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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Funnies! May the Force Be With You!

friday funnies
Happy Friday Everyone!
THIS JUST IN!  Harter just sent me a link to another free linky system. So feel free to link up below. THANK YOU SO MUCH Harter!
Before we get started I have some important information to pass on. The linky system that used to be free is now charging to use it. But I have until Feb.9th to embed all the past Friday Funnies links before they all get wiped out. My question to you is this. Do you all ever go back to the archives? If not I’m not going to worry about it and just have you all link up in the comments section.  MY funnies will still be available. It’s the links that I’ll lose. That’s it for the serious stuff.
Now if you have a family friendly funny story, video picture etc. feel free to leave your link in the comments section. So if you’re looking for more funnies, click on the comments to find the links people are leaving. Sorry about the inconvenience.
Now for my funny.
I have to admit, I loved Star Wars when I was growing up. I just did. There I said it. So when I stumbled across this video on FB yesterday I had to share it here.



  1. Here is a link to a different free link program. I started looking around when I got the e-mail about the other one. I haven't tried it yet though...

    And, I don't usually go back through the archives... That would be a ton of work for you! :(

  2. LOL, here's the link:

    Can this be my funny for today? Posting the comment and forgetting the link?:)

  3. Oh, don't go to all that trouble. Most of the really good ones come around again eventually, anyhow... right?

    As for your veejo... that is TOOOOOOO funny! Just wish we could've seen the look on his face, lol!

    Love ya loads, chuckle chickie!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  4. Hi Kim :)

    Here's mine for this week:
    The Incredible Singing Dog

    I don't usually go back to the archives, so it really doesn't matter to me... I usually just read the current posts.

    Thanks for hosting :)

  5. Cute video! I haven't seen it before! Here's is my Friday Funnies link: http://momstheword--livingforhim.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-husband-is-chocolate-enabler.html

    However, I did notice that my title "My Husband Is A Chocolate Enabler" shows up under your Links To This Post thing.

    I'm glad you mentioned the linky because I forgot about it and I need to make my payment before the 7th. Thanks for reminding me.

    I use the thumbnail linky for my meme and I think I'll keep it that way. Sometimes people post pictures.

  6. I saw this last night on FB, too. Funny!!

  7. Oh my goodness gracious! Great minds think alike. I posted the exact same video and decided to join up this week only to see you posted the same exact one. What are the odds? Ha!! Have a blessed day!

  8. Kim:
    I viewed the commercial. Loved it!

  9. Hello!

    That was SO funny! Wish you saw the way my brothers and sisters gathered around the computer watching and laughing with me- it was priceless!

    Thanks so much for that!

    Um, I couldn't figure out how to use the new linky (I feel like a big dummy :)) but here's the link to our Friday Funnies this week:


    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I was just now able to watch the video! I LOVE IT!!!! Too funny. My husband would totally do that! lol.

  11. I just saw this commercial this morning. SOOOOO cute!!

  12. you know how people always type "LOL" and you don't really know if they actually DID?

    I did. Thanks!

  13. LOL - that's SO cute! (And I am still a Star Wars fan, but don't tell anybody.) :)

    Big glad-to-see-you're-using-the-force-to-make-me-laugh-instead-of-making-me-clean-or-something size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous weekend my sweet friend!! Love you!

  14. Totally LOL over here! That was hysterical!

    Love ya!

  15. I saw that today and thought it was the cutest thing I have seen in a while:-)

  16. I could watch it over and over just for the music. Oh how I LOVE Star Wars music - LOL!

  17. That was so cute. Used to work for a company that worked with VW so I love Volkswagen and of course star wars. Cute!

  18. I saw that one and it is cute!

  19. This had to be my favorite all time super bowl commercial. My boys second it!


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