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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fever! Inexpensive Spring Decor'

I know spring doesn't "officially" start until Saturday but the weather was gorgeous today so I had to reflect some Spring love on my blog!

Never underestimated the off the wall places to have neat and different things.
I recently found a few inexpensive treasures at my local Dollar General.
The cute watering can and the tulip votive holders!
Paired up with some Wal-Mart flowers, a 50% off candle from JoAnn Fabrics (that I also used for Valentine's decor), some cute springy napkins from Old Time Pottery and I have this lovely arrangement for my table.I had some scrap floral fabric that I used to make the square piece that everything is sitting on.

Moving on to the top of my hutch.
After my stunning Thanksgiving display, the top of my hutch had become a bit of a catch all.
See!*hanging head down in shame*
It's pathetic, isn't it?
I'm embarrassed to say that it's been like that for quite awhile now.
And I wonder why MY house doesn't get showcased in Better Homes & Gardens.

Since I spent actual "money" on my table centerpiece, I wanted to do the top of my hutch for free. So the first thing I did was walk around the inside of my house.

I found these just sitting empty on my kitchen window sill.
Why empty? I dunno!
I ask myself stuff like that ALL THE TIME!
My BFF was going to donate these but she knew that I had eyeballed them long ago when she was till using them so she was kind enough to call me first and give me dibs. So now I make it a habit of saying stuff like, "If you ever want to get rid of that Antique Hutch, I'll take it." or " Gee, I think that buffet is a little big for your house, but I think it would fit perfectly in mine."

Sorry rabbit trail...back to decorating.

Here's what I ended up with. I took the little glass jars and added some flowers that I had from a previous project.

I took the cute little boxes in the background, from my bedroom, to add height in the back.
The pictures I used to have in my kitchen, before the makeover.

I stuck a wicker basket upside down to add height on the right side and then perched another flower picture on it.
The key is to use what you have.
Steal things from other rooms if you have to. Switch it up a bit!

This is just a cute display I did on a shelf using yet another free vase, one big flower and a cute springy box from my room.
Have you Sprung for Spring yet?


  1. Everything looks so festive!!

  2. I love all those little vases. Super cute. I have not sprung for spring...but then again I don't decorate for anything. I am just too lazy. Ok...not creative. Bummer.
    Yours looks great and so springy!

  3. The top of your hutch looks just lovely darling! :) And, um, no, you can't have my hutch or buffet, LOLOLOL...
    You forgot to mention that magnet on my stove..."Um, I think I should have that, seeing as how I like smiley faces and all" :) LOLOL

  4. Good job my friend! Very pretty!! It is fun to "shop the house" to see what you can come up with - forces you to be more creative.

    I hope to get my house all decorated for Spring this week since it's sunny and will be in the 70's - Woo Hoo!

    Big you-just-need-to-put-stickers-with-your-name-on-all-items-you-like-in-your-friend's-house-so-she'll-be-sure-to-check-with-you-first-before-she-gets-rid-of-anything hugs to you!! :) Have a lovely day my friend!

  5. Great job! I'm totally learning to use what I already have, throw in a some inexpensive items on sale and it is amazing how it can freshed the place up.

  6. Absolutely wonderful spring decor!! :D I need to look for ways to spring up my decor, too.

  7. What a beautiful display! Will you come do the top of my hoosier? :)


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