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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Coffee Table Before and After!

Most of you know by now how much I like Craigslist. I posted about some of the things we’ve purchased off of there, here, if you want to take a gander. Gandering is fun, I highly recommend it.
Anyway, if you’ve been to our home within the past 9 years you might have noticed that we haven’t had a coffee table. The main reason was because of our kids. We didn’t want knocked heads or teeth when they were young so we just did without. Since our kids are a bit older and not prone to falling over unexpectedly, I decided to start searching on Craigslist for a “new” used one.
One thing I knew is that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Duh! Who does right? Needless to say some people were pretty proud of their junk. Asking crazy prices for a basic coffee table. Long story short, after searching a few months I stumbled across one that I liked and he was only asking $25.00. When we went to pick it up he kept apologizing for all the pen and crayon markings from his kids and all the dings and things that were on it.
The whole time I’m standing there thinking, (Dude, I’m going to sand it and paint it! .) LOL!
So without further ado. The before and after.
I’m slowly bringing our living room to what I’ve got pictured in my mind. It’s not their yet but this is a start. Of course you can see it’s painted white and I did distressed it a little.
Here’s what I’ve got on it right now. Since I haven’t had a coffee table in awhile I’m not sure what to do with it. LOL! What do you have on yours? We can’t put anything to high on there or it’ll block the TV.
I had some baskets that fit underneath to store their Wii games.
You wouldn’t think that it would take getting used to but it is. It’s a bigger coffee table then we’ve had in the past, but I really like it. I think big coffee tables are in right now, aren’t they? Just tell me they are and make me happy. LOL!
So what do you think? You likey?
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  1. Nice job. I don't put much on my coffee table except my feet!

  2. Of COURSE Big coffee tables are in...silly!! Looks good, my friend!! Gotta have a place to put the feet up, right?

  3. Oooh...I do likey! I've been thinking about getting a coffee table myself. We need something in the living room to put miscellaneous stuff on. But I don't want it to be too big. I don't have a lot of room. And I don't want to pay much for it. So I'll keep looking ;)

  4. It's beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE white tables!!

    And I love that I was able to see your photos. 95% of the photos on Blogger I can't see. My anti-porn filter blocks all photos uploaded through Blogger...you must upload through something else, because YOU are not blocked. (Isn't it sad that because a few rotten people have to post filth on here, ALL photos get blocked for Integrity users!!)

    Anyhow, great job on the refinish.


  5. Fabulous job my friend. Love it!!!

  6. It looks really, really good! :)

  7. Well I'm not one to care about what's in but I love what you did! And I'm glad to find somebody else who is shopping on Craig's list. I like what you have on top of it - it really adds to the whole shabby chic of it all. Is that the right thing or do people call it country? I don't know. I usually just call it all country. Great job! I have controllers and game things in baskets too I don't like having to look at those sitting out.

  8. This is one powerful awesome redo ... love the table ...
    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  9. Look fabulous! I love the little baskets underneath :-)

  10. You go girl.. you and me should hit some yard sales together.. LOL. We'll have our houses looking quite spiffy by years end :-)

  11. Looks great! I couldn't wait to see what you did with it. I have a shawl draped on mine with some "coffee table" books.

  12. I soooo likey.... AND I Lovey!!! You did AWESOME Girlfriend!!

  13. Oh, big coffee tables are the latest thing - you are SO totally in my friend! Actually, I have no idea but it sounds good. I mean, if I say it, well then it *must* be true! :)

    Looks great my friend! Love the Craig's List! We actually did get a new-to-us table & chairs in March and gave our current set to the bro-in-law that had no table/chairs for the last few years. Not that we needed one (we'd only had our set for 15 years you know), but found what we liked for a good price and knew we could bless bro-in-law at the same time. I only searched a 2-3 times a year and it was amazing how high of prices some people were asking! I know they paid a lot to begin with, but NObody will pay thousands of dollars for used tables/chairs unless they're gold or something - LOL!

    Big you-need-to-take-a-trip-out-here-to-do-some-furniture-painting-for-me *size* hugs to you!!! Though I suppose you just want me to fly out there with my furniture? :) Love you friend!

  14. Love your pillows and LOVE this table! I've been scouring craigslist for a white dining set... so I don't have to actually paint it myownself. 8-} Found a couple, but they were obviously too 'special' for my house, according to the asking prices.

    Love ya loads, clever gal!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  15. Good choice of the white table with the dark sofa. I like the contrast and you did a great job. Another win-win situation.

    Happy Easter!

  16. Wow, what a transformation!

    Blessings, Debbie

  17. Wow, what a transformation!

    Blessings, Debbie

  18. It's adorable! Can't beat that price either! I keep magazines (way too many, LOL) and a wooden box on my coffee table.


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