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--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things Your Momma Probably Didn’t Tell You!

When I was a kid on through to teenagerdom (yes, I just made that word up) , I didn’t pay much attention to what my Mom did. The house was clean, there was food on the table, I had clean clothes to wear.
Life was good.
Fast forward to marriage and children.
What? The food doesn’t magically appear in the fridge and then make it’s way fully cooked and prepared to the table?
What? The house isn’t self cleaning?
What? The laundry fairy isn’t a real person?

So here are some things I’ve learned since I’ve been married and had children.
2f303146eb4ebe6e1. You’re going to wish you had a clone.
2. You are going to cook a lot.
3.  You’re going to do mountain loads of laundry 3-4 times a week. 
4.  You’re going to vacuum, and then look at the floor 2 days later and say,”But I JUST vacuumed.” a lot.
5. You’re going to grocery shop, a lot. u11671416
6.  You’re going to say, “No.” “Shhhh.” and “ Stop that.” a lot.
7.  You’re going to buy toilet paper, a lot.
8.  You’re going to wonder how much toilet paper your kids are actually using.
9. You’re goicc5add963cbb964cng to wipe your fair share of bottoms.
10. You’re going to learn that sleep is now a luxury you can’t afford.
11.. You’re going to learn to drink coffee in your early 30’s to make up for the sleep deficit.
12. You’re going to have this verse run through your head throughout the day some days.
“Philippians 2:14  Do all things without complaining and disputing.”

On the upside.
1.  You’re going to get a lot of hugs.3884-peanut-butter-bonbons-1_101x109
2. You’re going to get “I love you Mom”, said to you a lot.
3.  You’re going to get more kisses than you ever imagined.
4.  You’re going to have plenty of reasons to eat chocolate.
Well there’s my list.

What have you learned since you’ve been married that your Momma didn’t tell you (or you just didn’t listen)?
Have a fabulous day my friends!


  1. When ever I didn't get what I wanted, I would tell my mom I was going to give my kids everything they wanted! Not!

  2. The one thing I wish my mom would have told me is that you are going to get your heart broken a lot because everytime they hurt, you hurt.

  3. Oh how I hated the "Because I said so!" I told my mother that she couldn't say that because it was not an actual reason - LOL! And now I say it and my son hates it and asks why I say that. Then I say, "Because I can." BA hahahaha! :)

    Big I-thought-life-would-be-like-The-Jetsons-by-now-with-a-robot-maid-and-a-machine-that-automatically-produces-your-food size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day my sweet friend!! Love you!

  4. No matter what your mother tells you, life throws up some interesting surprises!!

  5. * I have learned that I AM NOT my mother!
    * I do not clean with a toothbrush or soft paint brush to dust tiny little grooves
    * I own a toilet brush and prefer to use it rather than sticking my bare hands into the toilet to clean it with a scrubbie pad
    * sometimes I leave the dishes until morning
    * we do not live on the page of a magazine...unless that magazine is titled, "The Lived in Look"
    * I do not iron jeans and T-shirts
    * sometimes there are crumbs in the butter
    * I do not give my house a once-over look before leaving and wonder what people would think if our house was for sale and someone came to view it
    * sometimes I clean on a different day of the week other than Friday
    * sometimes I leave the dishes until morning *gasp*
    * it's okay to let the kids drink their milk out of their cereal bowl rather than letting it go to waste
    * I can see through dirty windows
    * take-out food can be served in the containers they came in...they do not need to be put into serving bowls or platters
    * spaghetti IS a meal and meat and potatoes every night is boring
    Although I love her dearly...I cannot stress this enough...I.AM.NOT.MY.MOTHER!!!!!!!
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  6. My mother taught me not to do these things as a wife and mom cuz she did them on regular basis......worry, worry, worry...., hoard, call her dogs her "other girls" when I in fact am her only (human) one..oy, worry, hoard, worry, hoard, worry.. You get the picture!

  7. Ummm... I think I have unfortunately learned the opposite about my children and their toilet paper using skills. Let's just say I have to ask them often if they are "using proper bathroom skills" :)

    Love this list, I've learned it all too!

  8. Oh yes. I love your list. :)

    But that little clipart of the lady cleaning cracks me up. WHO has that much flair on the other end of a vaccuum??? That must be you after your 6th cup of coffee and a Hershey's chaser. Lol!

  9. OH yes! It's amazing all the things you learn as a mom! And they are all definitely reasons for chocolate!

    Love ya my friend!

  10. My mom didn't teach me very much about housecleaning. She enjoyed it and although I do remember occasionally vacuuming or dusting, I didn't have regular chores.

    Loved this! oh, and be sure and stock up on chocolate for when I come. Wouldn't want your state to run out of it or anything.


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