"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spell Check?

I've gotten lazy since spell check made it's debut. 
I  halfheartedly spell something, wait for the totally cool red squiggly line to appear and then hit right click and fix it. 
But there are some things that it just can't fix. Like when I call my husband my Hubbalicious. You right click that and it wants you to change it to Maliciousness. Uh, no!
It really likes when I refuse to complete a word. I don't know what it's problem is. 
I'm just sayin'.
And when is it going to get on the "LOL" bandwagon? I know for a fact that I use LOL WAY to much but it's here and it's here to stay Mr. Spell Check! So get a clue.
And another thing I'm getting pretty tired of is you not recognizing us homeschoolers. It recognizes homeschooling. But not those that actually homeschool.

How many squiggly lines do you get when you write up a post up? 
Have you gotten lazy?


  1. Kim,

    You brought huge smiles to my face when I read your comment on my blog last night!

    I had to come over and check out your blog this morning, and I must say...I will be back. I love the verse you have in your header. I am way too serious sometimes, and need to "lighten up."

    Blessings to you today!

  2. Spell check is big brother watching:-) Hee, hee, hee.

  3. Yep, I love Spellchecker! My dh is dyxlesic. So I have to be his spell checker. I have to stop & think about the words sometimes.

    I've wondered the same thing about homeschool ;)

    Take care my friend!

  4. Girl of course I get those lines and I can't tell you how many I get!


  5. I must say, I can't handle the thought of leaving errors on the page until I'm finished and then using spell check - I have to fix my words as I go along and I proofread everything I do ('cause Spell Check doesn't catch everything)which is probably why it takes me a long time to write! It is funny what it doesn't consider correct though!

    Big wondering-if-I-should-point-out-that-you-have-a-misspelled-word-that-Spell-Check-didn't-catch hugs to you!! :) Have a terrific day my friend! Oh - and top o' the mornin' to ya! :)

  6. Yep. I've gotten totally lazy. Not that I was ever good at spelling. So spell check is a godsend.

    Now, if only spell check would work in comments I might not look like such a goofball sometimes!

  7. I get so many lines it lights up my screen. I am the world's worst speller. Ugh. I keep a dictionary close by. All the time.

  8. I rarely use spell check. Spelling is one of the things I'm over-the-top OC about. I learned to read with old school Dick and Jane and usually can spot a mistake at a glance... just doesn't look right overall. I make way more topys - ;-} - than actual spelling errors.

    Love ya loads, glamour gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day!

  9. Only slightly amusing, yet appropriate, joke I just stumbled across:

    Chuck Norris does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will simply change the actual spelling of it.

  10. I just ignore them most of the time! Living in the south, our language doesn't sound right, so why spell it right???

  11. I compose everything on Word first and then copy to my blog. Thank goodness the spell-checker! I don't do too poorly, but it helps when I am in a hurry!

  12. Oh Honey, can I ever relate! I mean, seriously, there is not spell check on Blog comment pages, or Post pages. Ughh, I just have to hope for the best. Hopefully no English teachers are out there reading my blog, yikes.

  13. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate those little squiggly lines too. I actually do ok at spelling but my typing leaves a lot to be desired!
    I love the verse from Job at the top of your header!

  14. My spell checker doesn't recognize blog... which I have always thought was weird. That and it wants to change my name-- Cris to Crispy ;)


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