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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frugal, Thrifty or Just Downright Cheap?

Yesterday was our little lamb pie’s 6th birthday. We had a really fun time celebrating his birth. But that’s not what this post is about. This post stems from something that happened yesterday.

While I was shopping for birthday supplies I had candles in hand ready to go, but I then I put them back. Surely I have some left over candles from prior birthdays. All I needed was 6 for crying out loud.

Sadly I had a few more than 6. (Take note of the ones at the top!)


Clearly, I have a problem. Who saves used candles? They’re like what a dollar for one of the big ones and like maybe a buck fifty for a pack of small ones?  (So that would only be putting us out somewhere between $4.00-$5.00 a year for birthday candles.) OY! And to top it all off, there wasn’t a 6 in the bunch. Did I just skip this birthday with my other children? I mean my daughter has turned 6 and 16 and my other son is past the age of 6. I must have gone the single candle route with their 6th birthdays.

At one point I almost did this.


But during my search I actually found 6 brand spankin’ new regular candles for him to blow out.


So you decide. Frugal?  Thrifty? Cheap? Or deeper routed problems that have to do with letting go of waxy objects?



  1. I'm gonna have to go with the deeper seated waxy issue thingie. :) LOL...

  2. I keep our used candles too...especially the numbers. It's better than keeping the cupcake wrappers, duh! Ha!

  3. Congratulations on your win over at Donna's and Happy Birthday to your little one!!

  4. I save candles for years. Now that my kids are in the double digits, they're still handy. Not cheap; ecologically frugal!

  5. Ouch..I am guilty also.I finally threw all mine away..wait I really didn't I donated them to Goodwill on a whim.And Yes I saw them in the store..and almost re-bought them.Now I know that this a problem...lol
    So you run with an elite waxy-re-usable..ladies..lol

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Issues my friend, definitely issues - LOL!! I think it's too funny that there was no 6!!! But I'm thinking you could use leftover candles for some sort of craft - couldn't you melt them down and make a jar candle or something? Of course, we might have a few used candles around here somewhere too! :)

    Have you ever seen the show Hoarders? Hubs and I whisper the word "hoarders" to each other whenever we are saving something that just really doesn't need to be saved - LOL!!

    Big you-know-you-could-also-have-done-7-minus-1-for-your-son size hugs to you!!! And Happy Birthday to the kiddo! Love ya! :)

  7. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, LOL! Gosh, you packed up and moved used candles for cakes????? I am frugal to the core, but I vot for THROW! Birthdays deserve cake and NEW candles!

  8. I had to say something because in March for my daughter's first birthday my in-laws had a cake ready when we got there and the candle had been my husbands great grandmothers! :) The table cloth, napkins, plates etc had been my brother in laws when he was about 6 and he is now 29! lol

  9. LOLOLOL Gosh...your post + all the comments makes this post wayyy tooo much FUN!!

    I kind of agree with the" Issues theory." I mean ...for reals Kimmy.... Did you wash off the previous icing ? Make sure there were no remnants of chocolate cake because, of course, it was chocolate...there is no other cake flavor correct? Do you trim the wicks or just re-light them?

    LOL ~ you know I love ya! Used candles or not! You always bring a smile to my day!

  10. Guilty here, too!!

    Hey, if us moms save baby hair and teeth...a wax candle collection is soooooo naturally normal!!! (;

  11. you sound EXACTLY like me!!!!

  12. I can relate to the saving of cheap birthday candles...but why not?


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