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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Little Birthday Recap!

No it wasn't mine. You still have plenty of time to look for the perfect present. Mine's not until July!
No this was my BFF, Kathy's birthday. And since my whole family was unable to meet up with her family to celebrate it, my husband graciously offered to watch the children while Kathy and I had an all day Birthday Celebration.

AND since it was Kathy's birthday she called the shots. So when she said she wanted to meet at a cute little coffee place, well I didn't want to disappoint, so that's where we started our day.
I was on my way to meet her when I realized I had forgotten my camera and yes I called my husband from the car and had him bring it out to me. Don't judge me! LOL!
So he took that opportunity to take a picture of me.

Here's the birthday girl ready and eager to start her day. She kind of looks like she needs coffee!

For whatever reason I didn't get any pictures of us sipping coffee and having girly chat, so I drew a rough sketch to give you a visual.
I told you it was rough! AND at 6:30 this morning! LOL!

After coffee Kathy wanted to go get a quick pedicure. You know that took a little convincing. VERY little! Hee! Hee! And would you believe that there was a place right next to the coffee place? SWEET!

Here Kathy is playing with her massage chair. I really wish this had been video because it was pretty funny.

Then of course we have to try to get a picture of the two of us. It always makes for a flattering picture.

While our toesies were drying under the neat little drying thingy we decided to do a little reading.
So of course I go for this magazine.

And what does Kathy choose? LOL!
Okay it was just for fun. She didn't actually read that thing.

We started to get goofy (I know big shocker!) and decided that taking our picture through the little opening would make for a good photo. Or not! LOL!

About this time we figured we should leave before they threw us out. LOL!
Here's our finished tosies!
Aren't they fabulous? 

We worked up quite an appetite, so we got some take out from a Mexican Place and went to her house to eat it.
At her house I bombarded her with balloons.......


and individual chocolate coconut cakes.

Happy Birthday my friend!  Thanks for letting me share it with you.
(like you had a choice)!

And you all have a fabulous day too!



  1. Great pictures, and they tell such a fun story!!!

  2. Kim, you are such a fun and thoughtful friend to have. I would love to have a birthday like that someday. Friends, coffee shop, nails, and by the way, your toes look near perfect. I have man feet.

    Have a good day!

  3. Boy I have been in your shoes before....nearly getting kicked out of an establishment for laughing too much..can you imagine a place that doesn't want you spewing soda from your nose...or busing out with loud laughter too the point of needing to run to the bathroom..what has our consumer world come too?

    Glad you had so much fun!!Enjoyed you sharing this with us.

    Cindy from
    Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. That post just made me smile. What a sweet friendship you have! The two of you together look like you could get into a world of trouble!! :-D

  5. What a fun friend you are Kim. I'm sure your BFF enjoyed her day with you. Love the photos and of course, you never let me down. I smiled all the way through your post. Thank the Lord for ...Kim.

    Oh and by the way, my birthday is in February; lol.

    Love you,

  6. What a wonderful day!! Great pictures... LOVE the rough sketch! :)

  7. What fun that looks like. It's wonderful to have a good friend to share silly things with!

  8. You two are so fun! What a joy to have such a great friend!

  9. Two goodballs on the loose! LOL, glad that you had a great time!

  10. Um...I have some questions about the sketch...which is really fantastic by the way!

    Which one of us has the straight greasy hair instead of the soft flowy hair??? Well, that must be ME with the soft flowy hair, simply because I am saying how my coffee needed something...because if I remember correctly, I was having "coffee
    fixin" issues that morning, LOL.

    Oh, and....UM...why are we sitting so "un-ladylike"???? LOLOLOL

    This is the first time I've seen teh photos from that day! What a fun day that was...thank you for being my best friend! I love you!

  11. Oh how sweet! What a fun day and what a good friend you are!

  12. Delight! Happy birthday Cathy!!!

  13. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday with a friend!!! Love all of the pictures!!

  14. Perfect day!!!! How is it possible that ALL women are SO much alike?!

  15. Looks like great fun! And, I just have to say...you two sure have pretty toes! There's no way I'd take pics of mine! lol

    I'm glad you two had such a good time. :-)

  16. TOO.MUCH.FUN. :) I LOVE IT!!!
    You are a great friend Kim and you are blessed to have each other

  17. SO much fun my friend!! So you'll be coming out here for my bday next week? LOL!

    Love the sketch - too funny. Would have liked to see your sketched version of the pedicure too. :)

    Big birthdays-are-always-fun-with-a-friend-and-chocolate hugs to you! Have a fabulous evening my friend!


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