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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beach Gardening!

Our family LOVES vegetables. We love big chunky salads full of different veggies.
And time and time again we've tried to grow our own, and sadly we haven't been very successful.
I think the thing we had the most success with was jalapeno's. But I really didn't need 100 jalapeno's.

Here's the reason for our dilemma.
See, this here is sand.
And since we live on a barrier island, that's pretty much our whole yard.
And unless you got a really nice tiller and A LOT of compost, you are not going to grow anything that resembles a vegetable, in it.

But we were quite determined to give it another shot. (When I say we I mean my husband and my 7 year old who is passionate about growing vegetables. I just reap the benefits. Not that I don't like to garden but it's kind of like a bonding thing between my husband and our oldest son.)

My best friend Kathy LOVES to garden and she came across a book that she knew my husband needed to read.
This book.
This book has renewed the passion of growing veggies in my husband. Not growing them IN my husband but my husband growing them....never mind. He was really excited about trying out what he had learned.
He read the WHOLE thing.

So here is what we have going this year. And once again, when I say we, I mean my hubby! Just know that from now on. LOL!
We are container gardening and combined with the knowledge that my hubby learned, it's the best looking garden we've had ever!

We've got bell peppers, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, radishes, strawberries, lettuce and cayenne peppers.

Here is a happy gardener now with a mammoth radish.

It's small in scale to most gardens but it's a start. And it just goes to show that you really can grow veggies anywhere.

Who knows what fall will bring!

What are you growing?




  1. Well you know what I'm growing..My hubbie went a little overboard!!
    Did you know that there are people now growing tomatoes and cucumbers and beans..upset down..out of 5 gal buckets..it's awesome..and they are getting better results..no ground bugs..and easy to pick!!
    Yours looks great!! I am glad you found a way to do it!! It looks lush!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Wow...good for you. I hope that our little plot will grow something. I plan to plant the plants this weekend.

  3. Kim,

    I've just been wondering how I can find more room to grow veggies and I never thought to consider containers.

    Love and Hugs ~~ Kat

  4. Right away when I began reading this post I thought, container gardens, and I see your dh is two steps ahead on this. He and your son are creating a magnificent garden with all kinds of delicious treats in store. What a great achievement, with poor soil and an excellent plan.

  5. Wow!! Looks great!!

    I'm with you, though, I DON'T enjoy gardening at all. Sadly, though, neither do my husband or my children, so we do NOT put in a garden. (I used to feel like I was a "crummy Christian" if I didn't enjoy gardening, so I went through the motions of enjoying it, but once I realized that my salvation is NOT contingent upon whether or not I grow a garden, I gave myself the freedom to stop.) We enjoy frequenting the farmers' market and reaping the results of THEIR love for gardening.

    By the way, do you prefer me to comment on the blog or on FB?


  6. The garden is doing great and with all that sand you just need to add a little dirt and you can grow watermelons or any kind of melon really. We grew so much in pots too. This is the first year we are going to have a real in the ground garden. It's a little late for a garden getting started now, but I will just put my plants I started in pots in the new garden. I also agree with Cindy about growing plants in 5 gallon bukets upside down. My grandmother has been doing it for as long as I remember (a long time now), and they do great!

  7. Looks like a great start on your gardening! I only have a few plants this year--pepper, tomato, squash, & cucumber. Nothing quite ready to pick yet.

  8. That's great! Where there's a will there's a way...

    I am going to plant my garden this weekend. I can't wait for those fresh veggies.

  9. I think that you guys will do well with container gardening! You've got a decent variety going, too!! It's awesome to grow your own food, isn't it? We have a good bit planted, too...and I can't wait 'til harvest time! =-D


  10. You have a lovely garden. I have no space to grow veggies but if I can find some space I will grow some tomatoes this coming summer. it is such a rewarding project.

  11. Kim,

    Please stop by my blog today for another Urgent Prayer request, this time its for my family.


    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. Your garden looks fantastically healthy! I feel so guilty that I don't have one. Our soil is about like yours, but you have given me an idea.

  13. Wow! You grow girl! :D Great looking garden!

  14. That is very cool my friend!! We are going to try some gardening this year by doing a raised bed (if my hubs ever gets the raised bed set up!). I am not much for gardening, but maybe hubs and son will get into it!

    Big garden-while-you-sunbathe-at-the-beach hugs to you! Have a lovely day!

  15. That book changed my life and my gardening! I would sit next to my garden with it open to the page I needed. A move to another climate has really challenged my gardening. I don't get a lot of sun and grow a lot of moss in my yard. Am going to just add veggies to my flower beds this year in the front yard. Hoping at least one thing turns out as beautiful as yours!


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