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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'!

They call them Love Bugs!
And they love to land on you and crawl on you.

They love to smash into your windshield and cause it to look like this only minutes after it NOT looking like this.

They cause your bumper to have a nice "gutsy" feel to it.
They love my plumerias for some reason and have caused me not to want to go up and smell the wonderful and beautiful flowers that are blooming right now.

They love to congregate by the thousands around your front door and walkway so that when you go to get the mail you have them in your hair and heading for your mouth.
(Anything that looks like a black speck is a love bug!)
Feel free to click the picture to make it larger!
Yes my friends, this is a one way love.
I don't love them one bit, but the sure do love me!

This is honestly the worst I've seen them in YEARS!

What's pestering you right now and do you think baking soda will get those off my windshield? LOL! You know some of you are laughing right now!



  1. Yes, I remember that May is one of the months when the love bugs are the worst. I think they're also bad in September, right? If things work out the way we hope, we will be experiencing those love bugs right along with you very soon.


  2. Just Ew! EW!! Oh I am sorry my friend - that is extremely unpleasant! We don't have those. Just mosquitoes and spiders right now. :)

    Big that-is-a-level-of-bugginess-that-I-can't-handle hugs to you!! Have a lovely day my friend!

  3. We've spent a great amount of time cleaning off their "Love" from our windshields and bumpers from several beach trips...But I'm sure happy I don't have to live with them...My love goes out to you....

  4. Thee ants are marching one by one......a couple of Charolettes and mosquitoes every week. Soon we will be hosting the notorious stink bugs in our neck of the woods.

    Those love bugs would make an interesting unit

    study....covering the areas of estimation, creative writing, history timelines, typical behavior and life span as well as monitoring blood pressure levels of hostess Kim....

  5. Ugh! We don't have love bugs around here just rattlesnakes and scorpions and mosquitos. Oiy!

  6. Oh Kim I am with you on the Love Bugs. We went for a bike ride last night, those little bugs were hitting us. They really are making going outside unpleasant at the moment. Are they not gone as fast as they showed up like in a couple of weeks.

  7. ugh... I share your lack of love!! Your car looks like mine!

  8. LOL...I went to Wal MArt yesterday and they have the same BIG bags of baking soda there too! I thought of you and laughed right there!! They were huge!
    I hate love bugs too, and they are awful here in the south. I will be headed to Louisiana tomorrow and will have to spray my car with "Pam" before I leave. I wonder how big of a can Sam's has of Pam?! It may take a big can for the bugs!!

  9. I agree they are the worst I ever remember them being! Sickening little creatures!!!

    You need to get that off your car girl! Their guts eat paint!!!!

  10. Oh my goodness! We have a lot of them too. On Monday they swarmed like that picture. Yuk. I am glad they don't bite!

  11. I guess that I am fortunate because I have never heard of, nor seen, the love of the love bugs! We just have horseflies as big as, well, horses. Oh, and I can't hardly WAIT for deerfly season. :o)

  12. LOL! Spreading the love? WOW! That is a TON of love bugs!

  13. Oh those things don't resemble anything about LOVE do they??? Oy is right! and YES, I was laughing at your baking soda comment....hey you never know ~ it.just.might.work ? I would be googling to find out what does work with those lovely critters tho! sheesh!

    that is definitely one of those questions for heaven though....Lord, why are these called Lovebugs?? ;)

    Love you Kim!

  14. Oh yuck! Gross! Thankfully the bugs around here aren't that dense. Yet. Lol!

    Do you have to clean your car with a putty knife all year long...or just in the spring? Just morbidly curious... :)

  15. Oh my you weren't kidding... they are everywhere... I lived Fla., but moved away when I was a little girl, so I don't remember them, but boy do I remember May flies in NC.. oh my goodness...they were gross.

  16. Kim,

    WOW those buggers are literally everywhere huh? No thanks, we have some unidentified things living here in the desert I don't want to know what they are unless they are squished beneath my sneakers.

    Yes, I think baking soda would do a great job since it doesn't scratch the surface of things that are painted, the windshield for sure and it's biodegradable.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  17. Yes, the bug season is among us! They are tough to wash off as well.

  18. This is the worst season we've seen too. Mom was in Melbourne Beach yesterday and the dead bugs looked like gravel on the side and center of the road. The condos had black swarms on the them and so did all the signs. All of the stores are out of bug removal products. That baking soda tip is a keeper!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  19. I truly feel sorry for you! We used to have them at our house like that, but then a couple years ago, there was a drought, and it killed all the larve. Now we don't have but a few. There is a good side to a drought!

  20. Omword that is so crazy. That is alot of bugs and I wouldn't love them either. YUCK. I'll bet you want a car wash every day. Wow

  21. I heard the lovebugs came out of a lab in U of FL. Does anyone know if thats true? They are supposed to get rid of mosquitos!!! Just awful.

  22. Eeeewww!!! I think that all of those critters would gross me out!


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