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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thank You Very Much! The Driving Edition!

It's Free Therapy Day!! That's right, it's Thursday, which means it's Thank You Very Much day. The way it works is that you post your little peeves that may have affected you in some way during the week and say, Thank You Very Much in a less than slightly sarcastic tone.

You know 99% of the time I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky person, but put me on the road and that other 1% has a tendency to get hot. So today I dedicate this post to those people that seem to seek me out while driving. Thank You Very Much!

  • To the people who think I'm a mind reader and know EXACTLY when you're going to stop and turn and don't feel the need to use your blinker and in return give me the perfect opportunity to check my breaks and reflexes, Thank You Very Much.
  • To the out of staters, we love you, yes we do. You help with our economy. But I ask that you figure out where you're going before you get there so I don't get stuck behind you in the fast lane going 10-15 miles per hour slower than the speed limit because you're trying to figure out your GPS, Thank You Very Much.
  • To the lady who went the wrong way up the parking aisle, came to the end of it and wondered why I was sitting there with my blinker on trying to go down it the right way and giving me the, "What are you stupid?" look. Get a clue, Thank You Very Much!
  • To the person who blows their horn at me while I'm waiting for a pedestrian to cross the street I'm turning onto, know your laws, Thank You Very Much!
  • To the people who decided that I now need my marriage certificate, birth certificate, social security card, and 2 documents showing our current residential address to renew my drivers license. Thank You VERY much for making it so EASY. I'm looking forward to it!
  • To the people who come inches away from hitting my car because you're either on the cell phone or text messaging, I have children on board and prefer to live, Thank You Very Much.
  • To the car full of teenage girls that were behind me one day while driving.You were so close to my bumper that I could only see the very back of your car, so I know you can't see around my vehicle to know if I'm going to need to slam on my breaks at any given minute and believe it or not, your not invincible and will bleed, please back off a little bit and save yourself a serious headache, Thank You Very Much!
  • And last but not least, to the people who drive the really hot cars that make me lose my focus while driving, I'd appreciate it if you'd just stick to the large family appropriate and bland vehicles so as not to deter my attention from the road, Thank You Very Much! LOL!

OH I could go on and on and on about driving peeves but these are the most recent ones that have stuck in my brain this week!

If you want some free therapy feel free to head on over to Kmama's and link up OR you could just shout some out in my comments. LOL!

Have a fabulous day my friends!



  1. I love driving thank you's!! I actually didn't have any this week. I might have if I really thought about it!

    I absolutely hate it when people drive the wrong way on the parking aisle. Hubby sometimes does that and I give him Hell for it. It drives me crazy.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. These were GREAT! Well, not great, but you know what I mean. ;)

    I drove my dad around last winter to TRY to renew his driver's license (he missed the expiration while in the hospital having heart surgery). What a nightmare...It's bad enough for most people, but what a runaround they put you through if you DON'T have all your i's dotted and your t's crossed...and my dad is 81 years old for crying out loud!!

    Anyway, hope you feel better now....I find driving often brings out quite a few "Thank you's"...!

    Maria :)

  3. This is hysterical!! I can relate to EVERY single one of these...except the drivers' license renewal thing. My driver's license doesn't need renewed for another couple years, so I haven't had the pleasure of finding out all the red tape that is now involved.

    Have a lovely day, my dear friend,


  4. You just flared up my road rage!

  5. Oh dear ~ I am laughing with you because I can sooo relate to these! I always said I would NEVER have a Christian Fish on my car bc when I'm driving is when I definitely am NOT the best example LOL

    Happy thursday my friend

  6. LOL - all so very appropriate my friend!! Oh the no turn signal thing drives me CRAZY!!!

    To the person in front of me who doesn't pay attention to the left turn arrow turning green, then finally goes but makes it turn red for me - thank you very much!!

    Big it's-probably-a-good-idea-to-have-a-large-supply-of-chocolate-in-the-car-to-calm-you-while-driving size hugs to you! Have a lovely day my friend!! Love you! :)

  7. Kim,

    These are priceless and something I'll keep in mind for your Friday Funny. I have something that goes right along with this theme.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  8. You don't happen to live on the Outer Banks of NC do you? Because every single one of those TYVM could have been written by me. Well, except for the whole kids-in-the-car thing because I don't have kids, but I do have a dog and I truly love her and would hate to lose her to silly teenage girls.

    Found you through Kmama and thought I'd give some comment love. Run on.

  9. Wow Kim, I could be writing this!! Driving or should I say other drivers bring out the WORST in me. I know the Lord sits and shakes His head every time He sees me get behind the wheel.

    Love and Blessings

  10. Those were great. The blinker one gets me everytime. That is why the put blinkers in the cars. gRrr.

  11. Kimmy,

    Did you try to go to My Florida or Go Florida.gov and renew your license online? It's a whole lot easier, my friend.

    Let me know if it works....if so you can write a whole blog post about me and how wonderful my brain works now that I've grown plaster of paris out of it. PS...I get my results tomorrow. I'll call ya!


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