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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun for the Girls!!

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. So we did.

My BFF Kathy decided to have a cake decorating class yesterday. I knew my daughter would love to do it but I almost didn’t until Kathy practically begged me to do it. Okay she didn’t beg much.

It ended up being a blast. My friend Laura and I where the only “adults” so we ended up sitting by ourselves as this table.



And my cake started out looking like this.



I was ready to call it done and start eating it. I’m really not a cake decorator. My friend Laura and I decided that we like things that are ready to eat straight out of the oven. Cookies, cupcakes, brownies etc. Who has time to decorate? Sheesh! But to humor those around me, I decided to give it shot.


THERE! All done! What? I was going for a medieval theme. LOL!

Okay fine. It went something like this.

I got my fondant. Not to be confused with Laura’s fondant.



At this point all I could think of is Oreo cookie. Because you can’t see it but there’s buttercream frosting between these two layers. YUM!

Do you have any idea what it is yet?


How about now? LOL!

Seriously, I’d eat it just like this.



My partner in crime’s cake started to look a wee bit like a pirate ship. LOL!



The fondant is placed neatly over the yummy mess.



One half at a time until completely covered and trimmed.


Any ideas yet?



How about now?




I actually posted this picture on FB yesterday and my MOM had no idea what it was and my DAD and another friend thought it was a hat! *sigh*

Maybe it was the angle.



Is this better? It’s supposed to be a purse. See the handle hanging?

my cake


The zipper?


*sigh* Well this is exactly the reason why I don’t do this for a living. You wouldn’t pay me to make a purse that looks like a hat now would you? Or would you? Hee! Hee!


I did have a bunch of fun and as a bonus I won the drawing for this adorable apron that Kathy made. No it wasn’t rigged! LOL! I won fair and square.

the apron


I didn’t get a lot of pictures of my daughter in action but here’s her and her finished cake. I think it came out beautiful. It’s so her!

Daughter and her cake

Isn’t it adorable?



My partner in crime and her “Groovy” cake!  She was inspired by the Scooby Doo Mystery machine. LOL! So cute!


If I posted all the pictures I took I’d be here all day but here’s a glimpse of the “Mature” table.


That there’s a whole lot a sugar! Ha! Ha!

Everyone’s purses were so unique and pretty. Most importantly everyone had a great time!

That’s your Summer Fun update from the homestead.



  1. That was so fun! :) I think you are a natural cake decorator! :)

  2. That looks like it would be so much fun! I've never decorated a cake before so I'm not sure what my purse would have looked like!

    I love the scooby doo one...

  3. What a blast that looks like! But, y'all had it way too easy! I've made a few fondants cakes...I had to bake the cakes, make the fondants, color the fondants, and then decorate. Your way is much more fun!!!

  4. Well, I must admit that I shamelesly paid Kathy to make my fondant, but everyone did their own baking and fondant coloring and what not. It was lots of fun, however I will continue to pay Kathy for any future cakes I may need. :D

  5. We had such a wonderful time!!!
    it was so good to see you!
    Love your Cake!!
    Lots of Love...~Mariah

  6. Wow! Those dessert creations are SO amazingly creative and clever!!!

  7. Very fun, and quite impressive!
    We "dye-tied" today, as Brea called it. Waiting for our results tomorrow.

  8. SO SO fun!! Too bad I couldn't fly in for it - LOL! All the cakes turned out adorable, including yours my friend!! And LOVE that apron!

    Big I-don't-know-how-you-rigged-that-apron-contest-but-you-have-contest-winning-skillz size hugs to you!! Love you! :)

  9. I SO knew yours was a purse. :) Great job! The quitting look on your daughter's came out beautifully, too. You guys are just having way too much fun down there in Florida. I may just have to come down there and join you!

  10. "Quilted look" is what I wanted to say. The spell check on my phone is WAY too helpful! Lol! But you knew what I wanted to say, right?

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Ok so first I thought it was a ladybug...but then! Then, I saw the strap and KNEW ~ it's a PURSE!

    I must say though, your daughter would have won the prize for sure! Hers is awesome!!

    Too much fun!

  12. Those cakes are adorable, but you apron "takes the cake" no pun intended ;) I covet thy apron! Glad you had fun :)


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