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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let the Summer Fun Begin!!

Happy First Day of SUMMER!!!
Okay, we actually had already started the Summer fun, but with the temperatures in the high 90’s who could blame us?
The hard work I put into planning our Summer is paying off nicely. You can read about our Intentional Summer Fun here if you haven’t already.
We started out our Summer fun by making tie dye t-shirts. The whole family had fun doing this project! Everyone did a slightly different variation and colors so they all came out VERY cool.
Anxiously waiting!

Mama showing him how it’s done.

And then there was no stopping him!
Middle man doing his shirt!
Our daughter getting in on the action!

Mom and Dad getting their tie dye groove on! I like to groove!

Or in this case just Dad. I guess no one got a picture of me making mine. *sniff*

Here they are all washed and hanging out to dry.

The hippies have arrived. LOL!

And then we proudly displayed them on our bodies for my son’s 9th birthday party.

Stay tuned for more Summer Fun happenings from the homestead!
Got anything fun planned?



  1. My kids would love to make these! It might be part of our summer now! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Tie-dyed T-shirts...reminds me of the late 60's, when I was in elementary school. Tie-dye was all the rage then...more so for hippie teens, but we little folks got in on the action too.

    I am SO glad it's officially summer. However, that doesn't necessarily mean summer weather for me. It's basically been early spring weather for the past month...prior to that, it was still winter as far as I'm concerned.

    Have a great day.


  3. How cute Kim! We would have totally been in on this:-p

  4. That looks so fun! I might have to do that with some pillowcases! I just have the warm fuzzies about this post!

  5. No pictures of you making them.. who would of thunk it.. LOL.. That happens to me all the time..
    My daughters birthday??? No pictures of me.. LOL..

    Love the family pic.. hippies rule.. LOL

  6. What a great family activity! You guys are always having fun together! And you look so spiffy!!!

  7. Two questions...

    1) Where's the 30 day photo challenge?

    2) Did you wash your shirts first, because if you do the colors really take well.

  8. Very Cute!
    Looks like fun.
    Can't wait for the Cookie Class! we are going to have a blast! :)
    Love ~ Mariah

  9. Looks like so much fun my friend!! And the shirts did turn out really cute - way to make awesome memories this Summer!

    Big let-it-be-noted-that-I-did-notice-that-2-of-the-shirts-from-the-line-are-not-on-your-bodies-in-the-pic-and-I-want-to-know-where-they-are size hugs to you!!! LOL!! Love you!! :)

  10. Isn't tye-dying sooo much fun! We had a blast with it when we made the Team Boy Hodge shirts for the baby reveal party last summer!

    Yours look awesome! Your husbands is sooo cool and I love your Tank!

    You guys will remember this summer for Years to Come :)

  11. I am so going to do this with my 4 year old this summer! :) Thanks for the idea!


  12. They look awesome! I am struggling though. I see six shirts on the line and there are only five of you. And the one shirt that caught my eye right away because it was all red is the one that is missing?? What's with that? Don't leave me hanging! Who made the cool red one? :)

  13. So cool! Your husband's was pretty creative!

  14. You have the funnest(and funniest) family eva!!!

  15. I love them! What do you put in the bottles? I've never done them before.


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