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Monday, August 9, 2010

What Does One Do When The Temperature is 98.6 Degrees Outside?

Well she goes to Sam's Club and buys the warmest, fuzziest, softest blanket she EVER felt in her life.
(This is where the camera pans off into a cloud bubble.)
Instantly thoughts of Winter and chilly evenings fill her mind...... hot cocoa, snuggling with her sweetums. Brrrrr!!!
(Good feeling gone as she walks outside....with her BLANKET!)
She then gets home and tries to convince her husband that she hasn't lost her mind (harder than you think) and MAKES him feel it (more than he probably wanted to) and convinces him that she really needed to buy it now, in the Summer, when it's HOT.  Seriously though, the risk of it being gone by Winter was much to great, because living in Florida we don't have but 8, 9 or maybe 10 blankets already! Oy!

So what did YOU do this weekend to beat the heat? Unless you're my Australian friends then this doesn't apply, but you might be eyeballing my blanket! LOL!

Have a fabulous day!



  1. We sweated our hinies off at Rock the Desert...a outdoor Christian rock festival where awesome bands like Skillet, Hawk Nelson, Casting Crowns, etc come and we all worship. It was fun but HOT! Over 100 degrees outside. I need your help with my question of the day on my blog. Girl, I know you have a good answer!!! And this girl needs a little help, PLEASE!

  2. Oooo... can I borrow that snuggly blanket for my trip out west in September? I hear it will likely get down to 30 degrees in the mornings while we are in West Yellowstone. That soft fluffy blanket would be very helpful!

  3. Oh how nice! We just talked about fall at our dinner table last night. We CAN'T WAIT! In Sc its been triple digits or near triple digits since the beginning of July and its soo old. Fall can't come soon enough! I say turn up the ac and go snuggle and pretend ;)

  4. Girl..you have to get past their..you spent money..part of their brain.

    Here goes....Look honey I bought a cool blanket..the kids can use it for their tent making..in the History part of our school...It can be used on those nights that you and I will snuggle under the stars this coming Fall...In case of ememrgency..did you know that this can be used as a large carry bag to get stuff out of the house..and of course it could be used for a blanket on the bed..duh..
    See..get their mind on other things..lol

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  5. You are too funny. That blanket does look so soft. We were stuck inside on the most beautiful day of the summer for a soccer tournament. Bad pictures, bad lighting, no a/c inside. Put me outside it was cooler. Ugh it was not so fun. But that was our weekend.

  6. Get my son back after he took a trip west for 7 days!

    Teach some 60+ hyper kiddos in children's church.

  7. You should've bought one of those slankets, snuggies or whatever your neck of the woods call them. Come Christmas time, there is not one available on the shelves around here.

    It's a good thing you will be prepared for a slight chill in about 5 months for no more than a 3 day stretch, eh?

  8. We are sweating here in south Texas too. I have been working on scarves and afghans to send to my family in Ohio. I have been dreaming about crisp fall days. Until I step out my back door. Phew. That wakes me up fast. LOL

    I think we will get a break in Oct.

  9. STOP thinking cold weather, will ya, girl!!!! I'm enjoying sleeveless dresses and sandals. I'm not ready to go back to long sleeves and socks and blankets!!!

    And when I'm living in the South again, if you ever hear me complain about the heat, bop me upside the head, will ya? Remind me that I'd rather have heat than cold.


  10. Kim,

    Love this idea and you will be all set the minute those temperatures begin to fall.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. You are too funny my friend!! A blanket?? It does look soft & cozy though.

    I'm jealous that Breezy Point Mom gets to go to Yellowstone - it's one of my fave places to go! And yes, it will be cold - brrr.

    Big I-expect-to-see-a-post-about-how-much-you-love-that-blanket-and-how-glad-you-are-that-you-purchased-it-when-you-did-and-how-wise-your-hubs-is-for-letting-you-keep-it-when-your-weather-gets-chilly size hugs to you!! Hee,hee! Have a SUPER day my friend!! :)

  12. Stayed in after 8am on Saturday. Sewed off and on all day. Watched John Wayne all day. Sunday, went to church and back home. Stayed inside the rest of the day.

  13. That makes me laugh...I did something just as sensible...clean out the garage for 7 hours in 103 degree weather.
    I bet your blanket is super cozy!!!

  14. ROFL! Girl you crack me up.
    You know. That AC can get quiet chilly!! LOL.

    I want to know why when I want to use my crock pot during the summer so I don't have to turn on the hot oven.. most of the recipes are soup.. who wants soup in the summer.. LOL

  15. ohhh how much was it? theres a nice one i saw at walmart but i might just have to go with my friend to sams and get this one!
    I have a blanket fetish -.-

  16. I stay inside in the air conditioning or I jump in the pool:-)

  17. LOL! I still use my electric blanket in summer as the a/c is right on me when I sleep. It is my only blanket though.

  18. Well.....I can't go into details ;) but let's just say me and my Honey had a fantabulous weekend in Florida!

    That blanket looks divine!


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