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Monday, January 17, 2011

Let the Painting Party Begin!

My hubby is off for the next 2 days so we decided that we are going to start doing some painting. Even if we only get 2 rooms done, it’ll be progress. And I like progress. It makes me happy. I like being happy.

When deciding which room to paint first my selfish side immediately raised it’s  anxious hand and shouted “OUR ROOM!! OOOoooh! Ooooh! Do our room first!”  But once I calmed down and thought rationally I finally decided that our daughter’s room “needed” to be painted first. Here’s why.

It’s ORANGE!  And not just one color orange. No, three of her walls are sponge painted 3 different shades of orange. I don’t know how she’s sleeping at night to tell you the truth.

What makes things worse is that her room decor colors are pink, black and white. I don’t know about you but orange doesn’t even begin to go with that color palette. The orange needs to go!  The insanity needs to stop.


Orange is no backdrop for a beautiful pink guitar! It’s wrong I tell you! Wrong!

What I wish is that her bedroom was still empty, but it’s not. It’s full of her stuff, but it’s okay, we’ll work it out.

So the next time you see her bedroom it will be a nice shade of…………


  1. YAY! Hooray for Kelsey! Bravo, Ms. Kim, for the sacrifice- I know it was tough :)

  2. Oh, yes! It looks like the room was devoured by a giant pumpkin! So will it end up being a lovely shade of pink???

  3. I can't wait to see how it turns out:-)

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see the final product! Way to be selfless!!

    Can't wait to see the final results. You're right...the orange has to go...especially with the beautiful pink guitar (which my Faith would LOVE by the way)! Hope the project goes well. Don't forget to post the after photos!
    Peace and blessings...and happy painting to your day!

  6. Oh my... What use could anyone possibly have for an orange room? I can't think of a single thing that that would work for! And I kind of like orange! :(

  7. ahh... your good... leave us hanging! What a dreadful orange color :( Can't wait to see the finished project! Have fun!

  8. Snap! I'm painting my daughter's bedroom too...though not because it is orange. I'm looking forward to seeing what colour you paint the walls.

  9. Pink! I'm thinking pink. Don't keep us waiting too long...we want some "after" pics! ;-)

  10. Too bad your daughter's not color blind. She must be feeling nauseated these days. Poor thing!!

    You'd better hide that guitar or my youngest son might be tempted to snatch it...first to paint it a "manly" color and then to strum up a storm!!

  11. Oh goodness! ORANGE???? YIKES

    CANNOT wait to see what you do :) I better your daughter can't either ;)

    Happy Painting!

  12. WOW! That is ORANGE!! YIKES! Can't wait to see what y'all do to her bedroom. :) I'm sure she will be elated.

  13. You're such a good mom! Yes, the orange just had to go - not sure what they were thinking! Can't wait to see the after pics!! Hope you're having lots of fun my friend! :)

    Big hoping-you're-not-painting-the-walls-black-now size hugs to you! Have fun painting! Love ya!!

  14. COLOR is good!!!!!

    I hate painting though!! But I do love color and I think you can make almost any color on the wall look good if you add the right things to it to complement it!! But sometimes a gallon of new paint is way cheaper than a whole room full of new stuff! LOL

    Can't wait to see the final outcome!!


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