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Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Plan Monday January 17th

It has been ages since I posted a Menu Plan. That's probably because I haven't made one in ages. My hubby works weird shifts sometimes and meals were basically thrown together and often repeated every week. BUT he is on a normal shift for at least the next 3 months so I got on the ball and started planning my menu. 

MONDAY- Chipotle Meatloaf w/mashed potatoes and salad
TUESDAY- Coconut Curried Shrimp w/ jasmine rice and brocolli
WEDNESDAY- Dump Soup (It's a soup that I created out of desperation but it's DELICIOUS!)
THURSDAY- Chicken Marsala w/baked potato and brocolli
FRIDAY- Gluten Free Pizza (2 family members have sensitivities to gluten so we've had to alter our diet a tad.)
SATURDAY-  Turkey Chili with jalapeno cornbread

I raided my Cooking Light Cookbook for a few of these recipes. I've already made the Chipotle Meatloaf before and it's FABULOUS. I of course tweaked to suit our needs and will be posting the recipe here soon.
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