"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40 Years 364 Days Today!

It’s getting close. Too close. LOL! But I’m determined to make the most of it.

Yesterday my hubby and I were out doing errands and something miraculous happened.


IMG_2620 IMG_2622

turned into this…


which turned into this!


So lets recap. I got a Starbuck’s card in the mail that said I could get ANY drink for my birthday. That’s a tough decision right there.

I got the Passion Fruit Tea with a splash of Lemonade because it was HOT outside and I needed cool, yummy refreshment. If you haven’t tried one of these I highly recommend.

When I gave the Starbuck’s lady my coupon and told her what I wanted she was like “Do you want the biggest one?” I was like, “Yeah, it’s free!”  And then she was like “Yeah, some people get the small.” and I was like, “Those people have issues.” And then we giggled. But as you can see I had no problem ordering the Mack Daddy. Or in Starbuckian, the Venti!

My hubby got the new Mocha Coconut Frappuccino! But he doesn’t speak Starbuckian so I had to clarify his size for the cashier. He’s so cute! “Uh, I’ll take the middle one!” “He wants a Grande.” LOL!  Anyway it was DELICIOUS!   Hey, it’s my birthday week, he was pretty obligated to let me try it, a few times, to make sure I liked it, A  LOT! (Oh for the love of commas!)

Yay, for more yummy free stuff for my birthday!!


More Birthday fun tomorrow!


  1. Happy (slightly early) birthday, my new Internet friend!!!! Sounds like you've been having a wonderful week so far ~ I hope it only gets better!

    And can I just say, you are ROCKIN' the shades/cowboy hat/braids look!! You look fantastic!

  2. Lol, that's too funny! I don't speak Starbuckian either... My husband makes fun of me alot, because I think it's his native language...

  3. You, my friend, are tooo cute for words but plenty adorable for lots of commas, cause, you know, I love ya, and, I hope you have a great, fabulous, wonderful, marvelous, fan-dib-u-lous, DAYYYYY

  4. Sounds like it has already been a great birthday week. Keep having fun and enjoying life. :)

  5. Girl, you are raking in the freebies! Keep it up. You're a girl after my own heart!

  6. You are having a great birthday week! Fun! Free food is such a treat!

  7. Love the freebies!!! Now I would have ordered a free Venti Mocha Coconut Frapp to share with the hubs and then paid for the Venti tea/lemonade 'cause it probably would have come out less $ or the same but with more yummyness to share. I think you needed me there - shoulda had me fly in.

    Big how-old-are-we-getting-if-all-we-care-about-is-how-much-free-stuff-we-get-for-our-birthdays size hugs to you!!! LOL! Love ya Miss Almost 41-year old! :)


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