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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Birthday is Done for the Year!


First I want to thank you all for your birthday wishes. They really do mean a lot to me. I take each one to heart. Second I promise this is it for my birthday until next year.

I really did have a fun week. You can go back the last 3 posts and read about it all if you happen to have miss it. As you know I actually “celebrated” on Sunday, with a small party at my BFF’s house. So my actual birthday was just a quiet, pleasant day.

My family spoiled me with presents and my daughter spoiled me by making this.



So what does the birthday queen do when faced with such a delectable treat?

She eats it for breakfast. LOL!

Hey, you can get away with that kind of stuff on your birthday. I believe it’s somewhere in the Amendments. LOL!

Plus Hubby had to work yesterday so my BFF was taking me out to lunch which meant I would have to wait until I got home to have pie and there was no way THAT was going to happen, so for breakfast it was.

Kathy and I had a lovely time at lunch. (I left my camera at home, so no pictures of Kathy. I guess it would have been to hard to take hers from her and snap a shot. *sigh*)

P7200145 P7200153

I then managed to freak out a poor young lady in the bathroom. I don’t think my day is complete unless I completely freak someone out. Ha! Ha!

After lunch we went to Hobby Lobby and I bought mostly Christmas stuff that I needed for crafts. You know how I get this time of year. I’m ready to get this party started.

After I got home my MIL came over to visit and brought me a lovely present.

I stayed up as long as I could to enjoy the last bit of my birthday. Ha! Ha!

Thank you all for making my birthday special.I love my family and friends. You all bring such joy to my life.



  1. You'd better post the recipe for that yumo dessert, or I might just freak out on ya!!

    Congrats on being de beautiful "gonna eat my cake for breakfast" birthday queen!!

  2. Or rather pie...

  3. I would eat that for breakfast too. And lunch. And dinner. LOL! And I love the "new" tiara - too cute!! So glad you had such a lovely birthday my friend!! And you look adorable by the way. Not a day over 41 - hee,hee,hee. :)

    Big so-sorry-that-your-birthday-is-done-for-this-year-because-there's-a-little-something-in-the-mail-and-you'll-just-have-to-send-it-back-to-me-then-unless-you-decide-to-go-ahead-and-extend-the-celebrating size hugs to you!!! Love you my sweet friend!! :)

  4. Yes, recipe please! It looks incredible! (You do, too!)

  5. There you are, rockin' the cowboy hat again. You TOTALLY make me want one! (maybe it will go on my birthday wishlist...!)

    I LOVE your birthday week celebration. I'm thinking of copying this idea!!

  6. What a fun celebration...until next year. Yum to your cake!


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