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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lisa Arrives at My House!

We finally made it out of the airport and back to my house.
When she arrived to her little cottage in our back yard, this is what awaited her.

I'm all about making one feel at home!

But let's fast forward to the next day!
This day (Friday) proved to be an interesting one. One that I didn't see coming.
See a month ago we had already arranged for my daughter to get blood taken because she was having some troubles.
So Friday morning we all head out to the" blood taking place". My daughter was a bit nervous to say the least but was ready to get it over with. They called us back and Lisa chose to stay behind. Smart choice.
My precious daughter was showing signs of being a bit nervous but didn't give an indication of what was to come.
As the nurse was getting the second vile of blood my daughter looked at me, got pail white and said she felt like she was going to pass out. Then Whamo! She was out. Lisa said she could here me say, "What do we do?" Cause I'm no doctor! LOL! The nurse said to get her on the floor and lay her on her left side. Yeah, Okay?! A dead weight 16 year old isn't light, I'm here to tell you, but we managed to do it between the two of us. She came to in about 30 seconds but looked at me like she didn't know me. That's comforting for a mother, I'm just here to say.
I SO badly wanted to take a picture of her laying of the floor for documentation but decided against it. Hey, it's the blogger in me! HA!
ANYWAYS, we were there for almost 2 hours and I finally talked them into letting me take her home.
But WAIT there's more. On the way home she proceeded to throw up 3X in my just detailed by my husband 3 days earlier SUV. It made me want to throw up and poor Lisa was the one that had to try and find something for her maybe throw up in, to no avail. Yup, all over the seats and floor. NICE!
Welcome to my world Lisa! LOL!
Stay tuned for more!

BTW my daughter is fine. Just thought you'd like to know . Me on the other hand........



  1. Poor baby!!! I've done that before... the passing out and throwing up when a needle appeared thing. And I'm still alive, lol!
    (PS - I think I would've taken the picture, lol!)

    So, enquiring minds want to know... what's in the 'bean pot'? Love the towel fraggle! You're a wonderful hostess. Can I come stay a few months? *GGG*

    Love ya loads, frazzly friend!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  2. "I'm all about making one feel at home". MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

  3. Okay the housing for your guest..How cute..I'll give you a 10
    rating in the hotel part!!

    The entertainment of Friday..well lets just say..I will give you a 5 rating!! 5 you say..why so high.....come on ...who could arrive across country..watch some one faint..then the throwing up scenerio..you couldn't plan that type of entertainment!!!

    Your poor daughter..I will give her a 10..I bet she was morified!!

    And I can see you thinking oohh I wish I had a camera....I would of also..lol

    hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. Oh, your poor daughter, what an experience. Not to mention the stinky SUV. Your guest will enjoy the basket of goodies and I love the brown towel guy on the bed.

  5. This kid has no future in medicine, but I'm sure you know that all ready.
    I would have wanted my camera...and my children would have told me how mean I was. I do have a sick sense of humor and they do NOT find it funny.
    I think I might like to come stay at your bed and breakfast cottage...I can clear my calendar any time.
    Have a great week.

  6. I hope your daughter is 110% better by now. You sure have an odd way of entertaining out-of-towners. I love the little gift basket in your picture. It looks so welcoming!

    Again, I hope you figure out what's going on with your daughter and hope your hubby does another great detail job on your car.

    Have a great day! I love coming by for a visit from time to time!

    Love ya,

  7. That happened tome once long ago! I think it is the teenager in us! I am glad she did not get hurt or hit her head! Ouch!
    I hope all is well and will keep your family in my prayers.
    Your blogs are great!
    Come join me too. Anne

  8. I can relate,several years ago I experienced the same,can't donate at all,the throwing up was worse than the fainting,thanks for sharing,glad your daughter is fine.

  9. Glad your daughter is fine! And I love your nice touches to the guest cottage. :)

    Your airport pictures from Saturday, btw, cracked me up. Lol!

  10. Oh...your poor sweet daughter. Anxiety is a bummer, isn't it? Glad she has recovered, though, and hope the blood tests don't show anything bad. Hope you enjoyed your time with Lisa.
    Peace and blessings to your day.

  11. Wow what an exciting first day!! I know how you feel, my son has passed out a couple of times in weird situations like that and it scares me to death!! So glad she is okay now!!

    Love and blessings

  12. Gee thanks for that one.....I just got done with lunch and now I think I have to hurl!

  13. Oh my friend - that was quite an exciting start to our Florida adventures - LOL! I have to say, I was surprised at how well I handled the throwing up in the car - usually smells get to me, but the beach air must have made it all better! :)

    You know I loved your little touches and basket in the cottage - SO sweet!! I felt very much at home!

    Big nothing-says-welcome-to-our-family-like-throwing-up-in-the-car size hugs to you!!! So glad she was feeling better in no time! Have a fabulous day my friend! Love ya!!

  14. Yikes! Glad to hear your daughter is ok! Definitely initiating her as a IRL friend with that one! :) WHat a blessing! :)

  15. OK first & foremost! Glad your daughter is ok!! Man, that had to be scary!!! Poor thing! It's a good thing Lisa
    could handle that throwing up! Some people (like me for instance) would have began a hurl fest! Oh gosh, If I smell throw up it's all over for me LOL That part was ALWAYS left to my DH!!

    Now, aren't you just the hostess with the mostess! Seriously, since I have seen your whole week in one blog visit LOL you have made her time sooo very special and sooo much fun! You are such a wonderful woman and friend Kim! The Lord has truly gifted you with the gift of Hospitality!!!

    Love you !!!


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