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Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July! Day 1 "The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care!"

Merry Christmas in July! LOL!
If you didn't read yesterday's post, you should. It will give you some good insight into why in the world I'm doing this! I'll give you a minute to read it.........Ready? Okay!

Let's get started.
One of my FAVORITE childhood memories is waking up EXTREMELY early Christmas morning, getting my stocking (which was only a tube sock) and opening it on my brother's bed. The sound of the stocking crinkling when I picked it up made me all giddy inside!
And by golly I could NEVER, EVER get all the goodies back inside! LOL!

So does that give you a hint about what today's project is?
Well if you haven't already guessed it, I'm going to show you the ADORABLE stockings that I've been making. AND a couple weeks ago Kathy came over and I filmed her making one so now you can make some for your family. Because believe me you're gonna want to when you see them.
And if you're thinking, "No way!" Believe me, I don't consider myself an expert at sewing by ANY means. So if I can do it, so can you! That is unless you don't have a sewing machine. But that's the only excuse I'm going to take.
I've only gotten my daughter's stocking and my stocking done so far. But I love how you get to personalize them.
Here's my daughters.
Can you tell what her favorite color is???

And most of you know by now what my favorite color combo is. And if you didn't you will now!
 Aren't they cute?

Now this one is special.
 Why is it special? 
This is the stocking Kathy made while filming the tutorial. AND, do you notice that the name plate is blank?
That's because one of you are going to be able to win this and decide what name you'd like me to embroider on it for you. (Up to 8 letters!)
All you have to do is tell me what kind of things you used to get in your stockings as a kid. If you didn't do stockings then tell me your favorite childhood Christmas memory. If you don't do Christmas then you probably don't even want this stocking! LOL!
That's it! 
You have until 6 p.m. EST, Friday, July 30, 2010 to enter!
(Sorry but U.S. participants only! It gets a little expensive outside the country!)

But don't wait to see whether you win or not. Go over to my BFF's Blog and see how you can make 1 or 3 or 10 for yourself. It's EASY!

Make sure you come back tomorrow for more Christmasy fun!


  1. Super cute stockings. I love the pink one...adorable.
    We got everything in our stockings...candy, toys, clothes. Our stockings were huge.

  2. This was in my mom's stockings..our stockings..my children stockings..and now the grandchildren!
    Really nothing spectacular..a orange..candy cane..Mixed nuts (to be put into the family bowl for later cracking) box of lifesavers(It looks like a book) and a toothbrush..girls ..we recieved hair brushes..guy..combs...and always some little bling..from kid bling..to youth..to adult.

    The one year I changed it up...I thought I had killed Christmas...lol Never did that again!!

    The stockings are cute!!!! I do own a sewing machine.No excuse on my part..lol

    Cindy from Rick-rack and Gingham

  3. I especially love Kelsey's stocking since it's pink. Not exactly a Christmas color, but, I love it anyway and would definitely enjoy a stocking of pink.

    You did a fabulous job!!

    Have a wonderful day.


  4. Really cute stockings - love them! I am off the hook though as I don't have a sewing machine - LOL! I have to confess that we don't have stockings. Since we don't do Santa, we just don't really do stockings, though I think they're adorable! We might add them someday!

    When I was a kid - we had stockings, but they weren't anything special and we only had 1 very small gift in them. Usually it was something from Avon like a necklace or a small bottle of perfume.

    Big if-you-have-stockings-that-adorable-you'd-want-to-keep-them-up-year-round size hugs to you!! Have a good day my friend! Love you!!

  5. I really don't remember getting anything or even having a stocking!!! I do it with my kids and they get lots in their stockings. They are usually more excited about their stockings than anything else.

    All yours are super cute!!

    Love and Blessings

  6. I love your stocking pattern! I would love to win the tutorial stocking. Growing up we put out a box instead of a stocking for Santa to put goodies in. We got nuts, candy, an apple and orange. We did not get toys in our "box". When my kids were little we used stockings and now that they are grown up they still get stockings with some candy and usually some silly toys and odds & ends like small bottles of cologne or car air fresheners, etc. They at least still pretend to enjoy their stockings.

  7. Kim,

    What adorable ideas you have coming and finally you've given me some great ideas on what to do with all my left over Christmas fabric.

    Let's see, Christmas stocking goodies would be, candy canes, money, usually change, socks, lifesavers books, tootsie roll banks, and lip gloss. It's funny because I still try to put those things in all our stockings as a tradition that carried over from my own childhood. I'd love to win the penguin stocking and know just whose name I'd put on it.

    Thanks for some great memories in July!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. I think I'm going through some kinda puter-burnout. Just don't have the gumption to keep up, which makes me feel guilty, which makes me sad, which saps my gumption, which...

    I don't remember much about Christmas as a kid. Funny, the one I do barely remember, I got a robe. No idea if there were other gifts, but no stockings. Even though we never did Santa, I try to slip a little something into the guys' stockings each year. Just whatever I happen to come across that suits their interests. Used to be Hot Wheels and chocolate goodies for DS. Nowadays, he prefers cash, lol!

    ANYHOW, I LOVE your stocking! And the as yet nameless one is TOO adorable! I can SO see that hanging on my mantel! Winning it would save me a buncha crafty horror moments. 8-}

    Love ya loads, holly-jolly dolly!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  9. You could embroider "Jules" on that stocking........

    We used to get a lot of fruit and candy in our stockings. They weren't very big. My mom actually gave me mine from when I was little.

  10. I love the way your stocking came out...and the bling really looks good on Kelseys! :)

  11. We always had an orange in the toe of the stocking! Also alot of those hersery mini's

    In HIS care,


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