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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dare I do another weekly recap?

Let’s see, what went on this week.
My husband has been working diligently on this rocking chair that we picked up for $25.00 on Craigslist. He completely took it apart and sanded, stained it and varnished it. It came out beautiful!
On Monday my daughter got her wisdom teeth taken out. This is her just getting back and still feeling a bit groggy. Yes, I had her permission to post this as long as I posted her picture as of today showing that she’s improving greatly.
IMG_0119 IMG_0194

We’ve been having fun watching our ants make tunnels. This is after having it about 2 weeks. It’s pretty cool. I blogged about it on my homeschool blog if you are interested.
I’ve been busy making homemade Christmas decorations for the small white tree I bought for, yes, my craft room. Seriously people, I have a problem and it involves the colors red and white and the most wonderful day of the year, Christmas! LOL!
And last but not least, my daughter decided to actually clean her hairbrush. It actually brought me many laughs as I would pick it up and wonder how she still has a head full of hair on her head. And yes, she took pictures of her hairbrush so she could blog about it. LOL! Oh I’m so rubbing off on her. HA!
So there you have it. Another exciting week at the Homestead!
What did you do this week?


  1. wow looks kike a very eventful week. I just got over the flu so have a ton of tackle it tuesdays as the kids never keep up the house while mama is sick

  2. Oh fun times again @ the Homestead!! The rocker is gorgeous!!! What a find :) so glad your daughter is doing well! She looks unbelievably awesome for the initial pic! My daughter was totally pathetic !!!! Have u ever googles all the funny videos of kids getting their wisdom teeth out?? Oh my!! There are so many that just left us in stitches !!
    The hair brush is too funny :) soo glad to know u r rubbing off on her! That's such a good thing!!
    Love you Kim! Happy weekend

  3. A white tree with these ornaments will be superb. I like the ornaments that you made.

  4. The chair looks great!!! Maybe getting ready to rock another baby?

    Wisdom teeth removal---NO FUN!!! I'm glad Kelsey's doing better now.

    Finally, we had an ant farm about 12 years ago. It was such fun watching them. Really, they are fascinating creatures...just as long as they're in the farm and not on the kitchen floor.


  5. So fun...the rocking chair is beautiful and I love the red/white homemade ornaments. You have to post a pic of the finished product!

  6. Such lovely decorations!!!
    And the Ant farm looks like lots of fun.

    <3 Mariah C.

  7. WoW! That rocker is something else! Can you send your DH up here for a few days? LOL!

    I love, love, LOVE the decorations you're making! Can't wait to see the tree all decked out!

    Hey, thanks ever so for your prayers! No kidding, it's just one thing after another lately! Sooner or later, I'll run out of body parts to malfunction and life can get back to normal... right??? LOL! Seriously, I was so comforted by Today's Verse on my blog. (Luke 17:19) Timing is everything. 8-]

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  8. Gee, how is it that Kelsey can look beautiful straight out of dental surgery???? :)

  9. Love the chair and the Christmas decorations...the wisdom teeth, though...not so good. Glad she is recovering well. Had to laugh at the hairbrush. When I was young and my hair was long my mom used to get so upset with me for getting so much hair in my bathroom. At one point she said, "Jeanine...clean the bathroom floor...there's so much hair on it you could braid it!"
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  10. The rocking chair is gorgeous - good job to your hubby!! Your darling daughter is just too cute - glad she's better. I am fascinated by ants as long as they're not in my house with all their friends, though even then I'm a little fascinated. :) I love all your red & white things - so cute!! And I'm actually a little grossed out by the hairbrush pic - LOL!

    Big recaps-with-pics-are-worth-thousands-of-words-like-a-book size hugs to you! LOL - did that make any sense to you?! :) Love you my friend!!


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