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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Summer Fun Continues!

Are you ready for more Summer fun from the homestead?

On this day we decided to make Sun Prints. So simple to do but the kids had fun doing it and they were surprised at the outcome. (Let it be a secret, what happens!)

The fun part was going around the house picking and choosing what to put on your paper.

If you’ve never done this before, all you do is simply grab a sheet of construction paper (the darker the color the better we found out) lay small objects on it and place it in direct sun for about an hour.

Here we have mine on the purple paper. I chose a “kitchen theme” if you couldn’t already tell. My little man’s is on the dark blue. He chose a  “toy theme”. And my hubby’s is the light blue and he whipped out his tools.


Then over here we have my daughters on the pink paper. She went with the kitchen theme as well. My middle man used the dark blue paper and made a man out of his blocks.


Here they are on our Summer Fun wall. (More on that later)

Can you see the imprints? It was a pretty cool activity.


Stay tuned for more homestead Summer Fun!



  1. That's so cool!!!! :) How fun. You're such a good Momma! :)

    I love you my bestest.

  2. Now if only we had sun so that I could do that. Ugh. It is cold here today. I may need a coat. We really haven't had summer hit yet. A few hot days here and there. So ready. Love this idea. Very creative.

  3. What a great idea! Cheap and easy! I will certainly have to try that with my kids! That might become a new favorite in our house! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. My kids would love this! Already have lots of construction paper - and way too many "things" that can be used. Fun! :)

  5. You guys are having so much fun! (us too, seeing you projects)

  6. Aw - those turned out cute my friend!! Love that they were different themes!

    Big why-didn't-anybody-choose-candy-or-chocolates-for-their-sun-print size hugs to you! LOL! Love you my friend!! :)

  7. Love it...so simple and fun! We will have to do that next week!


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