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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank You Very Much! The Aging Body Edition!

It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you post your little peeves that may have affected you in some way during the week and say, Thank You Very Much in a less than slightly sarcastic tone.

That's right, I've got some bones to pick with my body this week. Let me know if any of you can relate.

  • To my eyes, it's not bad enough that I've been near sighted for most of my life but now I can't read up close either? Thank you VERY much for that.
  • To my left shoulder muscle, Thank you very much for making it sooo easy to pull these days and making me question just how I get out of bed sometimes.
  • To the 3 black hairs on my face, Thank you very much for asking a few friends over to party, I now feel like I need to shave. (Your welcome for the visual!)
  • To the varicose vein in my left leg, could you get any uglier, Thank you very much.
  • To the spare tire around my waist, Excuse me but you belong on a car, not me, thank you very much!
  • To the bat wings on my arms that won't go away no matter how many tri-cep curls I do, Thank you very much. (Mom I'm sorry for every playing with yours and thinking they were cool when I was little. I completely understand why you got upset! LOL)
Phew, I feel so much better now. Don't get me wrong, I don't go around in a depression about all this stuff, but it is stuff that I've noticed lately with the whole aging process!
As least no hot flashes yet! LOL! Of course I wouldn't know I was having one right now any way it's so hot here.
But just to leave you on an up note, God is good, ALL THE TIME!

Have a FABULOUS day my friends.

And if you want to join in on the free therapy head on over to The Oswald Cuties to link up.



  1. Kimmy, what are you talking about? You are stinking beautiful!! You know this just proves my theory about the gym, don't ya? Forget it and have a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll!!!

  2. Ugh! I can so relate! Ds was playing with my bat wings the other day. I told him to "Stop! Quit it! It isn't funny!" as he is laughing. :( LOL!

  3. Oh, you are so right on with this post!!!

    BUT let me tell you....YOU WILL KNOW IT when you have a genuine hot flash. There is nothing else quite like it. I'm just saying so you know you have more fun to look forward to. LOL

    I'm thankful for the estrogen pills the docs says I need for a few more years after I got the surgical version of menopause a few years back.

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh Kim, my Friday Funnies tomorrow will be perfect, in light of this post.:)LOL Just think Anita Renfroe.:)

  5. Aging is not very kind sometimes. I had to color my hair last week ~ well, wait, this is even worse... my HUSBAND brought me home some hair dye so I could color my hair. HAHA! He was trying to be nice (and it was defenitely time for some root touch-up, I just hadn't had a chance to get to the store), but it sure rubbed me the wrong way. LOL!

  6. thank you for this giggle, i so needed it this morning. I can not wait to check out your homeschool blog

  7. WELCOME to the fabulous 40's!!!! I look back fondly!!

    Perfect description of what happens, though...you are SO doggone funny!

    Love ya!
    Cheryl...AKA Super Maw Maw

  8. Perhaps you wonder why I dont' have a current photo of myself for my profile picture?!! Now you know!!! Right there with ya, girl!!


  9. LOL...did you seriously play with your Mom's wings? Oh too funny! That reminds me of the time my sister was being "mean" and said "you're gonna get Cellulite, because Mom has it"...I didn't know what it was and thought it was a disease and started crying.
    When my Mom comforted me and asked what was wrong, I told her "Tina said I was going to get cellulite because YOU have it!"...Oh...the look on her face.... LOLOLOLOL

  10. Seems like each July I take a physical assessment too. Not pretty for me my friend. July 20th is coming up quickly and my body is feeling it:) That 5k sealed the deal for me. I have bat wings too. They need to fly away. lOL

    Thanks for the giggle. I can relate:)

  11. I had to go look at myself in the mirror after reading this! lol I think we all know how you feel.

  12. Kim you are truly hilarious!!! I love your assessment even though from the pictures I have seem it is WAY exaggerated!! You are beautiful my friend, bat wings and all!!

    And about that chocolate covered bacon, I think with staying in the cottage as part of the deal, I could probably swing bringing you some, although, I don't think it will help with the spare tire thing I am also BLESSED with!!

    Love you my friend!!

  13. Oy - did you steal my mirror?!! Too funny when we start noticing those aging things... I'm glad you can laugh about them too :)

    Though I still think it's unfair that I'm old enough for zits AND wrinkles! :)

  14. Bat Wings! ROTFL! Who DIDN'T jiggle their mom's bat wings at least once when they were little??

    When my boys laugh at mine, I laugh right along with them! It IS kind of funny!

    But it's great motivation to use those two peanut butter jars full of sand I have sitting on my dresser. No one but me knows why they're there...well...and now all of you!

  15. I can TOTALLY relate! My arm is constantly in pain from years of carrying cute chubby babies around and now from all the blog activity!
    Thanks for linking up today!

  16. At least you only have bat wings! I've got a whole zoo ... bat wings, hog jowl, turkey neck, thunder thighs (ok ok ...)


    Have a great weekend!

  17. Oh I could SO do an edition like this myself!! :O

    The one about your mom's arms....OH MY!....lol!

    Maria :)

  18. Oh my friend - I am SO right with you - LOL!! And I am months older than you so it seems I have a head start - hee,hee. If you have a spare tire my friend, you hide it VERY well. Frankly, I don't believe you 'cause I have a spare tire and I can't hide it no matter how hard I try! :)

    I am always cold, so hot flashes might actually be nice! Talked to somebody who's cold like me and she enjoyed her hot flashes. :)

    Oh and let's not forget the spider veins on the back of my left leg that form the shape of a spider, thus looking like a spider tattoo - thank you VERY much!

    Big we're-hairier-and-plumper-and-weaker-and-blinder-but-ever-SO-much-wiser size hugs to you!!! Love you my friend! :)

  19. To the young guys at check out lines who call you Mam and ask you if you need help out to your car with your groceries (even it's a job requirement to say these things..you really don't have to say them to me).....Thank you very much!

    To all the swimsuit designers who don't know my body type and send me on the dreaded shopping merry go round spree trying them on in 15 stores and ALWAYS leaving me feel like the oddest body on the planet.....Thank you very much!

    To my grandmother's genes that have given me an imposed hobby..... De art of De wax...Thank you very much!


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