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Thursday, May 5, 2011

31 Days to Clean! Days 1-4

I have to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge. It’s the kick in the butt I needed to get these things done.

Here’s how I’m tackling this ebook of Sarah Mae’s.

I only print out the page that I’m working on that day. I like bite size pieces and this way doesn’t cause me to get overwhelmed.

I went ahead and put all the Martha challenges on a calendar. Some things didn’t pertain to me. (Like washing the kitchen window and curtains. I don’t have a window in my kitchen. My kitchen is in the middle of the house. LOL.) So I left those spaces blank and will use it for catch up if needed.


The challenge encourages posting each week for accountability, hence this post. So you will be seeing my progress as we go through the book.  I know you can’t wait! ;)

But this challenge isn’t all about cleaning. It’s also about the heart of homemaking. So it blends the heart of Mary and the heart of Martha in each daily lesson. Sarah Mae did a great job putting this together. It’s not to late to join if you feel so led.

One of the challenges this week was to clean out and clean your fridge. Ugh!

Well here it goes! The before and after pictures of my fridge. You’re welcome!


Actually you can’t see much from that far away, so let me get a close up of some grunge. Again, you’re welcome!


Now the after.


Nice and clean!


I also accomplished the task of thoroughly cleaning the outside of our cupboards. Something that needed to be done when we moved in but never happened.

I skipped cleaning the stove because we are going to be getting a new one soon and by golly I’m not going to put my effort into something that’s going bye bye. LOL!

Well that’s the update.

Come back tomorrow for Friday Funnies! Let’s end the week with a good laugh!



  1. Wow I think I ma need that book too!!
    So many things in my home could use that deep down attention

  2. Spic & Span!!! LOOKS AWESOME :) I Think I am going to start once graduation is over.... You inspire me once again!

  3. Please come clean my refrigerator!!!

  4. This book sounds interesting. I do need a kick in the butt as well. And I took my first iodine pill today! I am super excited.
    Thank you my friend!

  5. Very nice. What a wonderful idea to keep it all in a notebook. I may have to check it out...next month! After my daughter graduates! {Sob!}

  6. I like the notebook/calendar idea too! Great job, and thanks for the pics!

  7. Ehh hum...thanks for reminding me about all the dust bunnies, clutter and random organization that needs to get zapped around here! I'll forgive you this time for the kick in the behind all the way from de south! ( ;

  8. Looking good! Great idea about putting all the cleaning challenges on the calendar. I'm looking forward to the rest of the challenges.

  9. Excellent job my friend!! And I like your calendar idea. This has been a busy week, so I am far behind on the challenge. I thought I could catch up today, but then remembered that I have to mail Mother's Day gifts which aren't even ready (no they will not make it in time). So by the time I take care of that and a couple of other things that came up unexpectedly today - I will still be far behind!! Maybe tomorrow??

    Big your-before-pic-of-your-fridge-looks-like-most-people's-after-pic-so-you-rock-my-friend size hugs to you!! Love ya! :)

  10. Great job!! I love how you printed out all the chores for the weeks ahead, what a great idea!!

  11. Wasn't it a great feeling to have a sparkling clean fridge and freezer??! Actually, I've kinda been amazed at how good these little things have made me feel ~ and I've found myself doing EXTRAS because it just feels so good!!!! I love how my kitchen's white doors are WHITE again, with no grit in the grooves, no grimy spots from less-than-clean hands touching them.... It's so much more fun to be IN there now!!!

    I love what you've done with putting the Martha challenges on a calendar sheet. Very smart. I will be copying this inspired idea!

    You have such a cute blog! I've enjoyed my visit here today and I will be back!!

  12. What a great idea to put the Martha challenges on a calendar. Glad I found your blog!

  13. Great job Kim!

    I had that problem too - where you couldn't see the dirt from far away. I think that might actually be a GOOD problem to have. If we COULD see the dirt from far away, it might be REALLY scary! Ha ha!

    Thanks for joining in, friend!
    Joyful Mothering


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