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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Profile Picture!

For those of you who have been follow me along in this blogging journey know that my profile picture has not changed since I started over 3 years ago.
Here is the profile picture in question.
cropped pic for blog
I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had on the hat I’m wearing. People have actually come to visit my blog based on my picture and the cuteness of the hat. Really. They’ve told me so.
So here’s my question.
Should I keep the current 3 + year old picture because it’s now kind of a trademark OR should I put a more current picture on there?
If the majority chooses a more current picture, I’ll get to work on trying to find a few and then let you choose.
Thanks for your help!

P.S. I haven't worn this hat since this picture was taken. LOL!


  1. I love this picture - I vote to keep it, but if you change it, I will still visit your blog:)

  2. I say keep the pic. It's your trademark ;)

  3. There's no reason that you can't change your picture but bring back the old one every now and then, right? I love changing things up, even me!

  4. I think you should take a picture exactly like that one and see how it turns out! :)


  5. This is a great picture, filled with personality! I would keep it, it is a trademark!!

  6. I don't look anything like my profile picture (although I am working an shrinking back) however, people come to know that face. So, I am going to keep it:-)

  7. Kim, I think people have come to associate your blog with your photo. I know I recognize you whenever you comment on a blog and ...I smile!

    I say keep it but post a few new photos within your blog posts now and then. That's what I do; lol.

    blessings and love,

  8. If you still look pretty much the same..hair and all..I say keep it. You look great (love the hat too!) and it's a very happy picture!

  9. Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!!! It's totally and wonderfully you!

  10. Well, I'm in the minority here (what else is new?), but I like changing photos. And since you have a very unique username (the real me), everyone knows you by that anyhow.


  11. Oh no...a true dilemma. In our minds, you're ALWAYS wearing that hat! :)

  12. I say keep it! It's a beautiful picture and the hat looks so pretty and cheery! If you do want to change it, then maybe we could vote on the new ones and the old one... just a suggestion. But I love the one you've got!!

  13. I like the picture and the hat and if you don't wear it any more can I have it? LOL!

  14. I so love this picture. I saw keep it!

  15. Yep, I was away from the world of blog for a year and when I came back instantly remembered your blog and trademark picture. Keep it or take a new one in another funky hat! Picture is optional. Hat is a must!

  16. I say keep it! I remember a couple of years ago first seeing you comment on Mimi's blog (at least, I think it was Mimi's) and I hopped over to your blog because you looked "fun."

    And now I know, you ARE fun and you and me and Kathy are going to have way to much fun soon!

    Anyway, keep it unless you are bored with it. Then change the pictures up like I do on my facebook profile from time to time.

  17. In keeping with the look....wear the hat again and take a new photo!! Either way...I still here!

  18. I like reading all the comments on this one my friend! I love the pic myself - it goes with the blog. And having seen you in person - you are just as lovely and same hair etc as the pic 3 years ago, so why change? Of course some people might see that hat and assume that you spend most of your time gardening and then canning all the produce - HA!! :)

    Big you-gotta-do-what-makes-you-happy-and-everybody-will-visit-just-as-much-because-you're-you size hugs to you!! Have a delightful day my sweet friend! Love ya!! :)

  19. I think this picture is gorgeous! I vote to keep it!

  20. It is adorable! But change is good too! How about a new pic with a new hat?! Hats could be your "trademark"!

  21. Uh oh, I'm going to add a vote for the other side...I vote for a new picture.

    The hat picture is completely adorable, but I think we need to update things occasionally. It shows that we make an effort to keep current and not let things get stale.

    Just my two cents. I am obviously in the minority and I love the hat picture. But that smile is so great, you would be known with or without the hat!


  22. I love this pic and know that no matter what you do...hat ~ no hat. smile ~ no smile. it will be adorable because Hey! When you got it ..... YOU GOT IT!!


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