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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I said I wouldn't complain!

So I'm going to call it venting!
It's hot! It's REAL hot. And I know I'm not the only person who thinks so.  And I know it's not limited to just Florida.
I remember waking up to this this past winter.

When your birdbath freezes in Florida it's cold! And I complained about it. I'm sure I did.

But now that Summer is in full swing and the heat is relentless, I have to vent a little. So here it goes.
1. It's hot!
2. I don't go out between the hours of 10 am - 5 pm. It's just too hot!
3. My flowers are dying, cause it's hot!
4. We are on a watering restriction because of lack of rain. And it's hot!
5. I'm going to have to open our electric bill with my eyes closed cause I'm afraid of it this month because our a/c doesn't ever seem to shut off, because...it's HOT!
6. I get grouchy when it's hot! *wink*
7. Getting in my vehicle after it's been parked in a parking lot while I'm in getting groceries, is torturous, because it's REALLY hot in my vehicle after it's been sitting in 97 degree heat for an hour!
8. We don't have "dry" heat. We have humid heat, which is WAY worse than "dry" heat.

Okay I think I'm done. Thank you for putting up with me!
Now will someone PLEASE dig me a pool! LOL!
What are you doing to keep cool?



  1. You will definitely have to read the post I am going to do on Thursday for the Simple Pleasures meme, because my simple pleasure is going to be the warmth of the sun.

    After a winter that seemed to last from the beginning of October through the end of May (that's 8 months!!!), I am SO enjoying the heat. and I have vowed not to complain about it.

    I complained long and hard about winter, so I'm going to enjoy EVERY bit of a hot summer....even on those days that the heat is excruciating.


  2. I'm staying indoors, too. We've also had days and days and days of temps in the upper 90's and humidity levels that make it seem like a sauna outside.

    I don't recommend my way of staying cool. I've been shuttling back and forth to the hospital to be with my brother. It's very cold in Neuro ICU and their waiting room. I actually have to take a sweater with me.

    Hope you're able to get a break in the weather.

  3. kinda jealous! i need more heat and sun!

  4. Aren't you lucky..Guess what my hubby does if he isn't setting tile...Putting in inground pools.
    I could handle a trip to HOT Florida..camp out near you..go shopping..while hubby is working in the heat...go to the beach...while hubbie is working in the heat....yep it sounds good to me! lol
    I did hit the pool during the heat today..it does help!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. I'm staying inside. I like it hot but not 105 degrees - 115 with the heat index. I thought winter was brutal! I don't even think we had spring here in Maryland.

  6. You get an Amen from this Georgia girl.....It's just plain miserable here too.

  7. UGH! UGH! UGH!... Did I mention UGH???!!!!!

    It's been well over 100 here for days and days and days... starting to turn into weeks. AFTER we moved here, I was informed that we're in the hottest spot in the hottest part of the state. We're in an extreme kinda situation, large cleared area surrounded by forest. The forest blocks the Gulf breezes we'd otherwise enjoy. Our AC is sending the power bill through the roof. Oh, and did I mention... UGH?!!!!!

    Love ya loads, red hot momma!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  8. Well we are having 107 and 104 here...so we are hot!!! It was still 104 at 7 pm last night!
    We also had a winter breaking year for snow...from on extreme to another....

  9. I hear you loud and clear, girl! A pool might not help. Our pool water is in the 90s, too. We need some thunderstorms and some rain (but not until our friends leave from our pool party tomorrow)!!!

  10. What am I doing?? I don't leave the house because it's HOT here, too! Seriously!

    I don't even have a tan because I will not go outside!

  11. We spend every afternoon in the pool:-)

  12. Girl it was so hot here today too. I am a little sick of summer. Bring on FAll. I love Fall.
    Stay cool,

  13. It got up to 109 here today! UGH! We stay inside, too!

  14. Jumping on this bandwagon with you!
    I had to shut all my curtains to keep the heat out which makes it dark and dreary....makes me mad

    Our electric bill was 450.00!!! makes me mad

    can't go get the mail without breaking into a full blown heat stroke...ok maybe just a full blown sweat but it makes me mad!

    It is just tooo darn hot and we have the humid hot like you guys do....

    We were at 105 today with heat index @115'...it's hot!

    Ok I feel better now ;) Thanks for letting me vent!

    man, this should have waited til thursdays post huh!! LOL

    Love ya...try to stay cool k

  15. I feel your pain! I am trying to stay inside as much as possible. That's the best plan!

  16. I hear humid is worse than dry. We're over here in the "dry" side of the country. I hate it still.

    Not sure if I could do "humid". But, Paul and I will soon find out. We're flying out to Tenn. in a few weeks. I imagine there will still be some humid in the air.

    I'll let you know how I do. But, my expectations for not complaining are quite low, haha.

  17. So you're saying you're HOT?? :) I'm sorry you are miserable my friend! You need to have a water fight with your family outside - that would be a fun way to cool off.

    We get the heat, but it's dry. I'll be sure to let you know what happens when I experience heat with humidity!

    Big you-are-one-HOT-mama size hugs to you!! Have a lovely day today my friend! :)

  18. Oh girlfriend, I know the feeling! I do not live in Florida, BUT, I am 8 months pregnant, and it is 90 degrees here with 80% humidity!

    I'm HOT right along with you! And I don't normally complain, but it is SO HOT and I'm SO UNCOMFORTABLE, people just gotta know!!!!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. For a while I did "leave" you guys. :( It was getting too wild, all the things I was doing. I had to shut my blog down just to refocus my priorities. I chose a blog site with less maintenance...lol...yea, then they switched everything up by hooking up with Wordpress. Well, at least they don't have the statistics for me to obsess over!
    Anyways, just wanted to give you the "low down" on that. :) Once I get my new schedule set up for the new school year, my computer time will be scheduled in.

  19. Hey, aren't you just a block or two away from the cool, cool ocean?! Go take a dip on the beach! I'm huggy an air conditioner here in hot and humid Tennesse. Ugh, I hate this weather!

  20. Can you say frizz head? Yep, that's been me for the past month!
    Oh, now I can just say my night sweats are weather related....at least for now!

  21. I can SO relate! It's been wicked here, too. And there is only so much inside bonding time a mom can handle with a bunch of stir crazy hot grumpy kids...Lol!


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