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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas In July! Because I'm no quitter! LOL!

Okay! Okay! I'm pressing on because I love you guys and I told you I'd do it and some of you were actually looking forward to it. So here it goes. It maybe a bit shorter and sweeter but that's okay!

Here a couple of Christmas Tree decorating ideas!

The first one you can easily get the kids involved in. Mine loved helping me make these. 
 There Candy Cane Ornaments!
Here's all you need to get started!
(Cut the pipe cleaners in half)
I've made these before using tri-beads and they do work better but this is all they had at the time but they still came out cute.
Kids had fun making them.
You can put a bow and hanger on them if you like.
(Just make sure you wrap the ends around the first and last bead or they will all fall off. I'm just sayin'!)
Or just a bow.

Either way, before you know it you'll have plenty to put on your tree or giveaway.
My kids made these in about 5 minutes. LOL!

And here's my other ornament project I'm working on.
Since I now have my own craft room and you know I love red and white, this year I'm going to have a small white tree in my room with red and white decorations that I made and I'm starting with these.
Felt Ornaments!
 Cute buttons are a must when doing Christmas projects. If you go back to yesterdays post (the first one) you can see that I used buttons on my stocking.

Here is the finished projects. 
I used a whipstitch around the white one and a blanket stitch around the red one. Both are very easy to do.
Yesterday I finished another one that said Joy on it! I'm going to be making lots of these.

That's it for today! If you have any questions on any of these, please don't hesitate to ask. Just make sure I can get back to you via email. Some of you have your email enabled and it makes replying to comments so much easier.

And there is a hidden giveaway in Monday's post that only about 4 people have actually responded too.
AND why don't you see what my BFF Kathy is making today!
Have a great day my friends!



  1. Yeah..I can start the Christmas music again...lol

    I love the cute work table for the boys....I have one also..lol actually it works great for what they are doing.

    I Made icicles 15 years ago with the same concept....Large at top..down to tiny beads with multi sides and clear...love them..will probably make some more with the grandkids this year..the lights play off the beads so cute!!

    Where did you get those buttons...must have!!??

    Thanks for sharing friend!! Cindy
    Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Kim, I just love all your craft ideas! I also think your idea of doing some Christmas crafts in summer is great. I started some really nice Christmas stockings several years ago and still have not finished them. I'm thinking I might try to make some of the ones you and Kathy demonstrated yesterday instead.

  3. Oh those are so pretty, thanks for posting them

    In HIS care,

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU... I plan on buying the materials for both and having my kids make the gifts for their church and sunday school teachers and friends. THANK YOU...

    Oh and you have a craft room??? Sigh... im so jealous. All of my rooms are full of kids and beds. LOL =p

  5. The candy canes are very pretty and look like a great and easy project.
    Thanks for the idea.

  6. LOL - See?? I knew it my friend!!! :)

    Love the easy crafty ornament ideas! Those candy canes are very cute, but I LOVE the felt ornaments - so adorable!! I'm gonna need more detailed instructions on those 'cause I think I can actually do them and they could go on a tree or could just be grouped together for decoration.

    Big you've-got-to-rename-your-blog-again-now-it-should-be-Homesteaders'-Holidays size hugs to you!! Have a GREAT day my friend!! Love you! :)

  7. Those are just darling :) I responded to that cute giveaway! Gotta be on your toes with you two gals!
    So glad you are going to continue with this :)

    Hope you got some rest! Love you

  8. Woo hoo! Thank you I love it already. Also, I have a question. How do you do your embroidery like for the names on the stockings and such?

  9. So glad you are going ahead with this, you made me a little sad yesterday!!

    A JOY ornament, can't wait to see that one, I just may have to have one of those!!

    Love and Blessings to you my friend!!

  10. WOO HOO! You go girl! Way to get us all motivated! Did the craft room help? :o) I think I might take the candy cane idea to make some NFL Pittsburg Steeler candy canes..... My Hubby's daughter & son in law are die hard steelers fans but they are hard to shop for! Thier Christmas tree is decorated in Steelers colors so they may need some ones from the kids! Christmas in July IS POSSIBLE! :o) Thanks dear!

  11. I love the simple candy canes. I am going to make these with the kids this winter. So cute.

  12. Aww! I still have my daughter's candy cane that she made me years and years ago. We pull it out every year to hang on the tree!

    The true meaning of the Candy Cane

    Look at the Candy Cane
    What do you see?
    Stripes that are red
    Like the blood shed for me

    White is for my Savior
    Who's sinless and pure!
    "J" is for Jesus My Lord, that's for sure!

    Turn it around
    And a staff you will see
    Jesus my shepherd
    Was born for Me!

  13. Oh! I LOVE those felt ornaments....so cute! I want to make some for my tree!!! :)


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