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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Funnies! Nobody Loves Me!

Hello my friends. How is everyone today? Well the fact that you are here means one of three things.
A. You need a laugh and have come to get one.
B. You have one to share and you've come to link it up. or
C. You did that one blog led to another thing and have somehow ended up here.
Whatever reason, I'm glad you're here.

Nobody Loves Me!

I don't understand it. Why doesn't anyone like me? I mean I have a lot going for me.
I'm colorful. I squeak when played with. I'm easy to hold on too.
Aren't I a good looking thing?
Yet no one wants to play with me.

Especially not her.I was bought just for her.
I first thought it was because she was old and tired and just didn't feel like playing any more.

But then one day I heard her friend Stormie was coming over and I got all excited because she's young and vibrant and energetic and wants to grab the first thing she sees when she runs in the door.
Doesn't she look playful?
So I strategically placed myself in front of the door so I was the first thing she saw when she ran in.
The door bell rings, the excitement escalates, the door opens and here she comes, right to me. Yes! Mouth wide open, here she comes! Is that fish I smell? And then it happens. She takes one look at me and runs to the NEXT closest thing, a ball. A ball doesn't squeak. It isn't colorful. It doesn't keep you warm at night. Okay maybe I'm grasping at straws here but come on canines. I'm a dog toy. Why won't anyone play with me. The kids won't even play with me. What's wrong with me?

Okay, Kim here. I could tell that the dog toy had to vent. All it says is true. I've witnessed it all. It cracks me up to see the dogs just completely ignore this toy. Even when I've tried to toss it to them to catch or fetch, they want nothing to do with it!
All I can say is DON'T BUY THIS TOY FOR YOUR DOG. Big waste of money. I've had 3 different dogs diss this poor thing.

Have you ever had this problem with a dog toy?

Happy Friday My Friends!


  1. Cute story!!! I could write the tailess dejected mouse version. (We have a cat.) Everyone can relate! :~D

  2. I bet my Marley would play with it. He covets every dog toy....so insecure, especially when the other dogs are around. Have a great Friday, my precious friend.

  3. Tooo cute kim!

    Hey I sent Kathy a link for you ~ It is something I think you will love!!!!

    Happy Friday :)

  4. Hey beautiful girl..you got A LOT OF loving coming your way..Voted top 100..Congrats..

    oh I loved the statement...one blog let to another and another...LOL...

    I've been here before. I KNOW you,,lol.


    Blessings sweet sister.

  5. Wow! That was funny! Useful consumer information and humor:-)

  6. Dogs love balls the BEST! I could have told you that, LOL! Hey, it looks like we didn't win the cookbook. Darn it!

  7. lol that's cute! I've seen dogs do that to certain toys that I just knew they would love!

  8. ROFL....Oh, do you know why I'm laughing out loud???? "Is that fish I smell?" OH! LOLOLOLO.....my poor little precious adorable Stormie...needs a breath mint! :) hee hee

  9. I always look forward to your blog every day, but mostly Friday's for the funnies! Thanks for all that you share with your faithful fans from afar!

    Hugs to you!

  10. Oh Kim, how I totally understand. I bet it was an expensive toy too, right? I bought one of those high dollar toys that you put treats inside of, like maybe it will lure the dog to chew on it, strengthen their teeth, and exercise their tongue while trying to reach for the goodie inside. Nope! Not a chance, the thing sat idly by while everything else got chewed to shreds! I finally just tossed it. Oh, how I understand. p.s. say hi to Stormie for me. :o) Tell Kathy ~Delilah misses her.

  11. That is too funny! We've had dog toys like that...what in the world?? Loved hearing this though. Have a great weekend.

  12. Poor little neglected dog toy! We have a squeaky dog toy that our dog will only grab in desperation. He has a rope toy he likes to chew on, but his fave is getting the towels (that we use to wipe his drool - LOL) away from us and playing tug-of-war.

    Big maybe-you-can-find-a-creative-new-use-for-the-dog-toy-to-bring-meaning-back-to-its-life hugs to you!! Have a lovely day my friend! :)

  13. Aw, don't be blue! Dogs can see blue. Maybe it's like sensing fear. They know you're blue and assume you'll poop the party... so to speak. OK, now tell Kim I wasn't going to do FF today, but found a too cute not to share veejo. And tell her...

    Love ya loads, sweet pea!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. Oh the sad dog toy with nobody wanting to play.
    I do love funny stuff, and thanks for sharing this tale.
    My own blog today has a funny photo on it, or I think its funny. And my previous post was about those silly church bulletin bloopers, if anyone wants a giggle, come on over and take a look.

  15. LOL I just took a mental picture in my mind so I never pick that toy up and put it in my cart at Petsmart. LOL
    I'm having a giveaway today:)

  16. Too funny! The only things our dog goes wild over is ice...cheap and readily available!

  17. Hello! I am stopping by your blog from the internet cafe devotions! Congrats on being one of the 100 top Christian woman blogs! :) That is fantastic! :)


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