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--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lisa Arrives in Florida!

 A week ago I had the privilege of meeting Lisa from Stop and Smell the Chocolates in person. 
She was able to use some frequent flier miles and take an almost "free" trip to Florida!

Day 1: Picking her up at the airport!


tired of waiting.... LOL!

Done waiting! She's touched down!
Welcome to Florida Lisa!!

The first thing we did was get Lisa a Starbuck's. 
But the locals weren't very nice. They kept trying to take it from her.
Fighting Mickey for it!

Then some crazy person tried to take it from her here.

She only let go of it for a moment here and it started floating off into space!
Hurry Lisa get it! That's liquid gold right there!
All this and we hadn't even left the airport yet! 
That should give you some indication of the rest of our week!
Stay tuned!



  1. Oh how fun ;) Gotta watch those Disney's LOL they try to take all you got! $, coffee, you know how they are!!

    Sooo glad you all had some time together! I hope the next time you writing this story it is about Angel & me!!!

    Looking forward to the rest of the story!

  2. Finally - the pics!!! Love how they turned out! Yeah, there are definitely some rude characters around Florida who try to steal your Starbucks. Oh and I'm so sorry you guys had to wait so long that you fell asleep! :)

    Big that-was-a-close-one-when-my-Starbucks-started-floating-away-into-space-but-it's-a-good-thing-you're-super-tall-and-could-rescue-it-for-a-shortie-like-me size hugs to you!!! SO fun!!! Have a fabulous weekend my friend! Love ya!!

  3. Isn't it so exciting to meet other bloggers? You are so funny Kim; love the waiting photos. Only you...

    I'm sure Lisa is in for some fun. It couldn't be anything but fun ...with Kim!

    Love you and one day I hope we can meet in person too.


  4. What fun to meet in person, and I look forward to seeing what hijinks you two get up to.

  5. You and Kathy are hilarious. How fun for you to meet another blogger and hang out.

  6. Hee,hee. I just had the urge to see the pic of my Starbucks cup floating away into space and had to search until I found it!! So fun. :)

    Love ya!!!


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