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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hutch #5 and Room Color Reveal!

Yes, I got another hutch. But in my defense this is only my 4th. One is in my daughter’s room. But when I saw this on Craigslist I knew I had to have it. It had the perfect gardeny cottagey feel I was going for in our bedroom. When I got it home I gave it a good sanding, slapped some white paint on it and distressed it to give it that well worn look. (Which you can’t tell it has in this picture!)

Do you like it?


Do you see the yellow wall in the background? That’s our new bedroom color and I LOVE it!

Here is the old mauvish color in contrast to the new lighter and brighter yellow color.


Our bedroom gets nothing but indirect lighting so we needed a color that would help brighten up the room and this yellow did the job. I’m in the process of redoing our current bedroom furniture so the BIG reveal will have to wait.

Meanwhile you all remember my daughter’s orange walls right?


Well here are her new and greatly improved bedroom walls!

IMG_3218 IMG_3224


Isn’t it beautiful? I just love it. It’s so pretty and fun. We are in the process of getting her a different bed and hanging her curtains. She totally loves it.

Up next? The boys room, then the kitchen, then the office/craft room, our bathroom, the kids bathroom and possibly the dining room. OY!

I won’t be complaining about being bored for a VERY long time.

Have a fabulous day my friends!


  1. Everything looks fantastic! (minus the pic of the old orange room... I still can't believe someone chose to do that...) Love the smiley face photo! I would totally do that!

  2. The paink walls are perfect! You did that quick!

    I loooove the hutch dresser....I would love one of those in my room :-)
    (*makes note to look out for one)

  3. I wished you lived nearby so you could look out for more hutches for me! Maybe your hubby would appreciate you looking for someone else for a change? LOVE the new looks! VERY nice! Are you having breathing troubles being up so high in altitude? LOL!

  4. Looks GREAT! I was just going to suggest a zebra something, and then I scrolled back up and saw the zebra container on the table...very FUN!

  5. Kim it looks awesome and I'm so jealous. I love the cottagey feel too but my husband and I comprimised and I promised no yellow in the bedroom and no shabby chic decor BUT I still plan to use country cottage elements and this would be perfect. Your daughter's room looks so cute too!

  6. C-U-T-E!!!!!!
    I do love the soothing yellow color...and the hutch...what hutch..I see a darling piece of furniture...great job...find more hutches...they look cute in there!

    I forgot to tell you..I love the new background color..my favorite!!
    It reminds me of the ocean.

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  7. Love the colors and the hutch! Do you hire out? I suppose airfare would be the largest portion of the bill for me, huh?
    Peace and blessings to your day...and happy painting!

  8. You did awesome Kim! LOVE the hutch and I LOVE the color is your daughters room!! Sooo pretty!
    Can't wait for the big reveal!! Hurry up would ya ;) ?!?!

  9. Everything looks wonderful and cheerful....just like you guys!!

  10. These are so good!! I LOVE the new hutch and the large one in your daughter's bedroom! You have such a talent for these things :) LOVE the new colors too! That yellow is very similar to what is in our kitchen :)

  11. Love the hutch and the colors! I especially love that huge hutch in your daughters room! Is it a hutch or is there a different word since it is so big? Anyhoo I LOVE it! =) Good job mama!


  12. Love the hutch...you made it look fantastic!! Love all that pink too!

  13. I'm so jealous of that hutch, would love one just like that. I'll have to start searching Craigslist for myself. Great job on the rooms. You sound a lot like me, I love to have a decorating project. My problem is a lack of funds to do all that I'd like to. Still, I do a little at a time. Have fun with your future projects.

  14. Yes, yes, the hutch is great! And the one in your daughter's room is HUGE! Love the colors you picked out. So bright and cheery - just like your family!

  15. Those colors are beautiful! And I love your daughter's hardwood flooring. What a great new place to call home. I'm just a teensy tiny bit jealous of your ambition, though. If you ever have extra, could you send some my way?

    Oh, and her hutch is fantastic! Wow! Love all the organized storage!

  16. Love the hutch - very cute my friend!! And love the colors! So glad I got the preview of your daughter's room on her blog - LOL!

    Big you-are-making-me-feel-like-a-loser-for-all-the-things-I-don't-have-done-even-though-we've-been-in-our-house-for-5-years-now size hugs to you!! Love ya!! :)

  17. Love those pink walls and the zebra print vase!! Too cute!!!


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