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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksgiving on Black Friday?!

Yup. I found out that for the first time since we've been married that my hubby has to work the afternoon shift on Thanksgiving Day. Like there is no possible way to squeeze a big meal in any time except for breakfast and I ain't doing turkey for breakfast. Pie yes, turkey not so much.
So we are postponing it a day and we're going to have it on Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. 
Needless to say that Friday is going to be a tad busy for me as we like to hit Wal-Mart for black Friday sales. (Got some really nice bath towels last year).
I was pretty bummed at first but realized you can be Thankful any day of the year. AND I'll actually be able to sit and watch the Macy's Day Parade and not have to be in the kitchen cooking so that's a plus. LOL!

Have you ever had to celebrate a holiday on another day? Was it weird? When does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving, we may be able to celebrate then. LOL!
It's funny because everyone is fine with it but me. I'm just so stuck in a rut with tradition and all but I'll get over it as soon as I sink my teeth into my Chocolate Cream Pie.

Have a fabulous day my friends.



  1. Actually Canada celebrated yesterday. lol

    With 5 children..somewhat scattered in Tx and Oklahoma..we are having to restructure our holidays.

    The girls have decided they want to be together on a designated weekend in December..They just want to have a no pressure..fun weekend of just all of them..and not trying to hit soooo many other family homes because its Christmas.
    They are wanting their kiddos..to have fun with their cousins..and not just a meal..unwrap presents and hit the road to the next house.

    I am all for it..Walker not so much...but what he doesn't understand is he is outnumbered..lol

    We will spend Christmas day at one of the girls houses..and the next year a different girl and family.Sounds like fun to me!

    Have your Thanksgiving the Sunday before Thanksgiving..that is fun..and it frees you up for shopping on Friday.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. We've had to shuffle holidays around quite a bit. Both my husband and my oldest son are registered nurses, so they often have to work holidays. Rarely, if ever, do they both get the same holiday off! So we may have to celebrate a week early or late from time to time. We've learned to make the best of it, saying we are actually celebrating in stages. At first it kind of bummed me, but now it's old hat! :-)

  3. Our daughter was born six weeks early in October of 2003. For several reasons she was in the hospital for five weeks before we could bring her home. She came home two days before Thanksgiving. We usually alternate Thanksgiving...one year my family, the next year my husband's family. However, this particular year we said "NO!" to everyone and stayed home. We were so excited to finally have our whole little family under one roof. AND...since none of us are really huge turkey fans we decided to make homemade pizza for our Thanksgiving dinner. It was the absolute BEST Thanksgiving ever!
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  4. We are good this year! Can't wait for the turkey cooked in the "Big Easy" and Black Friday shopping. My daughter and her husband (his family) are celebrating Thanksgiving/Christmas together this year in Las Vegas, as his sister is being deployed with the AF. My daughter and hubby will fly out Sat. to Vegas after our celebration. She would not leave here without out BF date! hahaha :)
    Like you said it doesn't really matter as long as you are together.

  5. My husband is a cop so we never know if he is going to be off or not during the holidays and that really sucks, but it's part of being a cop's wife. He has a harder time with it than I do. his parents are divorced so there are lots of families to try to make happy and we end up celebrating Christmas with some part of our families a week or so before Christmas and we have even celebrated after! And with Mike and his schedule, if they don't like what we are able to do, i.e. visiting, they can kiss butt, I'll stay home and if they want to see the kids, they can come to us.

  6. You know that last year we had our Thanksgiving celebration 2 days early in the hospital around Rachel's bed after her surgery. It was the BEST Thanksgiving celebration ever...rejoicing in all that God had done and continues to do. We will have a special celebration on November 24this year to mark Rachel's one year anniversary. God is so good!

  7. I know it's hard to have plans change my friend! But you have been blessed since this is the first year - I know many families who have spouses that work every year on Thanksgiving.

    I myself would LOVE having that extra day to get all the food ready!! We have a poetry recital contest at the school on that Wednesday every year (and I'm either helping out or cheering on my son) so it makes it harder for me to get it all done in time.

    Just go with the flow and enjoy it! Big the-food-will-be-fabulous-no-matter-what-day-you-eat-it size hugs to you! Love you my friend! Have a wonderful day!! :)

  8. Since we've had our daughter, we sometimes celebrate Christmas at different times so the grandparents can watch her open presents. But I truly dislike this. It seems like she's opening presents for days and days instead of just Christmas day, and getting it over with. I hope your Thanksgiving is memorable even if it is on Friday! (my bday is on Thanksgiving Day this year...too fun!)

  9. Of course we're fine with it...Mikey works Thanksgiving too, LOL. Sooooo, do we all have to wear black since it's Black Friday? LOL

  10. Kim,

    When my hubby traveled out of town last year during Thanksgiving, we simply waited til he got home during the first week of December and celebrated our thankful we were to have him home.

    When my oldest daughter used to live in Rhode Island with her father, we used to have Christmas when she came home after the 1st of the year. It was nice because we got to enjoy Christmas and all that goes with it much longer than anyone else and all those sales that happen after Christmas made the savings worth it too.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  11. Now that I have a married child and I share them with her divorced parents, just meaning they go to her moms and then to her dads...well I have had to adjust and do holidays on the day they can come...so we get creative!
    The time together is better than the day!


  12. I'm like you, it just feels weird to have it on a different day...I love hearing the sounds of the parade on TV while I cook! We've had it a bunch of times on weekend days before and after the holiday, and honestly, as long as there is family and pie...it's still a great day!

  13. We celebrate on different days all the time. It isn't the day but the people who are there.

  14. We haven't had to celebrate on another day, but I will say that last year we tried Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving and did not regret it. We may do it again this year, too.

    Enjoy that cream pie!

  15. Canada just celebrated Thanksgiving, so you're a little late there.

    Yes, we've celebrated Christmas late before and when everyone gets together, it's really not big deal, especially if you are doing your usual traditions.

  16. You are right, we can be thankful whatever the day!! We celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving at home with just our kids and then on other days with extended family!! I know as our kids continue to grow and move we will have to be flexible for whatever day we can all squeeze in!!

    I know you will make it fun no matter what day you celebrate!!

    Love and Blessings

  17. These days, you have to be thankful for a job, and if that means working on Thanksgiving, well there you go!!!

  18. Don't have any definite plans...maybe we'll stop over at your house before we leave Florida and help you make hand turkey place mats and cornucopias with sugar cones to help get your party started early!! lol

  19. In my early married life, I was really bummed when we had to rearrange holidays and change things up from my growing up years holiday traditions. But things evolve as we grow up and marry, have kids, etc. Now my kids are marrying and have other plans. So we learned to celebrate when everyone can be together....or at least most everyone. Currently, 2 of my kids have expressed that they do not wish to be in relationship with their brother. It's a long sordid story. And they are also upset with many of my husbands choices and do not enjoy being around their dad. Therefore, I am expecting to celebrate the upcoming holidays with my kids individually instead of as a group. Right now I'm being brave and focusing on each one and their importance to me. I have not yet worked out details of how all of this will end up, and I expect there will be tears involved. But unless something HUGE happens in the next month, my family will not have a group celebration for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

  20. With dh being military, we have had to put off holidays when he has to work or have a 2nd holiday. We did that for CHRISTmas last year, when he was deployed. :) Kept the CHRISTmas tree up until he got home in March.

  21. Canada Thanksgiving was Monday...

    but as to holidays... yeah.. when I was married my husband was a shift worker, 1 wk 8-4, then 4-12 and then 12am - 8 am.... so 99% of our holiday celebrations were not on the holidays, but we made the most of it. He also volunteered for a lot of holidays... #1 we had no kids so he felt it was more fitting to let one of the guys with kids have off on Christmas... and #2... mmm double time and a half was nothing to sneeze at...

    but you can do some of your prep work on Thursday so you won't be so wiped out after black Friday shopping and all!

  22. You are right, we can be thankful whatever the day!! We celebrate Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving at home with just our kids and then on other days with extended family!!

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