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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011


We actually celebrated Valentines Day yesterday as  the husband to my BFF has a birthday that just so happens to fall on Valentines Day. And every year for his birthday my BFF puts on a really beautiful dinner for the 4 of us. It’s always so much fun.

So yesterday I made my family a special Valentines dinner like I do every year.

Main course :Enchilada Casserole (Hubby’s request) with a nice green salad.

Dessert: Lemon cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting! (SOOOOOO Good!)



Do you see those cute heart shaped bowls? Here, take a closer look.

IMG_1460 IMG_1458


Aren’t they adorable? They match my red and white plates perfectly and here’s the best part. They were only .49 a piece at Michaels. Can you say SCORE! Oh yes!


Here are the super yummy GF lemon cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese icing. The icing was a little soft so it didn’t stay put but it was sooooo yummy it didn’t matter!


I hope you all have a super duper Valentine’s Day!



  1. What a fun way to celebrate!! I need to do more things like this! Have a GREAT DAY!

  2. So pretty...your menu changed from the last time we talked, or was that your Anniv. menu?? lol

    Anyhow, purty table and yummy lookin' cupcakes. We ate out of our heart bowls last night too! I made Mikey his favorite dinner (Chicken n' Dumplins) as one of his "treasure hunt" gifts, hee hee.

  3. Gorgeous! I wish my computer had smell-a-vision. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  4. You did a Super Job on your special Valentine's meal and table setting! Those cupcakes look so goooooood!

  5. The table looks so pretty; and I love those bowls. Oh to have a Michael's and 49 cent bowls here!!!!

  6. Beautiful Tablescape ! Happy Valentine's Day !

  7. I love all your creativity!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend!

  8. Those bowls are really cute! And the table looks very LOVEly. :) Happy Valentines Day friend!

  9. How pretty! Love the festive table. Oh, and I so WANT that red with polka-dot cake plate so badly! Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie! Kiss, kiss!

  10. Happy V-day. I love those bowls. Super cute.

  11. So lovely my friend!! Those bowls are adorable! In fact, I'll be stopping by Michaels today to see if they have any after V-day. I really doubt they're that cheap here, but we'll see. They'd be perfect for our church couples' dinner that I'm hosting next month (one per couple filled with goodies as a take-home favor). And those cupcakes look and sound scrumptious!!

    Big can-I-just-come-to-your-house-next-year-for-Valentine's-Day-since-you-do-it-so-well size hugs to you!! Have a lovely day my friend! Love you!! :)

  12. WOW! That's quite a lovely Valentine's celebration with your family. Pretty much shoots down the heart-shaped Papa Murphy's pizzas we had for dinner :)
    Peace and blessings.

  13. Very cute! Like, Jeanine, we also do a heart-shaped Papa Murphy's pizza. I like your table much better :)

  14. Oh, my! WHat a beautiful table! Love those heart dishes and especially love that deal! :)

  15. Oh girl! You did awesome!!! LOVE those bowls! Your menu sounds sooo yummy!!! Love is definitely in the air, on the table and in your tummies :)

    Love ya


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