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Monday, August 2, 2010

Thrifty, Nifty and Fun!

This past Saturday, I actually got to do a little shopping. 
Saturday morning, with water bottle in hand and a heat index of 107 my daughter and I headed out to find the garage sales.
2 hours and 1 really sweaty shirt later this is what I bought!

As most of you know I've been doing Christmas crafts lately. If you didn't know that means it's been at least a week since you stopped by so shame on you! LOL!

I so SCORED at a garage sale that was selling craft items AND Christmas items. 
I got a whole box full of stuff for only 5 bucks. 
Here are my thrifty finds!
This little treasure was $3.00. I'm going to sand it an paint it. Probably white! LOL! I'm on a white kick right now! We'll see. 

And then I had the pleasure of going to the Brand New Hobby Lobby out in Viera. It's a little further of a drive than Jo-Ann Fabrics but apparently it's owned by a Christian and I'm all about supporting that. They had some great deals and I walked away with these items for less then $25.00.
This lamp I bought my daughter was half of that total but we are redoing her room and this lamp was perfect for it, so I went ahead and got it. Plus it was 50% off.
We are going to add a nice trim on the bottom of the shade to match her decor!

And now for the fun part. 
 I was perusing Ross' this past week and I heard it calling to me. "Psst!" "Hey, you!" it said. "Over here." "No, over here." "Down, down, yup there you go!"
Seriously, I really think it called to me because there it was, on the bottom shelf, all by itself and not another  one like it anywhere. 
What kind of person would I be if I just left it there! Especially when I'm CRAZY about smiley faces. I mean HELLO, it pretty much had my name written all over it!
So now it makes a happy little display on my hutch. 
You can't walk by it and not smile. You're smiling aren't you? Hee! Hee!

So for right around $35.00, I got all that I told you about here!
Not to shabby. 
Did you get to go thrifting this weekend? What did you find?

Have a FABULOUS day!


  1. You have been busy - it is so much fun hunting for bargains. Love that smiley tray set.

  2. You always find the best stuff! :D We love Hobby Lobby, too! It is on the north end of town, so when I'm up there I sometimes stop in.

    need to go thrifting for some clothes for dd. She keeps growing and growing. Guess I need to stop feeding her?! LOL! Just kidding! :D

    Have an awesome week!

  3. You did so great with your finds and that lamp is amazing. Love the coffee mug and smile tray...too cute.
    107? really. Ouch hot!

  4. Consignment shops.....we found some real brand spankin' new clothing...and half off used books.....even 1 for homeschooling for a buck.....original price $10

  5. Great going, girl!!! You got some great stuff. I love it when you hit a garage sale or a thrift store and come away with a bunch of loot. Of course, sometimes, it's a miss...but usually not.

    I hit several garage sales and thrift stores over the weekend and came away with some decorative pillows (that's my latest craze), some candlesticks, two brand-new vanilla pillar candles, and a gorgeous vintage hankie...all for $8.

    Oh, and I LOVE Ross. It's my favorite store. I find some fabulous dresses there, including two sheath-style summer dresses that I get compliments on EVERY TIME I wear one.

    Well, I hope you have a fabulous day.


  6. Still no wheels for me to go anywhere..and hubbie was using his all weekend.But...last week when I took him to the hayfield..I just happen to hit two shops..fast..I mean I was all but running thru them..lolI will post on them this week!!

    You look like you are going to be busy!!Fun..Fun!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. I love that table!! I can't wait to see what you do with it. :-)

  8. You little bargain hunter you! Love the smiley tray!

    We are having heat like that and it is just awful! No relief in site whatsoever!

    Happy monday my thrifty friend ;)

    love you

  9. Wow - lots of great finds my friend!! I'm lovin' that table and can't wait to see your redo! And what a fun tray!

    Big you're-making-me-want-to-hit-the-thrift-store-right-now size hugs to you! Have a fabulous day my lovely friend! :)

  10. You got some great deals!

    No thrifting for me...I've been with my brother over the past week. I updated my blog if you want to check it out.

    Have a great week...

  11. You are so fun!
    I haven't been shopping much lately, but I did get to browse Hobby Lobby today with my grandmother. I walked out with just a few greeting cards. Probably my cheapest trip there, yet! Have a great week.

  12. What great finds! I wish we had a Hobby Lobby in California. I absolutely love the Smiley Face tray! It made me smile!

  13. I love that tray! And it's absolutely perfect for you! I wish we had more yard sales around here. I haven't been to one in ages. I think I'm going through withdrawl...

  14. Stoppin by to say, "Where are you today???" No blog post yet? What's going on?

    The wreaths you purchased made me think of a blog that I saw a couple of weeks ago. She used tall socks (knee high or taller) to decorate her front door wreath with. She used a knife to slice an opening through the wreath, she cut the socks off at the heel and then slid the socks onto the wreath. I think it took 2 socks per wreath and they were really, really cute and festive...depending on the socks you find. She finished it with a ribbon. I think she bought her socks at Dollar Tree and Target. So cute!

    Okay...so really where are you? Are you okay today?

  15. Love the lamp! I'm emailing you and Kathy a little bit later. Love ya!


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