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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Maiden Voyage Camping Trip Part 2 "The Learning Part"

Well yesterday's post gave you some highlights of our short and sweet camping trip. Short because we just wanted a trial run close to home to see how things go. And sweet, because no one got hurt. LOL!

But we did learn some things in the few days we were in the ol' RV.
I'm going to share them with you and I'm going to use bullets because you know I think they're cool!

  • When you're 6 foot tall and have long hair, a camper shower can and is very difficult to get said hair "really" clean. Wet yes. Clean, not so much! LOL
  • Always bring more garbage bags than you think you'll need.
  • Bring a broom to sweep the constant flow of sand from the floor.
  • An RV bed isn't very comfortable or long enough when you're 6 foot tall. 
  • Bring rain gear. Especially when it's raining when you leave to go to the site.
  • Don't forget your husbands coffee mug.
  • Don't leave shrimp out in a bait bucket in the water over night because the raccoons will eat every last one.
  • Make sure you fill the propane tank up BEFORE your camping trip because the guy at the store may be by himself and have to constantly run back and forth to the store to help everyone coming to get gas and you may be sitting there for 45 mins. waiting to get it filled!
  • When the lights for the Gray water are all lit up, empty it immediately because the shower stall just might fill full of that water and you (me) might end up cleaning it afterwards.
  • Roll the awning up before you go to bed so you're (my husband) not rolling it up in a windy rain storm at 1:54 am in ankle deep water.
  • Bring more snacks, because for some reason you want to eat a lot more when you're not at home.
  • Don't let your kids "pack" their own things.
  • Watching your husband empty the Black Water tank is funny. It just is. LOL!
  • The wind will surely blow out your pilot light for your water heater and someone (me) will end up taking a cold shower.

I'm sure some of you avid RVers are laughing at me right now. But this is exactly why we didn't go far and didn't go long! LOL!
Oh to have had a camera on us the whole time would have been quite comical.

Have a wonderful day my friends. 
Be sure to come back tomorrow for Friday Funnies. You won't want to miss some VERY important photo tips I'll be giving.



  1. So did you have to duck in the shower or?

    Too funny on the black water! YUCK!

    My dh and son just left this morning on a camping/fishing trip to meet grandpa. Dh and son have boat and grandpa has camper. My son is soooooo excited! :D

    Glad to have you back!

  2. That IS a learning experience, isn't it?

  3. Oh I'm laughing my friend! But not AT you...no WITH you...because we learned some of those very same things. As we always say...we like to learn our lessons the hard way ;)

  4. Don't have any RV experience so I'm glad you're sharing the learning my friend! I do wish you had video - LOL!

    Big next-time-you-go-there'll-be-all-new-things-to-learn hugs to you! Have a fabulous day my friend! I'll be gone most of the day - Bible study, school field trip, groceries - no time to post today. Love ya!

  5. So much Wisdom ~ and fun as well! sooo glad you were able to get away together & learn on a whole new level! Surely camping with the family is accredited ;)

    love u!

  6. Love the list!!! I remember the first time we went, I felt like we left our brains at home on some levels. Glad you had fun. Love you

  7. That was cute. Oh the things we learn along the way!

  8. I love the tips! LOL!
    Are you really 6' tall? My grandma was 5'9".

    I'm going to go read "The Fun Part" now. Glad you had some fun. :)

    You might enjoy my friend Lavonda's blog A Dashing and Bold Adventure.
    Her hubby is an insurance claims adjuster and they practically live in an RV, thus the blog title.

    Have a great day!

  9. WEll, I am taking note for the blessed day I get myself an RV. My kids want one so bad:) Not so fun about the shower and having to clean it. Yikes.
    Oh no about the rainstorm and awning. But funny.

  10. Well it does look like fun. The water is beautiful and i love the silly picture. Your family is so fun.

  11. Kim,

    These are some great tips! Much like the movie "RV" I am sure you enjoyed it all. I can only imagine the great time the raccoons had with your shrimp. They probably came back the next night looking for more.

    If you get a chance, stop by and participate in some of my giveaways, most of them end this weekend! I'd love to have you join!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. It's all part of the learning process, LOL!

  13. What a memorable trip!

  14. I think you did pretty awesome! Your list only had 14 things in it. I'm sure mine will be MUCH longer when/if we ever get our camper. Lol!

  15. So happy to find your blog. Oh yes, you certainly learned a lot on the first camping trip! I am enjoying learning about your new RV lifestyle with kids. We don't have an RV but we do camp with our homemade van conversion. It has been quite a learning curve for us, too. but we're still doing it!!! I see you all want to travel around the country. So do we, and we hope to take such a trip this year in September. Great "meeting" your family. Stop by my blog some time.

    p.s. we live close by you all - east Semin*le county.


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