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--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tell Me If You See It?

WARNING: The word SAW is used way to much in the following sentences. Read at own risk!

The other night I was sitting on the couch chit chatting with the family as I glanced out our front window.
I saw something and immediately started laughing because of the thought that quickly entered my mind on what I "thought" I saw.
Knowing that the thing I "thought" I saw was highly improbable I started to laugh even harder.

Before I tell you what I saw, take a look at the view I had.
Take a good look. Look around. What do you see that might look like "something" but really not be it at all.

My family immediately saw "it" as I was pointing it out to them and we all got a very good laugh.
Do you see it yet?

Here, let me zoom in on the general area.
What is the FIRST thing that enters your mind when you look at that?

For a split second, I thought I saw.......

....an OSTRICH! LOL!

Now living at the beach, I can pretty much guarantee you that you won't find an ostrich running around, let alone on top of a roof. Seeings how they don't even fly or anything.
We laughed so hard because the placement of the satellite dish and the attic vent were perfect in order to form the "ostrich". At least in my mind!

Go ahead. Laugh at me. It's okay. That's why I told you this story! Hee! Hee!

Have a fabulous day, my sweet friends that put up with me!



  1. Lol! You know, the dish was the only thing that caught my attention. But try as I might, I still only saw a dish. Until you said that. :)

  2. Oh you are funny! I "see" it now that you say it, but my first thought of it was just that it was a satellite dish. :)

    Big I-guess-my-mind-isn't-as-"creative"-as-yours hugs to you my friend!! Have a fabulous day!!

  3. ROFL! Reckon I'm kinda warped, as well, coz I only saw a big bird till you revealed the truth. I kept trying to figger what in the world kinda bird would be in your area and how on earth he got up there!

    Love ya loads, nutty buddy!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  4. I immediately saw the dish and thought it looked like a large bird of some kind but never did ostrich. That's too funny!!

  5. How funny! My problem is not so much what I see but what I think I hear! When I hear things like you see, I have to back track, re-listen and put them in context to the situation. My son, who has Central Auditory Processing Disorder, "hear" the same way - and sometimes we both hear the oddest things, look at each other and then talk outselves out of it:)

  6. Ha! Ha! I saw it right away!

  7. Oh my word I totally saw the Ostrich too.

  8. Kim,

    I was thinking of the satellite dish and then when you circled it and called it an ostrich, I had to take a couple of double takes. You are right it definitely could easily be mistaken for one by your view point. Nice shot.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. You are TOO funny!! At first glance, I only saw a satellite dish, but after you told us about the "ostrich", I readily admit, it DOES look like one.


  10. LOL very funny! You have a great imagination!!

  11. OH, Kim...you are so funny. You know the saying about looking through rose colored glasses, well I think you view the world through "funny colored" glasses! Happy Monday to you!

  12. oh good grief...you saw an ostrich and I kept seeing a nest in the trees...how is that for two of us seeing weird things that coincide with one another ;)

    LOL you are funny

  13. I thought that was a satellite dish!!!! I assume they can fly.

  14. L.O.L.!!!!!!!!!

    Mariah Campana

  15. Oh my gosh, I totally see it!! I thought it was an ostrich too. Hilarious. Thanks for starting my day off with a good chuckle.


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