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--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, September 13, 2010

Instant Fun, Just Add Wig!

My Friday Funnies this past week was pictures of my hubbalicious wearing a wig and turning into all sorts of fun people.
It truly is amazing what a wig can do to change a persons appearance. 
I feel the need to share a few more today, because it's Monday and you might need a happy start to your day!
Please, laugh at our expense!
This is my adorable son! All boy! Non stop!
Add wig.......

.......and he turns into....a little girl? LOL! Oh my!

This is my other son. Funny, smart! 
Add wig........

and he's, well, special!

My beautiful daughter! Talented, kind!
Add wig and......

.....she's still completely adorable! LOL!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my secret visitor that isn't a secret any more!


  1. We love wigs!! I love all your pictures, but was sure anticipating the one of YOU!!

    Love and Blessings!!

  2. It IS funny how a wig can completely change one's appearance!!!

    I bought a wig about 8 years ago...not a cheap purchase, by the way...$110. But to get me through a bad haircut, it was an investment I needed to make. But when I wear it, I don't even think I look like myself. I complain and whine ALL the time about my curly hair, but when I wear my wig, which is totally straight, I don't really like that look either. Oh, well!!

    I'm glad your family enjoyed some laughs with the wig.

    Have a lovely day.


  3. G'morn, Kim ~ What a fun time you all had.

    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  4. Where is your picture? I know you have one...come on share it with us...you know you want to....why are you still reading this! Go hit upload...we want to see!!! LOL

  5. I love it! You have such a cute, fun lovin' family. :-)

    Your hubby's pics cracked me UP!

  6. So much fun my friend - glad I got to witness it all in person - LOL! You really should have shared a pic of you and Kathy in wigs too though!

    Big I-really-don't-think-your-family-needs-the-wigs-to-have-fun-since-you're-already-a-wild-and-crazy-bunch size hugs to you!!! Have a fabulous day! Love ya!! :)

  7. Hilarious! The expressions make the pictures though.

  8. OK, it's official. That middle child of yours is a total goofball! LOL.

  9. How fun! I'll bet you guys were in hysterics when you did this. But what about you? Did you join in all the fun?

  10. LOL! I need me a wig! :D

    Your daughter looks like Julie Andrews in "Sound of Music" with the wig on. :)

  11. LOL! I can't believe how much your daughter looks like you with short hair! Love it all, hee hee!

  12. You guys are sooo funny! I love these pics and all the fun you are having! I can just hear you all cracking up before you shoot the pic!!

    Love you


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