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Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Weeks Goings On!

Let me break it down for you because breaking things down into bite sizes pieces is easier on the stomach. I don’t want any of you getting a tummy ache while reading my blog. I’m thoughtful like that.

  • This week we’ll be celebrating our youngest child’s 6th birthday. My how time do fly!
  • brody3
  • I received my next Gooseberry Patch book to review and will be making some seriously yummy recipes this week to share with you next week during the giveaway.
  • After that last statement I must make time to go to the gym or learn to take out pants. OY!
  • So far #7 is the most popular pick in my profile picture post. I’m going to do a narrow it down post and have you give me one last vote. I know you’ll do it because you love me and I just can’t seem to commit to one myself.
  • I’m going to try to plant some flowers in the front of the house. But if that ends up seeming a lot like work I’ll probably wait…..for someone else to volunteer. Which they won’t, so I’ll probably end up doing it.
  • I’m starting the 31 Days to Clean Challenge over at Joyful Mothering. It’s going to run for, well, 31 days M-F. Looks like it’s going to be good!
    Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean
You got anything exciting happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. Happy birthday to your "baby" child! He's a cutie! I guess I missed on the selection of the photos. Do you have a thing for hats, LOL? Just wondering...

    And go ahead and plant those flowers! Just think of the calories you'll burn when you do and how pretty it'll look later on!

  2. Oh I like it when you have ideas for me to steal - look for bullet points over at my blog - LOL! :)

    Aw, Happy Birthday to your little man!! So grown up!

    Can I go to the gym with you?? :)

    I won't be planting your flowers - sorry. And if you find somebody to do it, send them here 'cause I need to plant some too.

    I'm with ya on the 31 Days to Clean my friend!

    Big I-do-like-the-bullet-points-but-not-as-much-as-I-like-exclamation-points size hugs to you!!! :) Love you! Have a super day!

  3. Its always sad when the young ones grow up - its a sign that we are getting older and life is changing:)

  4. Happy birthday to your son! I can't wait to see what little "Gooseberry" goodness you make, and I agree with Donna, go forth and plant!

  5. What a great week you have planned!

    Happy birthday to your son!!

    Love Gooseberry Patch!!

    I'm totally with you on having to go to the gym or take out some clothes. I'm starting this week to exercise again. I don't have an exercise buddy, but I might be able to entice kids or hubby to tag along.. :)

    Have a great week!

  6. Wow, 6 years old!! How can that be? When I first met you, he was 2. Have I really known you that long!!

    My philosophy on Gooseberry Patch...you can NEVER have too many of their cookbooks. They are fabulous. Enjoy.

    Have a great day.


  7. Mowing, mowing and more mowing.........guess it's better than snowing, snowing and more snowing!?

    All of us green or not so green thumbs should take a cross country pit stop tour to your readers' abodes (Please, please come to mine first!!) and get our digging/planting game on!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! I would love to come plant your flowers! it is just soo peaceful to do...in my opinion!

    Thanks for sharing the link for the chicken! and just so you know, your 8 yr. old praying for my stepmom brought me to tears and I know it will her as well! What a precious young man you are raising Kim! She is doing well. Learning how to cope with "firsts" as she puts it.
    My dad was always soo wonderful to support her in obtaining her degree. She just reached that milestone a couple of weeks ago. It was a very long 10 year process so not having Daddy there when the moment came was sooo very difficult. Another first was having surgery today and not having daddy there to help her emotionally and then of course physically afterward to help and care for her. Overall, I would say she is doing better as each day goes by.
    So please tell your Son thank you and give him a hug from both my stepmom and me. It means so much!

    Love you my friend!


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