wonderful. I like your deck, so pretty.

    Stopping from My Cup 2 Yours.

  12. Coffee and flowers...a few of my favorite things as well!

  13. UM!....I REALLY did expect to be in there right above coffee!!!! :)

  14. UM!....I REALLY did expect to be in there right above coffee!!!! :)

  15. Did I miss chocolate somewhere in there or have you forgotten about it since lent? That pizza does look good!

  16. ohhh these are great!!! I love your 5th one and your deck looks so peaceful!!! Love this post! xoxo LA

  17. I think if you even talk about chocolate during Lent (which you have since you made your public declaration), but then one sunshiny day you come to your senses and decide to stop mentioning it and decide not to take pictures of yourself indulging in it.....

    THEN, it's as if you never really de-Lented at all! ( ;

  18. I enjoyed getting to know you. I too love my coffee. Although I can't say that I make it very well. I probably spend far too much money buying it. And yes, your hubby is very cute! Blessings!

  19. I was absolutely SHOCKED that there was not chocolate featured here!!! I am so glad I was sitting down!!!! Hugs!


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