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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Christmas in July! No SEWING!

Glitter and Glue makes old things new!

Does that give you a hint to what I'll be using today?
I felt sorry for those of you who don't sew and thought this would be a quick and EASY craft to do.

The first one couldn't get any easier.
I bought a bunch of these unfinished ornaments and at first I was going to paint them but then I thought they would be really pretty if I used glitter instead. That way the tree lights will reflect nicely off of them.

The first one is of a snowflake (because you never would have figured that out if I hadn't told you!) LOL!
I just spread glue all over the front with my finger and sprinkled white glitter on it.  You can't see it very well but it glistens nicely in the light.

The second ornament I used 3 different colors just to make it stand out a bit more.

Those took about 5 minutes a piece! EASY and cute.

The next thing is a little wall hanging.
I just took a leftover tile and had my hubbalicious drill holes through it so I'll be able to hang it.
I had bought some stickers on clearance last year. I picked the cute snowman and then simply wrote "Let it Snow" with permanent colored marker. Add a few glitter snowflakes and your done!

Cute huh?

Last year I made some crafts.
For those of you who didn't get to see them, click here and here!
Don't forget to head on over to Kathy's blog to see what she's making today!

I hope you enjoyed this week of fun Christmasy crafts and left with some inspiration. 
Join me tomorrow for Friday Funnies!



  1. I love both of these ideas (well, I DON'T love the snowman or the "let it snow" thought, but I could use something different.)

    Anyhow, those are both ideas that this un-creative gal can do.


  2. Oh those are so sweet!! What an awesome idea for the stickers. I have used window clings but they get ugly looking after a while.

    I am gonna have to look for stickers to make something like that this coming winter season.

    In HIS care,

  3. The ornament is lovely, Thanks for sharing

  4. The tile one..I bet I could find some tile lying around the shop...I just said this sarcastic!!
    With a tile setter husband...that stuff is everywhere...I almost have a love-hate relationship with it....lol
    I will have to try this one!!

    Cindy Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. Great idea, love it.Time to starts those projects.

  6. What a fun project :) Sooo easy I could do that!

    Thanks for all the lessons!

    Love you

  7. Cute! I especially LOVE the tile idea...but YOU would have to write on one for me if I did it, hee hee. :)
    I need to go and see all your crafts for the week now!
    I love you my bestest, thank you for always being there for me.
    I am blessed to have you...in ALL seriousness!!! :)

  8. Kim,

    You truly have taken some simple ideas and turned them into truly beautiful treasures and gifts. I am now cataloging these to make closer to the holidays.

    I am afraid if I make them now, I won't remember where I put them at Christmas.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  9. Love these ideas and the kids could totally help me!! The tile is way cute!!

    Love you me friend!!

  10. Love your CUTE crafts Kim! I love to craft, and I enjoy sewing too. :)

    Sorry I haven't been around much. Went back to work outside the home so not much time for other stuff these days. :( The good news is I get to pay the bills. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Super easy! You have some great handwriting for the craft! :D

  12. I'm finally catching up! So simple and so cute my friend! I really like how the Joy ornament turned out with the different colors. And the snowman tile is super cute!

    Big if-you're-crafty-and-you-know-it-then-your-blog-will-surely-show-it size hugs to you!! Love you! :)


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