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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Because it wouldn't be fair for you to wonder!

Here's what's been going on the last few days.
I'm going to use bullets because bullets make the world go round.
Here they are in no particular order.
  • We were supposed to start homeschooling this week.
  • Both boys got colds.
  • We didn't start homeschooling this week.
  • I went to the dermatologist for my first routine visit ever and had two things scraped off my face and they are being sent to be looked at for cancer. Wasn't really expecting that. I don't like needles, especially when they are aimed at my face!
  • Mom's surgery went great and she's recovery. Thank you FB friends for your prayers.
  • I had a pretty embarrassing moment today but only me and my BFF know about it. It wasn't pretty. And no, I won't tell!
  • I need to make an eye appointment, hair appointment and a GYN appointment. *sigh*
  • I love going to a church that when you aren't there they actually miss you!
  • I feel fat. Going to Step Class tomorrow.
  • I can't wait to drink coffee in the morning.
I think that's enough useless information for you. I mean you did want to know right? Cause you care, right?



  1. Yes, I DO care. I'm glad your mom is doing well. I prayed for her this morning. I'll be in prayer about your face spots.


  2. Wow, what a list. Hope all is well with your skin stuff. And every night I look forward to getting up and drinking coffee in the morning. I have to know - what do you put in your's?

  3. Yes, we did want to know. We love you and miss you when you are gone. I hope you boys feel better soon and that the Peace that passes all understanding will be yours as you wait on news from the dermatologist. Waiting is hard, isn't it? I'm thankful your mom is on to recover and praying it is quick.

  4. Your embarrassing moment didn't happen in an elevator, did it? Duller had his most EM in one. And I'll never tell!

    I'm having a pretty cr*ppy week myownself, so please tell me who won the stocking, coz I'm tired of looking. 8-}

    Love ya loads, caffeinated cutie!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. Sorry your boys got sick. Praying for the tests to all come back negative! Glad your mom's surgery went well. I dream in coffee! Blessings!

  6. I have only one homeschooler this year.. and it's her last year.. it's going to be soo wierd.

    Hope your boys are feeling better soon.

    I so need to do the dermatologist thing and just haven't done it..

    Would luv to hear more about the embarrassing moment. LOL

  7. Sounds like you need to bring on the coffee. Hope the boys feel better. Stunt Man woke up sneezing. Hmmm
    Hope the tests come back negative. I have had those done before too. Not fun.

  8. There is nothing useless about that info my bestest. Homeschool will always be there, no worries on that one. :)
    I need to come over and soothe your scraped nose. :(
    I love your Mom and I'm so glad she's doing well.
    um, yup, I'm a vault about your embarrassing moment. :)

  9. Hmmm...I think I really need to know your embarrassing moment now! I would have been fine if you hadn't mentioned it - LOL! I DO CARE about all that stuff my dear friend! Glad about your mom, but sorry about your derm. appt - not fun!

    Big I-need-to-make-all-the-same-appts-as-you-too-bad-we-can't-do-them-together-OK-well-maybe-not-the-last-one-LOL size hugs to you! Have a wonderful afternoon my friend!! Love you! :)

  10. I CARE!!! I'm sorry to be so absent. I'm going to be praying for your results to come back fine...so thankful that God is still a great Healer! Praise His wonderful name.

    I'm sorry I didn't know about your Mom but glad she is doing better (again, sorry I was absent...I'm so not a great bloggy friend anymore....I know you understand but I hate it when I feel like such a failure in the friend department too)

    I so hope the boys feel better. I just heard from Josh today. He has been in the infirmary with bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection...and they did not call me. I have cried like a baby all day. I had to call my Mom. I honestly don't think I was prepared for being a military mom at all....I'm his Mom...I can't believe he was in the hospital and I wasn't there...ya know? AHHHHH....9 days til I see his face. Please Jesus let them be swift in coming.

    Please hug your kids and tell them I love them.

    Please go to the mirror and try to kiss your cheek...can that be done? lol I love you!

    I win for longest post. I should have used bullets....darn it!

  11. Mother you crack me up! I have heard and lived all this through the week, but for some reason reading it on your blog makes it twice as funny. I guess because I can just picture you saying these things and the tone you would say them in lol. :)
    ((Love you muffin))

  12. Of COURSE we care! :) And btw, I need to make the same three appointments. Ugh.

  13. That is the joy of homeschooling! I love that you don't HAVE to start if something comes up like this! That is such a blessing! Hoping they feel better soon!

    I am glad your mom is better ...sorry I don't know what happened!

    Praying for your test results too! Goodness, that is not fun AT ALL!

    HMMM, embarrassing moment...you + Kathy ~ go figure that one ;)

    Love you and so glad to come back to such an information packed post!! LOL made me feel like I didn't miss a thing!! ;)


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