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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 12 Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family!

When my friend Sheri asked if I'd help spread the word about her newly revised Holiday Planner I was so excited! 
I received her 1st edition a couple of years ago and have used it for the last 2 years. I LOVE it!
But she has recently revised it and you can bet that it is even better than before.
Check it out!

Do your holidays seem to always become stressful and full of "wait to the last minute" to do items? If so, then this eBook is for you! Begin October 1st planning and organizing for the holidays.
My desire in putting together this eBook is to provide a tangible way for you to plan out your holidays so they are enjoyable, less stressful, and more filled with the things that really matter. Many of you have enjoyed Marilyn Moll's (www.urbanhomemaker.com) holiday timetable over the years, helping you plan out your holidays. What I have done in this eBook is provide dozens of forms to go along with Marilyn's timetable!
To top it off we have included some of our favorite holiday recipes for you to try and enjoy!
What you will find in this 171 page ebook:

  • Blank monthly and weekly calendar pages for planning your year 
  • Weekly "To Do" lists showing exactly what needs to be done each week 
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Menus forms 
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Recipe Card forms 
  • A Holiday Self-Evaluation form 
  • Shopping Lists 
  • "Sheri's Tips"- tips to make your holidays meaningful, shared throughout the ebook 
  • Christmas Craft and Gift Ideas 
  • Memory Making Ideas for the Family 
  • Holiday Journal Pages 
  • Many, many forms such as:   Christmas Gift Shopping List   Gift Making Checklist   Christmas Card Checklist
       Holiday Wardrobe Planner
       List of Baked Items to Share/Give Away   Favorite Meals to Freeze for Later   Decoration Ideas   Needed Supplies to Purchase This Week   Holiday Baking Schedule   Kids' Gift Idea List   Christmas Gifts to be Shipped 
  • PLUS!!! Two bonus weeks with family tradition ideas, menus, and 
  • PLUS!!! Some of our favorite holiday recipes! 
  • PLUS!!! Holiday Coloring Pages! 
Buy once, and never buy another holiday planner again!
Buy yours today and begin your holiday planning now! Get ready for a more meaningful, organized, Jesus-centered holiday season!


  1. I got the email about this & am just so tempted to go & get one!
    I'll have to check out the other site you mentioned as well.

  2. That is very cool. I think I might need one of those this year. I am scatterbrained having three in school this year. You would think the opposite...nope. I haven't even been blogging much because I am more busy. Craziness I tell you.

  3. Looks like a very well-put-together Christmas binder! I do need something to get me organized ahead of time for Christmas, but I don't think hubs wants me to do any big print jobs right now since we recently printed a planner. If I were to buy one though, this would be it!

    Big gonna-try-to-be-more-like-you-and-not-be-a-last-minute-stressed-out-Christmas-momma size hugs to you!! Love ya! :)


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