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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Couple of Fun Finds!

My BFF Kathy and I went to a couple of thrift stores and Old Time Pottery the other day and as we were walking around Old Time Pottery she spotted this and she was like “You’re so going to want this when you see it!” And when I saw it I was like, “Well, Duh! It basically has my name written all over it!” See I really really like the color combo of red and white. So much so that my craft room revolves around it. Not to mention I also love polks dots in those very same colors. So when this was sitting there all by itself, looking kinda lonely, I knew I had to make it mine.


Now I would have gotten this because I liked it just the way it is but when I looked inside I realized just how ME it really was.


Isn’t that great? By the way, I win  A LOT! Hee! Hee!

We also perused some thrift stores and that’s where I found this antique lamp that is just PERFECT for my bedroom makeover. And I didn’t think $8.00 was to much for such a unique lamp. I’m going to be getting a new lamp shade as I’m pretty sure this one is not original to the lamp and it really doesn’t look that great with it. BUT it will do for now.


I love the detail on the base.



I’m all about buying second hand or repurposing what you’ve got. I move things around my home from one room to the other or sand and paint something that already exist in the house to go with what I’m trying to accomplish. It’s all about saving the bucks!

What second hand stuff have you found? or What have you repurposed lately in your home? I’d love to know!

Have a FABULOUS day my sweet friends.


  1. Good finds!! My WHOLE house is repurposed. Almost EVERY single item in our house was given to me....only a few exceptions....or things I made or others made. I think it makes a home unique...not cookie cutter....cause you KNOW...we are NOT cookie cutter!

  2. Delight! What great finds. I like the mug especially. You know red is my fave too!

  3. Great finds! Love the lamp...have a wonder-filled day!


  4. I am very surprised that "Kim" wasn't engraved into the bottom of that cup!! SO cute and SO you! :)

    And I like the lamp too - good find! You're a good thrifter my friend! I haven't been shopping too much lately - trying to save $. And I'm resisting the buying of "things" (other than clothing and boy scout needs) as we need to get rid of more stuff, not add to it! Plus I think I want to redo a couple rooms, so wouldn't want to buy more things until that happens.

    Big I'm-not-sure-you-have-enough-mugs-in-your-life size hugs to you!! Have a great evening my friend!! Love ya!

  5. OK I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cup and bowl!! I am JEALOUS!! oh yes I am!! :) Not only did you get some awesome finds but you had fun with your BFF!! Score all the way around!! :)

    Love you girly!

  6. What great finds! I absolutely love that mug!

  7. Great finds. I love the coffee cup!

  8. FUN!!!! Love the mug, the lamp is so pretty, and I wish I could hang with the two of you, too!
    Your "what have you re-purposed" question had me first think, "Ummmm...nothin' really." But then I started thinking...there's the dresser from the kid's nurseries that is now in our dinette as a buffet/storage and I simply just changed out the knobs. Then there's the old dresser that was my father-in-law's when he was a kid that is in our family room as a table/storage. A trunk that was my grandmother's that I put my heart and sole into refinishing about 20 years ago is being used as a coffee table in our family room. And not sure if this one "counts" but my Barbie Townhouse (with the elevator and very 70s decor) that I had when I was little is tucked away in another corner of our family room and my little Faith loves to play with it!
    What do you know? I guess there was more re-purposed stuff than I thought! I need to go see what else I can do :)
    Peace and blessings to you this day!

  9. I would definitely say you got some great finds!! Love that mug too and the saying inside. How could you not smile every time you take a sip of your coffee from that cup!! :)

  10. I love the lamp! A lot of my friends go to Thrift stores and find such great treasures. Maybe I should give it a try.

  11. Your lamp find is beautiful! Would you believe that I have a whole bunch of that style stuff in my bedroom? Our little pink petals could be twins! We must be related. :)


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