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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Waaah! I don't want to!!

Remember last week when I mentioned Spring cleaning NOT being on my list of things to do? No? You mean you don't immediately after reading my posts go meditate on them? I'm shattered, but I'll get over it, I promise.

Anyway, it found it's way on my list.
Yup, see I had completely wiped it from my brain forgotten that I had said I'd join in the 
5 Weeks to a Clean and Organized House, put on by Christian Homekeeper Network. It was easy to commit 2 weeks ago. But the time as finally arrived to set those plans into action.

It only started yesterday so you're not to late to join in. It's great because you can offer helpful hints if you got them, get helpful hints if you need them, or you may even be able to beg someone to come over and do it for you. Good luck with that!
 Yesterday it was clean out the fridge, the stove and the freezer. I told her she started out with 3 doozies. Needless to say I'll be doing that this morning since I had completely forgotten and didn't get the email until later in the day. 
Today's chore is to clean underneath the Kitchen appliances. Nooooooooooo! I've seen what's underneath there. It scares me. I'm afraid. I think I'm phobic! 
My sons bouncy ball rolled underneath the stove and was never seen again. But in trying to recover it, I saw first hand what was underneath there and it grossed me out. 
I mean if you can't "see" it, why clean it? LOL! I wonder if that will catch on?
But you now what? I'm going to do it. 

Yeah, that's basically what I'll be doing this week. Consider yourself warned.Who wants to be me for the next 5 weeks? Any takers? Hee! Hee!

Better yet, JOIN ME!
You know the old saying. "Misery loves company!"

Love you my friends!
Happy Cleaning!


  1. LOL, I need to hide this post from my husband. He was raised by a grandmother who believed in spring cleaning. When he gets in the mood, the rest of the family wants to hide. Happy cleaning.

  2. I was forced to clean under my refrigerator because we got a new one. I'm not going under the stove until a new one is needed there. Just not going. :) You are brave....arm yourself and conquer!!

  3. Cleaning under the stove almost got me to join in. ugh. I just might have to. My house is in desperate need of some deeper cleaning issues.

  4. Hey there sweetie,
    Ok, since cleaning is my business, in other words. I do it for a living and do it five days a week for other people. I will gladly give tips.
    When it comes to the stove: I spray that sucker good, then close it. Go on to the other things. Now, I do not clean inside of peoples appliances, accept the micro, but.... At home, I just keep up the fridge by always wiping gunk away. Always throwing away leftovers that have been left for more than two to three days. I use see through dishes to view whats in the left overs. I don't keep more than I need. Simple, light living is best for the fridge.
    I know you have a family, this might be a little tough, but it works for me.
    Now, Under the fridge. Seriously, if you pull that sucker out say once every two weeks... You will never have a dirt problem. Just sweep good. spray any built up junk, let sit while you enjoy coffee.... wipe away, than mop it with the rest of the floor.
    I have tips for all things cleaning, let me know if you need any. K.
    Have fun.

  5. Not me! We're in a rental and moving out soon. So I have an excuse to not clean thoroughly, LOL!

  6. I grabbed your button and put it on my blog. Will you tell me how to make one??

    I only have to keep our area clean. We are staying with my hubby's sister.

  7. Have fun! We did a little bit of deeper cleaning right before Easter. It definitely is not my favorite thing to do. AT ALL!!! Have fun!! :)

  8. I'm with you! Spring cleaning is better forgotten. Yet, I know my appliances work better, my house looks cleaner and I feel more welcoming in my home when its "really" clean. Bring on the Spring Cleaning!

  9. I got my living room done with our painting project. Then, I started my kitchen yesterday. I am doing the girls' room today and the bathrooms later in the week:-)

  10. Kim, I love these kind of things. It helps me to get going with stuff I'd prefer not to do. I have a tendency though to sign up for something like this and then ...forget about it.

    I think I'll check it out though. Thanks for the heads up.

    Love you,

  11. I'm totally a "If you can't see it, push it off" type of girl. I only clean under those things when a new one is at the door. Lol!

    But you go girl! I'm totally in awe of your determination. :)

  12. Wow, gee, that sounds like so much fun! :) Too bad I'm busy this week! LOLOLOL

  13. Well, I see you saw my post about tomorrow's holiday. Just pull a Tom Sawyer on your family and celebrate! LOL! My goal this week is to begin to prepare to start to commence to think about planning on getting ready to set up a possible system to declutter. 8-}

    Love ya loads, sweet cheeks!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. Kim,

    Congratulations for taking the initiative and just jumping on in. WOW they seriously did tackle the hard stuff first or did they? We shall find out in the months that lie ahead. Until then keep adding chocolate to your coffee!

    Please stop by my blog today to meet a blogger in need of help!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  15. I can't even imagine what's under my appliances - please do share what's under yours ;) You've inspired me to clean my oven... tomorrow.

  16. Wow my friend! You GO girl - LOL!! I will have to do some deep-cleaning, but it looks like the rest of this week will be devoted to yardwork (hubs will be off & weather is finally good) and our spare room/office (which is a COMPLETE disaster) because my Dad is coming to visit - probably Monday or Tuesday.

    We did get new appliances in the last few months so they got cleaned under (except for the fridge, but we do pull it out occasionally)! I will say that under the old stove we did find a cat toy. We've been here 4 years. We don't have a cat. *ahem*

    Sometime later this month, I plan to start cleaning each room/area as if I'm going to put the house up for sale (having bought a few homes and looked at MANY, I know that people look at ALL details and in every nook and cranny and it gives a first impression). That will feel fabulous when I finish!

    Big hope-you-don't-drown-in-the-DEEP-cleaning hugs to you!! Love you friend - eat some chocolate to help you work! :)

  17. LOL! You are too funny! :D I don't want to know what is under mine either. ;)

  18. This sounds like a good plan...as much as I hate Spring cleaning, it's got to be done! Thanks for the tip, and also for the link.

  19. I can just see you now...cleaning, drinking coffee, taking a bit of chocolate and doing it all over again and again!

    Have fun....I pray the cleaning bug will hit me SOON but for now...it's not in my near future ;)

    Love and Hugs

  20. Wow! You changed your blog design. It's gorgeous! I get sick and quit blogging for a few weeks and you just go hot wild and change your blog and now you're cleaning your house.

    I ought to get sick more often....never mind. I don't know if I'll do my Summer Cleaning Frenzy again this year, so I sure should do something. Thanks for the link!

    ~ Nan

  21. Well it's after midnight and I couldn't sleep and I had forgot to post on your blog today...then I thought..I wonder is she still there..looking at the stuff that is under the fridge..or did she pretend to clean out from under the fridge..you know a little wiping in front and as far back on each side..nobody would know....tee hee...which did she do..nothing..a little..or did she go all the way with the project????


    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  22. I have to clean my oven - horrible job so I avoid it for as long as possible.

    What you need is a cleaning buddy to help you clean and to chat to whilst cleaning. It would make the job go faster and have lots of laughs at the same time!!


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