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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank You Very Much! The Home Selling Edition!

It's Free Therapy Day!! (And those of you who read my blog know that I need it today!)

That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's the Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you post your little peeves that may have affected you in some way during the week and say,
Thank You Very Much in a slightly sarcastic tone.

Are you all ready for this?
Let's see if you can figure out a theme here.

  • To the lady that signed a contract to buy our home and then back out less than two weeks before closing because of a bogus appraisal and left me with 70+ boxes to unpack.......Thank you very much!
  • To our Realtor who was the worst communicator on the planet and left us hanging on more than one occasion...... Thank you very much!
  • To the appraisal guy who had to have been on appraisal induced drugs when he did our appraisal and totally blindsided us with a low appraisal..... Thank you very much! (I was trying to say the word appraisal as much as I could. How did I do? LOL!)
  • To the big ol' honkin' bar of chocolate just waiting to be eaten and then placed on my hips, Thank you very much!
Now for some very sincere Thank you very muches! Muches isn't a word but I'm going to use it any way. So all you writers out there, just look the other way.

  • To my husband, who has been a rock through all of this....Thank you very much!

  • To my best friend who brought me chocolate and coffee on more than one occasion....Thank you very much!

  • To all you, that said a prayer for us while we were going through this.....Thank you very much!

  • To my children who simply went with the flow and didn't question it.....Thank you very much!
  • And last but not least, I want to thank the Lord who has it all worked out and knows every detail of everything that is going on and why....Thank you VERY much!

I'll be busy unpacking this week but don't worry, Friday Funnies will be up and running tomorrow and I would appreciate you all joining in. Cause I really need to end this sorry week with a good laugh!
So I can expect 263 funnies linked up, right? RIGHT? LOL!

Love you my friends and Thank you VERY much!

If you want to join in this VERY therapeutic Meme head on over to the Daily Dribbles.



  1. Oh Kim....you did need this thankfulness today LOL! I am soooo sorry and can't even imagine all you have been through! My heart has been so heavy for you this week! But you are right God does know everything and has it all planned out! In time, I pray you see what it is all about!

    Love you my friend! BIG HUGS TODAY

  2. I know how angry and frustrated you must feel! I wish I could send you a HUGE box of chocolates, but I'm afraid it would all melt before it gets there, LOL.

  3. To all the real estate agents and appraisers who turn their clients' lives upside down and still can sleep at night..........THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  4. Oh, Kim, I am so sorry. Your attitude is great and like you I know that God has such a better plan here. In the end it will be like aha that's why that happened. I will keep praying.

  5. Hang in there girl!!!! IN rootin for you!

  6. Sorry about such a rotten week. Thank God for a supportive and loving husband and family.

    Chocolate and coffee can always help!

  7. Oy! And... you're welcome...I mean it! The term you're welcome, means, "you are welcome to more of the same"...and I mean it! LOLOL.
    I love you my bestest! Let's have an unpacking/re-decorating/put-everthing-in-a-new-place/change-it-up/make-it-over party! Woo-Hoo!!!!!

  8. Girl why are you unpacking? Are you NOT going to sale the house?

    Just a wonderin!..When her contract is up..go with a Hungry realator..they will hustle and go thru walls that others won't.

    No thanks needed for praying..that is what we are suppose to do!!

    Now THANK YOU..for being so open with us..for showing everybody..just because you are a Christian..doesn't mean everything is perfect..Thank you for showing us and your children..that we are human..we get mad..cry..even scream..then we kneel in prayer..and we let God take back the control..they need to see their parents..in good and bad times..it will make them stronger as adults!!
    I know I see it in my kiddos now as adults.And they tell us all the time..remember when....and you and Dad.....prayer..God..peace..I'm so glad they were paying attention!!

    And we are paying attention to you!! Hugs..prayer..chocolate from heaven...Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  9. Oh Kim! I'm so sorry. We have been on the other end of that...as the buyers. We didn't back out, but our loan wouldn't go through because the appraisal wasn't high enough. It just sucks. I'm not sure if we were more upset or if the sellers were more upset. It was just a bad situation.

    I hope next week brings some good news. (HUGS)

    Thanks for linking up!

  10. I hate appraisers! We had one that decided she was going to be a structural engineer and reported that our 3 year old house was falling apart, so we had to pay a CERTIFIED structural engineer to disprove her claims. Luckily, the people who bought our house whose credit union used this appraiser helped us pay for it and we successfully closed on our house! Good Luck with everything!

  11. You have so been on my heart and I am lifting you up. I would definitely be saying the THANK YOU VERY MUCH in all those realtor, buyer, appraiser situations too. I am just so glad you have an awesome husband, kids, and BFF to help you through all this. You are so right about the Lord having it all worked out and knowing every detail. His plan will prevail!! Keep your chin up!!

    Love you my friend!!

  12. What is going on totally sucks! I hope you find yourself through the crisis soon.

  13. Actually, my dear, you are an inspiration to the rest of us. I'm not sure how many of us would be handling this as well as you are. I know I would be furious...and maybe screaming at my family or shaking my fist at God.

    Thanks for being a good example and showing us how to act in the face of disappointment.


  14. Praying for you, Kim. So thankful that you are leaning on God and have an awesome family and BFF that are helping you through this time.


  15. Goodness gracious. I wish I could be there to help you. So sorry.

  16. So sorry you've been put through the real estate wringer! It's not all HGTV is it?

    Delighted to meet you from TYVM. Will try to make it back tomorrow to check out your Friday Funnies! :)

    New follower.


  17. So sorry girl...at least your house will be super organized and clean!
    I can relate greatly to your situation...

  18. Bless your heart! Don't unpack any more than you absolutely need to. And use this to teach your kids about the Boxer Rebellion, LOL!

    One of the biggest advantages of elder-life is all that past experience... knowing that God WILL work things out... and it'll be even better. I actually remember that about half the time now and sulk and pout only half as much as I used to. 8-}

    Love ya loads, morning glory!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  19. Kim,

    Have you considered getting another person to do the appraisal? I spoke with my hubby and said that he needs to get more current sales figures on homes that have sold. It shouldn't have dropped off that much.

    Hang in there, God's got something better for you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  20. My friend I'm going to go drink a milkshake right this minute for you!!! You're very welcome...don't you even mention it!!! I love ya to pieces!!! Ugh!!! I'm blank...all I can say is I know that verse in Job you gave me is pretty universal for all occasions .... Are you laughing yet? At all?
    Big hugs!!

  21. All I gotta say, is those people will get what's coming to them. And you are awesome! I don't know if I would be handling it as well as you are. You have become a professional box packer/unpacker!!

  22. Oh, wow! You've really been through it, girlfriend! Now...drive to that mall and get those truffles...you deserve it! ;-)

    Praying for you and your family...God's got everything under control!

  23. Oh Kim, I can't even imagine; I'd probably be a basket case by now. Kudos to you for even being able to unpack those boxes; I'd have probably packed them up in my car and went to the buyer's house and said, "Here, you unpack them!" all while filling her front porch up with them. LOL I'm not very encouraging, huh? All I can say is that maybe there is something sooooo much infinitely better that God has for you....He's got something in store for you. (Hugs)

  24. Love ya my friend! I especially like your sincere thank you's! You know I'm still praying for you - this will take a bit to get over. But you are surrounded by people who love you and a God that loves you - doesn't get much better than that!

    Big thank-YOU-very-much-for-showing-everybody-just-what-it-means-to-trust-in-the-Lord size hugs to you!


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