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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stubborn! Stubborn! Stubborn!

That's the only way I can describe myself right now.
I bought them.
I need them.
I refuse to wear them.
So I sit in Sunday school squinting at my bible and wishing I had the guys bible right next to me with the GIANT print.
All the while a pair of my reading glasses sit inches away, not being worn.
By wearing them it's like I'm finally admitting to getting older and I don't wanna! WAH!

I pulled a muscle in my shoulder the other day just opening a door. But before that I did an hour step class without injury. 
What's up with that?
I'm going to be one of THOSE people who grow old kicking and screaming, which will only lead to more pulled muscles and laryngitis. *SIGH*

If you're in the same boat will you throw me a life vest? I think I've fallen and I can't get up! OY!
But you still love me right?

Just 6 more posts until my "Favorite Things" giveaway!
And trust me, there won't be any reading glasses in it! HA!



  1. Okay I am not sympathetic on this one..lol

    I have been wearing glasses since I was 5 yrs old that is 49 years of embarrasing blue frame and large frame glasses to contacts that were hard..ouch..back to glasses.

    I have listen to my husband whine aboiut wearing the awful dreadful glasses..oh my...what about me..I have mever had a choice.

    Now I will tell you what I tell him..wear them..you are looking older with the squint lines that are forming around your eyes from squinting!! lol

    Or the holding out your arm as far as you can to see the print..that draws more attention than if you wore glasses.

    Okay now I will quit fussing at you..now wear them pretty glasses and look cute!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Just go ahead and wear em and look cute!!! Age is a state of mind, girlfriend. So, if thats the case, I'm definitely 10.

  3. OMGosh you are too funny. Love all your one liners. Pulled muscles and laryngitis. BAA HAA! too funny.

  4. Understand about not wanting to wear reading glasses. Still kicking and screaming about getting older. I don't want to grow up!!

  5. Kim, I know what you mean. When I first got glasses I thought I was getting them just to read... but eye doctor said "oh no, you need TRIfocals!" WHAT? Then he proceeded to tell me it was because of my AGE! How rude! Now I can't see anything without them, so they stay glued to my face. Sigh. And as far as aches and pains.. Rodney and I helped a poor little old lady paint in her house yesterday because she can't... well, we can barely move now! I feel like a bus hit me. Compared to her, we're supposed to be YOUNG. Like you, I will go down kicking screaming and yes, whining!

  6. People who wear glass look wise and intelligent, does this encourage you? I am wearing mine now, can't see the computer. Also need the for TV and reading, but not for general use.

  7. I wear glasses all the time and I love it. I don't see it as growing old as I see it as being able to see in the screen age:-)

  8. I, too, am having a difficult time with the changes that another year on the calendar adds to my life. However...every time I feel the need to complain about growing older I must remember the alternative...not growing older...being dead. I think I'll take growing older rather than not growing older. Maybe we should call it growing "wiser" instead of "older?"
    Peace and blessings and clear print to your day.

  9. Wow, can I relate to your post. All I did on Saturday morning was go out and pull up weeds, and boy am I still sore on Monday! And I wasn't thrilled about getting bifocals, either, but have grown to accept and appreciate them since (it has been a few years). I feel your pain! **smile**

  10. You crack me up because you sound just like me. I wore readers only at work at the computer for a few years, but never in front of my hubby because he laughed at me several times. Who is he? He's the thick-glasses with tri-focal lenses and he laughs at me for needing vision help? What's up with that? Where's the true love and understanding? Anyway... maybe I'll figure that one out soon.

    I finally broke down about 2 months ago and got contacts. I LOVE THEM!!!! Multi-focal - air optics meaning my eyes get air!!! I always had the fear it would feel like an eyelash or glass in my eye, but nope... if they are in correctly, then you don't feel them at all. They are kinda like a bra. You know it's there, but after a short time, you forget you have it on. Anyway, I'd suggest you go get contacts!!! Why don't you drive on over to Oklahoma and come see my eye doctor? ? ? He's awesome and he'll send you home with contacts in your eyes. I never thought I could do it, but they have made me feel a little bit younger lately. Maybe it's because I can see!!!! I was amazed when I looked in the mirror the first time with my new eyes! Wrinkles! Whiskers! Dry skin flakes!!! Wow... how blind I'd been. Try them, you might just love them, too!

  11. Oh, how funny...I know what your age is!!! I posted a post saying, "Do I have to Wear these?"...now I have some fun colored ones all over the house. The worse is when I can't find them and then find out they are on my head!!!!
    I only need readers....for now, and I am almost 50! Boy I miss those good eyes of so many years!

  12. I bet you look adorable in them! :) Maybe you need to get some bling bling to go with? :)

  13. Thanks for sharing, and it sounds like we can all relate. I also hate wearing mine, but know that I need them. The first day one of my co-workers saw me wearing my new glasses, she said ... "They look really good on you, they hide the bags under your eyes." (Not sure if I have forgiven her yet!!)

  14. Oh my friend - you are making me laugh!! But I do hope you are feeling better! I think wearing them makes you look smart - so put 'em on girlfriend! A lot of ladies I know go ahead and spend a little extra to get some really cute or really fun ones 'cause then they're happy to wear them. Would that work for you?

    Big yes-you-are-very-stubborn-but-I-know-somebody-whose-name-starts-with-an-L-that's-a-lot-like-you size hugs to you!!! LOL!! Love you my friend!! Sorry - you did not win the Starbucks card from my blog. Your attempts at hacking into random.org failed this time. :)

  15. Hey, getting older is better than the alternative! LOL, and I did fall down a couple of months ago and could NOT get up! After knee replacement, you are not supposed to get on your knees (and it hurts like the dickens). Try getting up on the floor without kneeling - bet you can't! After struggling, I finally had to call hubby to help me up. Geesh, and I'm only 58!

  16. OH you funny little thing! I have been dying to get me some! I am doing my post on this very thing tomorrow :) You are not old Kim and well, these are a fashion statement!! LOL They can be soo much fun!!

    Love you

  17. I spent my High School years squinting because I thought I was to cool for glasses...Now I have wrinkles from that....Trust me, once you put those readers on your IQ changes...People naturaly think your smarter in them


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