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Monday, February 7, 2011

No Sew Pillow! Valentines Style!

Okay, no more excuses to those of you who don’t sew or don’t have a sewing machine. I tried this out myself the other day to see if it would work and it did.
First I gathered up ALL my supplies.
1. Scissors (Sewing scissors is best.)
2. A pillow form (I already had on hand.)
3. 2 handkerchiefs, any style you choose.  (Had these on hand to.)
1. First you’re going to want to make sure that they are Made in China. This insures top quality hankies. *sigh* Actually it will let you know right side from the wrong.
2. Lay your bottom hankie wrong side up and then place your pillow form in the middle and then lay your other hankie right side up over it. Kind of like making a won ton.
3. When you have it in the middle try to gage how far you will need to cut your strips without actually hitting your pillow. I think I cut mine about 2 1/2 inches all the way around.
4. Remove your pillow and line up your hankies as best you can. For some reason no two hankies are alike but do the best you can. No one will notice when it’s all done. Trust me!
5. Start in the corner and cut  a diagonal strip through both hankies at the same time. Then make your way around the whole thing.
6. When your all done cutting, start tying your strips together, starting at the corner piece. I did 2 sides without the pillow in it and then placed the pillow inside as to adjust the tension of the knots as I go.
Your finished project should look like this.
Have a FABULOUS day my friends!
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  1. This was a great post!!! I am your newest follower and hope that you will come be a follower at my blog!!! brooke
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired

  2. SOOOOOOOO CUTE!! Looks exactly like my blankets just in the pillow form :) Woohoo, now if only I could find hankies that match my blankets ;) LOL aint happenin!

  3. This is so stinkin' cute! I could actually do this. lol How neat is it that you already had the pillow form and had the heart hankies? That kinda luck doesn't happen to me. lol

  4. Easy and cute my friend!! You are becoming a Pillow Queen - LOL!

    Big I-don't-have-sewing-scissors-or-a-pillow-form-or-any-handkerchiefs-so-it-won't-be-happening-today size hugs to you!! Have a lovely evening and hope you're feeling well! Love you! :)

  5. Oh that pillow is soooooooo cute.

    I've missed FF. I need to get back.

    Have a blessed week Kim♥

  6. Those little pillows are so pretty. And, your made in China joke which made me chuckle. ; ) I would love it if you would link up with *Fun for Kids Friday* http://www.localfunforkids.com/

  7. It made me laugh too! Very cute. My kind of craft, no sew.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters


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