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--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, July 18, 2011

41? Really?

Well it’s here once again. One day this week, I’ll be turning 41. I’ll be “officially” IN my 40’s. I’m not sure how I feel about it and I’m not sure it really matters since I can’t do anything about it.

I definitely have more grays than last year and if I wanted to admit it, I probably have a few more lbs. as well.

Most of you who have followed my blog for a period of time, know that I like this week. I use my birthday as an excuse for many things. Things like, “I really don’t feel like vacuuming. It is my birthday week you know.” or “Dear daughter, will you give me a foot massage? I am your mother and it is my birthday and I’m getting old and so are my feet.”

But what I’ve really enjoyed is the random stuff I’ve been getting in the mail.

The other day I got a coupon from Beef  O’ Brady’s. I had never been to Beef O’ Brady’s so I’m not sure how they knew I even existed. But by golly it’s a free meal and I’m going to get it.


So my super duper Hubbalicious and I went during the off hours. It was perfect. There were only a handful of people in there.

I got the fish tacos. They were SO good!




My hubby got the same thing as I did. We do that a lot. We like the same things and neither one of us likes to branch out to far. LOL!


Our total bill was only $8.45. Woot! Woot!

Stay tuned for more birthday week fun.

If you happened to have missed my big 40th shin dig last year, click here to watch the video.



  1. Happy birthday girl! I don't see any grey OR extra lbs!

    You crack me up. You go to a place called Beef O'something and have FISH tacos. Lol! Congratulations on the great deal!

  2. Yep...we have our birthday this week...41 looks good to me since I'll be 52! haha but I can handle it! Happy Birthday to you on Wednesday...I pray you have a very blessed day and enjoy this week to the fullest!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a great time!!!
    Embrace the 40's girl!! You look great!

  4. Happy birthday week!!!! Can't wait to see how your family celebrates you this year.

  5. How fun and happy, happy birthday!

  6. I'm not too far behind you!!
    I'm glad I have found de funnest funniest middle age role model to follow. It will help me embrace the rich golden years to come with joy and of course lots of laughter!!!

  7. Yes, I DO remember that wild and crazy birthday shindig. Well, I can't believe it has been a year. Happy Birthday again! Ah, to be 41 again.....

  8. I love this week of the year too. Tons of free stuff comes in the mail for me too. Did you get your birthday drink from Starbucks yet? YUM! Enjoy your 41st year!

  9. Happy Birthday Kim! The 40's aren't so bad. ;)

  10. Happy Birthday Kim!! Looks like you had a delicious meal!!

  11. Happy almost Birthday my friend!!! Always nice to get a free meal somewhere - woo hoo! You look like a youngster so who cares what age you are?

    Big it's-about-time-you-got-to-41-'cause-I've-been-waiting-here-for-you size hugs to you!!! Love ya! :)

  12. What ?? You mean no 40 days of posting til your bday? Ha Just kidding :) you don't look a day over 29!!!
    Have a blessed bday week and use every excuse you can think of.... I'm sure you could make a game out of how many new excuses you could create...

    Love you my bday girlfriend

  13. Fish tacos rock!!!


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