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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do You?

I was just wondering if anyone else worries about the color of their kleenex box matching their room decor' and will dig way in the back, all the while knocking down other kleenex boxes that DON'T match, just to get the right one? Cause it matters right? I mean who would do that? *cough*

And another thing, do you call it a tissue or a Kleenex no matter if you're buying the Kleenex brand or not? Cause if you haven't noticed, I bought Puff's but I've always, no matter what, called them Kleenex. And I'm not completely loyal to Puff's. It all depends on the color and style of the box.
I know I know, I've got problems. But you probably already knew that. Yet you come back for more! Hee! Hee!
This is just one of those things that swim around in my brain that I feel the need to share and suck you into.
You're Welcome!

Remember smiles are contagious and cheap to give! So give them often!

Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Haha, I do that too! I don't care about the brand, just as long as the box goes with the room I'm putting it in:) We call them Kleenex no matter the brand too lol. So you're not the only one....maybe it's the people that don't that are weird!

    Have a beautiful Saturday!!

  2. Haha! I call them tissues, but the only timr we buy them is when my Gramma comes over from TN. She demands we have tissuss in the house, 'At leaste 20 boxs!'
    And no, they never match... *sigh* the one right next to me now is some ugly gray color.

  3. Oh my..were you on isle 13 two weeks ago. I promise I cleaned up the mess I made digging thru the "kleenex"!! Our compulsions...
    all to make our home cute..lol

    Cindy from Tx

  4. Yes!!! You have every right to knock over twenty boxes of kleenex just to get the "right one" for your homes decor....If your going to be blowing snot, you should be surrounded by beautiful things....
    A fellow kleenex decor freak

  5. Color match my tissue box to my room colors? Of course! Doesn't everybody?

    (obviously, I call them tissues)

    Although, I should mention, we by the square boxes and I have some ceramic tissue covers (color coordinated, of course) because I absolutely HATE it when I pull a tissue and the entire box lifts up off the table. The weight of the ceramic tissue cover keeps that from happening. So, you see, it's function and form. These are the things I think about.

    And I want world peace, so I figure the trivial evens out with the meaningful.

  6. Yep, I dig for the right ones, lol. It's a tissue for us. :)

  7. Oh of coures! Isn't that why they make them all those different colors? So they'll match my decor perfectly?!?!

  8. it's Kleenex at our house and OF COURSE I have to find the right color but I am not as tall as you...so I have to climb up on the shelves they always keep those suckers up high! WHY OH WHY do they do that ??? :)

  9. WE are so much alike it is scary. I totally look for the cool matching colors. I also call them Kleenex too. I use both brands depending on which is on sale and if I have a coupon.

  10. I always dig and I always call it Kleenex:-)

  11. I call them tissues and Kleenex interchangeably. And yes, I am a bit picky on the box color/design.

  12. No one says "Pass the Puffs"...its ALWAYS Kleenex no matter what!! And, YES, it MUST match!!

  13. I always call them tissues AND I always pick out boxes that match the decor in the room it is going to go in. It really bothers me to have it be a different color! This is too funny!

  14. Well, looks like great brains think alike. I knew Kathy was friends with you for several good reasons, one of which..... your sense of humor often reminds me of myself. Laughing at life's little simple things... thats what its all about. Like picking out "kleenex in just the right color for each rooms decor"..... Brown with beige roses to go in the bathroom with the brown towels, or the spring flowers to go in the kitchen next to a plant. Yes, yes, yes, we women are all more alike than we realize sometimes.
    See you in the kleenex isle. :o)

  15. I call them Kleenex and usually buy Wal-Mart brand. Sometimes I try to color coordinate, and sometimes I just grab!

  16. Always Kleenex my friend! And I do try to match, but am always very frustrated that they don't have boxes that match very well for me. Also, I try to get the best match for the best price (no matter what brand) that has an extra soft tissue or lotion in it 'cause I hate getting a runny nose and using Kleenex that makes my nose sore!

    I got the most hilarious box of tissues at Trader Joe's - didn't match perfectly, but was so funny I had to buy it (they're gone now). I'll have to get another box so I can share the humor!

    Big make-sure-you-only-pull-one-Kleenex-out-at-a-time hugs to you! Enjoy your weekend friend!

  17. Well, I usually buy a Costco and stick in a kleenex holder ...

    Hey girl, congrats on your Blessed Aroma award - just saw the list of 100! :)

  18. I tend to be obsessive about things like this too.

  19. Hello My name is Sue, I want to congratulate you on winning you Blessed Aroma Award.
    I also enjoyed reading this post, I am guilty of matching my kleenex boxes to my decor, and yes I call them kleenex no matter the brand. So i guess we are in the same boat. lol.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Sue

  20. You are indeed a Kleenex decorating diva!!

  21. Yes, I want the box to match the "decore" of my home...but I also want the tissues to be colorful as well. And as you know, they are NOT. Darn it,I want pretty tissues in a pretty box!

  22. I totally do!!! Too funny cause I would have swore that I was the only crazy one to do this. Gotta match the tissue box to the room...HELLO! Happy Weekend.


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